Join us today for the Saturday Night Special with coach and speaker Julio Muhorro...

In this episode Julio Muhorro talks with you about why you can make a dent in the universe...

In tonight’s Saturday Night Special I ask Julio about his journey from corporate to startups to running his own business.  Julio also shares with you his top tips for folks to grow themselves.  I also ask Julio to talk with you about how and why we can make a dent in the universe if we really want to.

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SNS91 Saturday Night Special - Interview with Julio Maria Muhorro coach and speaker
[00:00:00] Scott Maderer: [00:00:00] Welcome to tonight's Saturday night, special episode 91.
[00:00:05] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:00:05] I'm Julio Muhorro. And I challenge you to invest in yourself. Invest in others, develop your influence and impact the road by using your time, your talent and your treasures to live out your call it. Having the ability to develop yourself is key. And one way to be inspired to do it's.
[00:00:25] Having the ability to develop yourself is key. And one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this dying inspired stewdarship podcast with my very good friends, Scott Maderer
[00:00:37]Scott Maderer: [00:00:37] you have to feel honored by different next level. You will be presenting your clients inside the same city to yourself first and foremost. And then when only talking about impact, I always ask my clients what's the need. And what's the change that your client's wants to see.
[00:00:58] Welcome. And thank you for [00:01:00] joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast.
[00:01:03] If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in the inspired stewardship podcast. We'll learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world.
[00:01:24]In tonight Saturday night special. I asked Julio about his journey from corporate to start ups to now running his own business. Julio also shares with you his top tips, if you want to grow yourself. And I also asked Julio to talk with you about how and why we can really make a dent in the universe. If we really want to.
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[00:02:58] the show Julio.
[00:03:01] [00:03:00] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:03:01] Thank you, Scott. It's a pleasure to be here.
[00:03:02]We just talked a little bit in the intro and a little bit about your journey and how you've moved through different stages in your life. But can you expand a little bit on the journey that you've had from, working in corporate world, working around startups and now running your own business, doing your own thing with coaching and those sorts of things.
[00:03:23] Yeah,
[00:03:24] sure.
[00:03:24] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:03:24] So it really sire where I'm a still university. And I was just, I realized that I was about to graduate. They didn't have a job. And it really there was just the reality. And I was talking with a friend of mine. He wanted to do this technical vocational training program, but he didn't have any background in training.
[00:03:44] He was just good business. My hand, both of my teachers were parents. I grew up surrounded by books. So educated in teaching was natural. So when joined together and there was we, our first business, we had no idea what we were just really tag out. I [00:04:00] remember that I even went to Google, how to do session plans and you know how to do this sort of stuff.
[00:04:05]But it was really cool. It was a great experience. I remember we chained around 200 people in the first three months. We end up having two courses. It was really just going with the flow and learning any decorating was amazing journey. And then I remember it was just when I was about to graduate, I added my internship just to finish my degree.
[00:04:23] And I did that in the largest company, humans and Nick, the exports. Fruits and veggies table all the way to the UK, to South Africa, we like a huge organization. And it was interesting to see how from, having your own startup when you just by events, whatever you went, approve them going to a really big organization where except the structure and yeah.
[00:04:44]Organizational. Processes that you have to follow to get things done. It was super interesting, but then one of the things that really struck me was that I was just not fit to have, sit, do the work and repeat everyday again. [00:05:00] So that to me, off on a journey to just really try to find out something that was meaningful.
[00:05:05] Now, I had no idea what I wanted to do. And I remember I just saw that net speaking about this networking event. And I was like, let me just go out, meet people. I have nothing to lose. This is what I meant that Jen and SIDA are go find their stuff like TLS. So idea that they should, that works as a catalyst ecosystem.
[00:05:24] So they support different ecosystem stakeholders to have a more active role in supporting entrepreneurs. And that's been really good on my experience around, how you can really support somewhat starting to go there, their businesses. It was a chance for me to disclose my own cycle of being an entrepreneur, because now I can see all the mistakes that I've made and I both helping people don't make the same mistakes and something.
[00:05:45] I believe it was two years when I was working with them, that they invited me to eat the launch and management of what ended up being the top tier busy convention program period was a big. And was like, are you a chance? I usually opportunity just to give an idea in [00:06:00] Mozambique before the program, we never really had probation programs active in the country.
[00:06:05] We had a lot of places lend themselves incubators, but they really just work in spaces. Some of them were computers, some of them would know some of the events, but it was not a really structured office nurse. So was the queen of what you need to step into that and launch it and get things ready. Finally I got tons of exposure, international exposure and learn a lot and it was done in 19 that.
[00:06:26] Literally from the outside, my life was looking awesome. I want to international awards. I was stuffing the road. Impacting people, but deep down, I was just feeling empty and tired all the time. I remember this one day I was doing I was a speaker at the global entrepreneurship Congress in Bahrain, in the middle East.
[00:06:46] It's the biggest. For intrepreneurs and I was a member of a panel is there. And then anybody need to do a site talk. And after the talk, this young guy comes to be like, shoot. He was so awesome. I learned so much, I see myself in the majority, this is what I'm going to [00:07:00] do. And I am deep down.
[00:07:03] I was like, Dude, I don't know what I'm doing here, and I went back to my room and I was like, you know what? This is not fair. It's not fair for me. It's not fair for him. It's not fair for anyone that I'm not showing up and playing full out. And then really guided me through a journey of realigning with my purpose and deciding what I wanted to do and how I went into the world.
[00:07:25] I went deeper than I have. Or when you personal development, business design. And that threw me off to create insurance international, my company now where I coach mission-driven entrepreneurs so that they can start earning the income they deserve and making the impact, they desire with integrity. And that's been a whole different journey.
[00:07:43] I couldn't be more happy for what I have right now.
[00:07:47] Scott Maderer: [00:07:47] And how did you know, obviously I think a lot of us immediately, cause you're talking about making that transition into 2019, 2020, of course. The whole, everything changed and everybody's life [00:08:00] change. How did you navigate through 2020 with all of those challenges and changes that came.
[00:08:06] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:08:06] So being honest, one of the things that I wasn't happy about, my nine to five was the need for me to be physically present for things to happen. Everything was offline and in person, and I do enjoy having connections, but that was literally limiting my impact, because I'm only one and I can only be in one place at once.
[00:08:24] So when a grade in my coaching business for me was from the very beginning, I was considering to have an online. Yes. So there was a tiny, it was just. Almost the perfect ear, but then, because I was it's coming from a more offline type of businesses, I remember that I had almost $50,000 secure with clients in Southeast Asia and Europe.
[00:08:45] So it was supposed to jump up there. Do a lot of like trainings, like speaking engagements. And I remember that it was like in a week or so I lost every single contract. It was to like, I will open up by email. It'd be just like show you. I'm so sorry. We have [00:09:00] no idea what you're gonna say back, Julia, we have to postpone it.
[00:09:03] It's canceled. Julia. And I Monday, I was like, you know what, I'm doing this today. I closed off my book. That was like, it's done. I don't know if that ever us tomorrow. I sent my team to just geo and I was just reflecting with myself and about seeing what. I never really wanted to have an offline business again.
[00:09:22]So why am I stressed out over this? You need the universe guided me to what I want. And I just feel bloated from offline and refocusing on the online that I wanted to do. I had to let her let little things, like how to win finals focus back on my social media and I have a additional , but still I had to update it too.
[00:09:40]It's going to go onto the road. But it was amazing. I really cannot complain 2020 was a great year for me.
[00:09:47] Scott Maderer: [00:09:47] Yeah. And I've heard from a lot of, it's interesting because as entrepreneurs, it's all over the place and you work with a lot of entrepreneurs too depending on the nature of their business, what they can do to pivot.
[00:09:57] Yeah. There's businesses that have closed down and then [00:10:00] there's businesses that are doing better than they've ever done before, because it's just, it's different, it's not look at zoom as an example, I don't think at 2019 anyone, zoom was doing okay, but nobody would have predicted what happened to zoom in 2020 from 2019.
[00:10:13] So yeah, a hundred
[00:10:15] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:10:15] percent. It's all about people being able to pay for it. If you hope to type your concept that you have in your business, you'll miss the chance. That's for sure. Yeah.
[00:10:22] Scott Maderer: [00:10:22] And so looking at that, you've worked with a lot of different entrepreneurs. You've seen startups multiple places in the world.
[00:10:29] If you're talking to that small business owner that entrepreneur that maybe they already have a business, maybe they haven't started it yet, but they feel that tug of, boy, I want to, what are some of the top tips or ideas or suggestions mindsets. Whatever it is that you would share with them to begin to grow themselves in that direction.
[00:10:51] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:10:51] Yeah, sure. So something that I've been working on a lot of my clients is that trifecta of income impact, integrity, right? Let's start with integrity, whatever [00:11:00] entrepreneurs it's not necessarily, we do bad things or wrong things, but we are so eager to trade our vision, to trade our passion, to take our principles.
[00:11:10] Just to make ends meet. I was there, I was really just trying to pay my bills when I started my first business. But the thing is, first of all, you have to stay still to your vitamins. You have to say who you are. And most often than not, that means that you will have to put your vision before your ego.
[00:11:28] In other rules, you cannot put your ego before your vision, because the next level of your life, the next level of your business would demand the next level of you. And then you change it and upgrade you right then. So that's the first component on integrity. When it comes down to income and impact, a lot of people think, Oh, I will start doing impact once I have some income.
[00:11:53] You can do both at the same time, you can even start having an impact before making it. It really comes down to how you design your [00:12:00] business, but let's first focus on income, right? As a mission, an entrepreneur, as someone who wants to do good, you have to be willing to receive money and to receive an income for your work.
[00:12:10]There's tons of things around pricing and how you should structure your business, but just understand that you have to feel honored by deputies recreated or the next level of pizza you resenting. Your clients is at the service that you're doing to yourself first and foremost. And then when you're talking about impact, I always ask my clients what's the need.
[00:12:31] And what's the change that your client's wants to see. Even as a coach Scott, we've had the same feeling. Sometimes we see a potential in a client. We see where they can go, but if the client doesn't want that from themselves, don't do it right. Doesn't matter. Yeah. It doesn't matter. We're really focused on what they want and then you can start.
[00:12:51] Brainstorming and working together to realize what can you do in order to make that happen? And once I played with that integrity and income and [00:13:00] impact and making sure that they are coming from a place of alignment, really, it feels like the entire universe conspires in your favor. Like in my case, right when I was like, from the very beginning, I wanted to create an online business.
[00:13:11] And yes, there was a chaotic place right now. Yes. I'm used to play offline, but remember my vision is playing online and yes, I have to integrate and upgrade. Let's go ahead and do it.
[00:13:26] Scott Maderer: [00:13:26] And the irony is that if you put the. If you give up that integrity or that mission or that vision that you have and begin to play it.
[00:13:37] It's the idea of take coaching as an example, I'll work with anyone. That means you work with nobody, as opposed to this is who I really want to help. This is my calling. This is where I'm focused. Now, all of a sudden, the irony is as you identify more clearly who you want to do work with and what you want to do in the world, you actually get more impact.
[00:13:58] Even though, it sounds but [00:14:00] now I'm focusing on a smaller group. I should have less impact. It's no, that's the, you're in a catch 22, but that's how it works
[00:14:06]Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:14:06] hundred percent. And I don't think it feels country duty because you initially down. But it's, we're super productive.
[00:14:11] So it's, it feels like you are initially done it that's wrong, but it's not because once you're doing it to make it easier on yourself to really just do Ableton, your business marketing becomes easier because you're talking to a specific person that specific need. You doing your business becomes easier because we're working with people that you love.
[00:14:29] So you come in and work, we log into what would your plan instead of sending that? So we've been with those three things and, asking yourself, for this level of income, because even in terms of impact and what does it mean to develop integrity and again, not necessarily about doing the wrong things but more around your vision and your mission.
[00:14:44] Now you want your legacy to look like in this world,
[00:14:48] Scott Maderer: [00:14:48] So if someone hears from you that, they hear you talking about this mission and your mission and they're resonating with this and they're like, okay, I want to, I've got some tug myself. I've got some feeling myself. I want to go out there [00:15:00] and make an impact, do something important.
[00:15:03] Whatever that means to them. Let's take it that direction. Let's look more closely at impact. What are some of the principles that they need to focus on or learn, or how does that kind of tie together?
[00:15:16] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:15:16] So give us a shocker. When I realized that a lot of people think that, Oh, we have to give, if you want to receive.
[00:15:22] That's the, one of the biggest BSS part. We all know people who are takers, indigenous take, and they have a lot, meaning that they are capable of receiving people who they give everything and then they can barely make ends meet on their end. So my challenge to you as it isn't is that think about taking, giving and receiving as completely independent things.
[00:15:48] You can take period. You can receive period. You can give period. And the video, if you, I mentioned even entrepreneur, as if it's talking about, you went to the first impact [00:16:00] and that's true for you too, to think I have so much, let me give. I've taken this because it's actually mine.
[00:16:06] It's my right to have this. How can I help others to have more as well? So really think about the street component staking even. Yeah, I receive it and it's independent. And once you have that, you will start realizing that you are not limiting yourself anymore. So an example that happened with me, one of my first the first thing that I got.
[00:16:24] It was completely quote unquote random. He just saw me on social media. He reached out, I designed the entire program for him and he was like what's your price? I had no idea my pricing. I did something around $10,000 for a whole year. Of course, my player, first blank guy. So I put first, and then in the end of the year, this was October.
[00:16:43] Last year he paid me $20,000 and I was like, dude would, did be like, be up on that. And I was like but I deserve it. And I remember, Nope. I will see to my own voice. Say Julie let's receive it. And I did just receive, but it's yours. And [00:17:00] then you can decide what, when I do it with the money.
[00:17:01]So we allow ourselves to receive, you don't have to earn your money. If you showed that you play for that, it's yours, it's your right. Take it. But also you don't need to have a lot. We need to start giving back. That's the second layer of the question where I developed this framework called the treaties, where you start to decide Which team you are given because something that you also think is Oh, you have to give in order to receive because you need to make mistakes.
[00:17:27] Here's the thing. If you're a closet, have a space for 20 shirts and someone offer you additional shorts. We don't return the shorts. You get a bigger closet, right? This is the meter. It's only the short. So make sure that you would help greet in space to receive. And the thing is funny enough in our brains as we give new perceive.
[00:17:48] But I see a lot of people say I don't have money. Let me give the little money I have so that I can have make room for more. No, why we'll do it? Your brain will be black. You are well, you don't have money. You cannot make ends meet why giving your [00:18:00] money away. So a nice late for picking your brain is going okay.
[00:18:03] I don't have enough treasure to give. But I can have, I have enough time to give, so maybe you don't donate to add charity, but then you do free work. You volunteer your time for a charity, but it can be like, I'm already so busy. Then you can give your talent. That's the 30th and your talent is this specialized work that, someone just don't wake up with the times that you have, and you can decide to do that.
[00:18:28] And the beauty of that is that you're teaching your brain. You're teaching yourself that you can give. And because you can only give what you have. You're already feeling what abundance and therefore opening up more space to receive more. Does that make sense? But yeah.
[00:18:43] Scott Maderer: [00:18:43] Yeah. As another words, it don't limit your giving to just the dollars you have or even the time you have, or even the talents you have, but think about.
[00:18:54] It more abundantly to create space and recognize that it's not that [00:19:00] at another words, it's not like the universe is a cosmic vending machine so that when I put a quarter out, I get a quarter back or I get whatever I want back it's, those are independent. But at the same time, as you give more and find ways to create that space, You recognize more abundance, you're more able to receive.
[00:19:21] So it, they are they're related, but not in a give and take way in a, but it's more around the mindset and the heart. Is that kind of what you're saying?
[00:19:29] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:19:29] Yeah, a hundred percent fully around the mind and how you perceive those seats and the value. And it will be something like, someone is your grandma is struggling to manage your furniture, sit down with her and help out a few minutes, but really from a place that you genuinely love giving it, doesn't have to feel like a harder, should not feel like an obligation, because if you start to think, when we give it's actually one of the most selfish acts, we can.
[00:19:53] Engage with it because they are giving because we want to feel good because we want to. That a person that never [00:20:00] really asked for our help in the first place. So really understanding that and understanding it also I don't know if you heard the story about the black, the butterfly, where if you have a butterfly come out with it, you are literally condensing it to live in with that fine for life because the wings will be too weak.
[00:20:15] You wouldn't be able to fly and all that stuff. So they're trying to help us support people is important to also realize that. It's not about us. It's about the other person and you making sure you are keeping a way to enable the person to grow and not to creep up that growth.
[00:20:33] Scott Maderer: [00:20:33] So as we kind of shift gears here I'm going to ask what I always jokingly tell people are the easy questions.
[00:20:39]I'd say if we invented a machine and I could pick you up and I could take you into the future a hundred to 150 years, and you were able to look back on your life. What's the impact that you hope you've had on the world?
[00:20:55] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:20:55] It's such a beautiful question, but the impact that I know I'm having in the [00:21:00] road as we speak, and it's, I'm getting amplified and growing every day that people will see me and what I do as a first few recognition.
[00:21:11] People cannot stay in my field and be in the same. They feel challenged to play full out. They feel challenged to separate the next level. They feel challenged to really harness their power. And from that place, being able to create that they want. And from that place, being able to share that power with others.
[00:21:30] Because in end of the day, your power cannot be given or taken it's yours. You can only forget, but also you can remember your power and magic stuff starts to happen when you acknowledge your power and we own it. And we really site leading our lives the way we want to live.
[00:21:50] Scott Maderer: [00:21:50] So what's coming next on this journey as you're, obviously you're still continuing to grow and pivot, and I'm sure the business is changing and continuing to evolve as well as you as a [00:22:00] person.
[00:22:00] So what are the, some of the things that you have coming up on this journey as you're living out your call?
[00:22:06] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:22:06] Sure. So for the last year. And so I've been pretty focused on supporting entrepreneurs one on one. And now I'm transitioning more into also engaging more with corporates and blood for organizations and really playing the power game, influence the people in positions of power ends up making decision that affects the life of everyone else.
[00:22:26]So we, that's why we are moving forward, making sure that original power I first and foremost, their language, their own power. And that are aware of what's happening in the front lines and therefore being able to make a decisions that it part other people deliberate our lives. So really, but we are going for the next few years,
[00:22:44] Scott Maderer: [00:22:44] you can follow Julio on Twitter is Julio
[00:22:48] He's also on Instagram with the same name as well as LinkedIn. And you can find out more about Julio, his coaching over at link tree, spelled L I N K T R [00:23:00] dot E. Slash Julio Mojarro of course I'll have links to all of this over in the show notes as well, too. Leo, is there anything else you'd like to share with the listener today?
[00:23:10] Julio Maria Muhorro: [00:23:10] Just that remember that you pass up your measure and that if you are giving you forgiven officially, you give it. Something to live for it's because you are the person to drive back, but the universe life, God force you to do it. You have to be willing to come into what can change the world. You can do this.
[00:23:30]Scott Maderer: [00:23:30] Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast, as a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively. Listen. But act on what you've heard and find a way to live your calling. If you enjoy this episode please do us a favor. Go over to inspired rate.
[00:23:57] All one word. [00:24:00] ITunes rate, it'll take you through how to leave a rating and review and how to make sure you're subscribed to the podcast so that you can get every episode as it comes out in your feed until next time, invest your time, your talent and your treasures. Develop your influence and impact the world.

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