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We have established the following comment policy in an attempt to maintain a quality interaction and discussion on the Focused Intensity Coaching Blog. Respectful interactions and disagreements are welcome and encouraged, but because many of our topics can be personal and bring on strong opinion we would like to encourage everyone to remember the rules of polite behavior apply online as surely as offline.

Comment Moderation

To maintain the quality of discussion all comments, trackbacks, and pingbacks made to Focused Intensity Coaching are moderated. We will review and approve postings as soon as we can, but if your comment does not appear immediately please Do Not resubmit your comment.

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We encourage long healthy discussions but require no harsh or profane language be posted. Flaming, trolling, and hateful speech will not be tolerated in any form. We would encourage you to keep most comments under 300 words but this is not required. You may utilize web links or trackback for more involved discussions if this suits your comment.

Comment Links

Links of value are welcome and encouraged. This may include links to outside sources that are not in a “bad neighborhood” on the internet. This is not meant as an invitation to link to everything or use the comments to provide advertising for you or your blog. Excessive or inappropriate links will be removed as will dead or misdirected links.

Comment Signatures

You may include a short signature line with your comment.  Please remember that all of the rules apply equally to signatures.

E-Mail Addresses and Subscription to Comments

Please include a valid and working email address along with your name or online ID. Your email address will not be included in the body of your comment and will be kept confidential. Check the box for having email alerts on comments to be notified of feedback.

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