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In tonight’s Saturday Night Special I’m talking with Nathanael Zurbruegg from Unlimt You.  He’s had a journey from an incurable chronic illness and medical prognosis “He shouldn’t be able to walk, talk and amount to anything as well as be death six times by now” to an entrepreneur, global inspirational speaker and victorious mindset mentor. Nathanael and I talk with you about living an unlimited life.  He also shares his personal journey to discovering himself, and how you can serve others without losing out and lot’s more…

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00:00:00 Welcome to tonight's Saturday night special with Nathaniel Zuckerberg from unlimited you, as we talk about unlimiting yourself on Saturday night, special episode 49, I'm Daniel from unlimited. And I challenge you to focus on your calling. One way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this the inch pipe, the what ship pocket with my friend, she got murdered.
00:00:40 It's a part of what I'm here for, who am I and buy in more. We failed copying who we are, why we are here and how it gets back to the way. Welcome. And thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship pod. Yes. If you truly Desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time,
00:01:08 your talent and your treasures for your true calling and the inspired stewardship podcast, who will learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world. And tonight, Saturday night special. I asked Nathaniel a little bit about the steps to live an unlimited life. I talked to him about how people can focus on understanding their purpose and their potential.
00:01:46 And I talked to Nathaniel about why you can focus on serving others and still move forward and lots more, you know, one area that a lot of folks need some help with is around the area of productivity. Getting not just more things done, but actually getting the right things done can be really, really tough. I've got a course called productivity for your passion.
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00:02:39 because the truth is a lot of the systems that are out there are written really well for somebody with a particular personality type. But if you have a different approach to things, they just don't work, but there's tools and techniques and approaches that you can take that will work for anyone. And we help you do that and productivity for your passion. Check it out
00:03:03 slash launch. And tonight Saturday night special, I'm talking with Nathaniel Zuckerberg from unlimited. You he's had a journey from an incurable chronic illness and a medical prognosis that included he shouldn't be able to walk, talk, and pretty much do anything as well as he should be dead six times over by now to now being an entrepreneur, a global inspirational speaker and a victorious mindset mentor,
00:03:36 Nathaniel, welcome to the show. Hey, everyone. So glad to be here and thank you so much for having me. So as we jump in a little bit, I know Nathaniel from talking to you and looking at some of the things that you've done online, some of the speeches that you've got out there and other things that you've kind of outlined steps for people to actually live their own unlimited life.
00:04:01 Can you talk a little bit about what those steps are? And, and I know the first step is figuring out who they are, which is a kind of an intimidating trap question for most people. Can you talk a little bit about why you start there and kind of how you came to this? Yeah, absolutely. Jay might be a little bit confronting for some people,
00:04:22 but then I think like on my journey, I pretty much call it, realize that we all have a center, um, knowing ourself deepen deep and better and better. And they should actually one of the first step that I, um, men took people with. Like, we will look into who, who am I person, we should include all the strange passion Wileys and different palate.
00:04:50 And they're older. And often I often times in this world, I feel like that, um, a lot of people are confused about who they, uh, want, what they should be, who they should be. And this is maybe a little bit, um, how to say that harsh or confronting for some like, um, um, the second step is what I help people with is that conduct the first step unlimit limit your life is basically to,
00:05:22 um, figure out what am I here for? Um, I, my philosophy that I believe that we are all created for unique strengths with giving to this world where we can help each other. It's almost like you imagine, like the world is like a big parcel and piece has something to give and to add. Um, that's what I have, I did coach step of the forward is,
00:05:52 um, to really get people from who am I to, what am I here for to creating a dream of day different, unique styles, behaviors, passion, twink, and Wiley, and created dream. What that means basically like let's say two to simplify that, to combine the last two lead and then have the strength to, to influence people and the passion to help people.
00:06:25 And basically from those CRI to create a prelim on what that looks like to always go in deeper and deeper into that, to create a dream that can help combat it. And the fourth step is unnaturally, basically helping people on the way we'd fit Coates meant it meant coding to leave out those practical steps, to watch a dream that they can have a fulfilled unlimited potential life that helps not check themselves,
00:06:56 but also orders. So when you think about, you know, who, who they are, um, walk us through a little bit, how you came to recognize who you are. Um, you know, obviously you've had a pretty interesting story, uh, with, with your own background. Um, uh, by, by the way, I actually had some pretty serious illnesses when I was younger and kind of had a very similar statement made about me.
00:07:21 If I'd been born just a few years earlier, there's no way I would've survived. So, um, I I'm, uh, different obviously than yours and probably not nearly as serious, but at the same time, similar prognosis from doctors. So, uh, as I've told people before, one of these days, I was put on this planet to do something and one of these days I'm going to do it.
00:07:40 And when I do, I'm probably just gonna drop dead on the spot, you know, cause there's going to be like, I'm gonna, you're done. That was it. That was the one that I did, but I haven't done it yet. So we're still walking around, walk us through a little bit, how your journey helped you recognize who you are.
00:07:54 Absolutely. So I think the first time I really realized about, um, who in my, in terms of the situation that I went through when I was seven years old. And that was to cam when I had my second kidney transplant or two and a half years, which meant like to clarify that a little bit, um, before the, so I got chronically ill one year old and then between one year old and seven year old,
00:08:26 I spent a lot of time in the hospital. Um, went to work, um, yeah, a lot of operations. And um, the first kidney I actually had with five years old, but that only lasted for 24 hours. And so what that change meant in the second kidney transplant, where going from a life where, um, it, for me,
00:08:52 when I look back there was like a movie basically in a movie of travels. And then you stepping out of that movie into a world that is unknown to you, but basically normal for everyone else, which meant I could feed myself. I could go shopping and go to kindergarten, quiet hobbies could hang out with friends. And that didn't happen before. Um,
00:09:16 of course there was a big cream for myself and for many people, I don't mean to leave a life besides those lifesaving treatment that I had to do three times a week. And so why do I share it up? Because I stepped in into life that was normal for everyone, but really flourishing for myself. And I could live that dream life for about when,
00:09:44 how few years before my incredible, incredible chronic illness hit back and affected and destroyed the kidneys. And I fell into a deep depression. I just really have to leave or I have to remove or leave my best friend at that time, which would kick me. That gave me everything that I asked in my life. Um, I, um, fucking through depression for about two weeks to one month and the first two weeks at,
00:10:19 in pork, um, move on wall street and move. And, um, do you eat anything during those two weeks? Uh, I was laying on my couch and anything that I was thinking about will check to end my life. And, uh, fortunately our, um, my parents realized that something was not, um, not shared, um,
00:10:43 medically going, not good, but also to call out your weekly and they got help with, um, professionals that help us to to, to regain strength. We, again, back to show him. And then that was kind of the time when I realized that, um, anything can work out for the good, no matter what the situation is.
00:11:08 And as well, that went deeply in community to relay, uh, who am I in this world without having a kidney? Um, we towed having the best health and for me, I really had to change to, to choose between, okay, I'm going to continue living the life as posed as best as possible, or continue to lie on the couch and my life.
00:11:40 And they're what ha what that has done to me, like relate to, to deeply understand my strengths. Uh, my, my, um, unseen potential that white in me. Um, I was, you know, I worked at shade guide, uh, during the children cannot treat the earth, but now I'm my inspirational speaker, um, hours,
00:12:03 a guy who, who was diagnosed at, I should never amount to anything. Um, but he got into mate balloon, but now I'm helping people to develop a victorious. believe that anything is possible for anyone. And there are still are so many hidden. Um, what can we, can we, we might not cheat them yet, but on the journey alone,
00:12:31 uh, even doing the pain gate, come to path alone, I am, I often bring the picture now of a dire man that is shaped and it gets under pressure and the pain, but then at then beautiful diamond. And that's really what I could learn about their whole journey. That's a, you know, quite a, quite a journey, uh,
00:12:57 that she had. And, and, you know, obviously with the, the, the problems that it's not like you got better and it's all gone now, you know, it's, it continues. So that's, uh, that's, you know, I know that that, that kind of journey, you know, shapes you and not everyone, you know,
00:13:13 the, the, not everyone has that painful journey, but at the same time, we all have our own kinds of pain. You know, I always tell people, try not to compare your pain to someone else's cause it's yours. Um, you know, it's not a better or worse. They're just, they are what they are. Um, you know,
00:13:29 and as people kind of began to struggle with that and figure out who they are, you know, your next step is, you know, what am I here for? So I know it a lot of times, uh, if you've been struggling with this idea, that question of what am I here to do? What am I here? What purpose do I have on the planet,
00:13:49 then this can help a little bit. So Nathaniel, would you talk a little bit more about how people can actually dig in, you know, you just mentioned, you began to understand your purpose and your potential and what you could do. How do people actually go about doing that? What, what can they do to find that out? Absolutely. Um,
00:14:07 I think what I would recommend is really, um, discovering your strengths. I can't like, that's a great way to start to be cut. There are so many tools out there where you can find out, uh, your constellation of swings. Um, they are, for example, the personality behaviors that are out there, tests that you can do where really,
00:14:32 uh, come in to do, because there's so much Valley. And, uh, and I can really live in the most. Um, in one of the best times when it comes to 10, twice, you can quickly find out how you actually behave and all that. And so for me was kind of, I, of course, so long,
00:14:57 it doesn't happen from one day to another to find out what I'm here for. It takes a long, long time to dig deeper. I do that. I constantly develop it by reading, reading the books, gaining awareness of what can be added, um, to Chetan constellation. Um, there are many ways to do that. And then I think the best way,
00:15:22 um, if you, in whatever situation reign, whether you're starting a business or you're starting something, um, new, are you in the middle of the churn and you don't know how to do to go for, what are you on the top of the, of the mountain of Teixeira? And you think like, well, I have done, um,
00:15:43 there's always, um, more in you. And, and then, uh, actually we can see, and I think, uh, in my experience might not be for everyone the same. It depends on the person. Uh, I, I like to spend a lot of time with national do really, um, digging deep. Why do I attend Chetan tinge?
00:16:07 Um, my, I do, uh, like how do, how do those fit? He didn't call cash and all the available information today, um, fit into my values and passion that I can best apply. And the wish gets a little bit that we go. Um, if we have of course too many information that we have too much going into something that we are not.
00:16:34 And I think that's the most, um, yeah, where we have to really be. I don't want to say careful, but in a sense of being an attention between, Hey, what, what, what, how does that apply to me without changing my, um, changing my, um, direction where I'm supposed to go. And, uh,
00:17:04 that that's something that I do. And being constantly on, not on, not on Dylan, we were going fast, but more in efficient and consistently applying what we learn daily, um, in our strategic way that we are supposed to do, if that makes sense. So if folks have spent some time figuring out the who and the what, then,
00:17:31 you know, your next step is kind of putting it into action yet you actually got to do something with it. Um, and again, I mean, you know, it's like your steps, aren't easy, you know, cause that's another hard step, right? You actually put it into action and it often feels like, you know, if we focus on one thing,
00:17:49 then that means we have to give up a whole bunch of other stuff, you know, and people worry about that. They feel like, you know, that's the fear of missing out, right? FOMO that if I, if I choose this, then I give up this. So how can people recognize and balance this sort of fear of, you know,
00:18:04 is this the right direction? Am I losing out on something? You know, how do I put this in action in a way that, that does it build on that fear? Great. Um, I usually like what I would recommend going for it, firstly like, um, I know it sounds cheesy, but The Nike slogan. Right. Just do it.
00:18:31 Yeah. Um, and so, you know, you know, it's Cal where you can, um, put jumping on it and then it goes up right. And balance yeah. The balance care. Um, so what I usually do is like going through my mind, what, what is, what are the pros and what are the cons and how do those pros and cons currently fit into my situation?
00:18:59 Um, I can give you a little story. Like about last, last year I spent thousands of dollars into shelf development, coaching courses. And beginning of the year, like jumping is wrong. We can meet like something. It's like, I got so many tellings in my head, but I never come to apply it. And so I made, I made a choice to check,
00:19:27 cut everything off and to really dictate, put into everything that I got the last past few months to really dig in deeper, to take it and apply it and work hard, getting yourself into something and then play hard, basically playing around, retain, uh, how do they fit me? And sometimes I reach by national entrepreneur too often time, you,
00:19:57 you spend a lot of dollars. We not King, you can't gain anything from it. You're like, why the heck did I do that? Um, but yet I noticed that I feel like every time you fail, you go, you get a little bit out of it for taking the next step. If I ha if I wouldn't have done, um,
00:20:20 back to the story, if I wouldn't have done last year so many, um, in Westmont, I would have never learned by now too stretchy, easily choose which investment, which coaching, which could, I will a good for me. And they, so we, we learn along the way it's painful. It might be, um, it might be frustrating.
00:20:44 Um, I have signed up for many things that I never used. Um, but at the end of the day, failure is a part of, of the, of living out a dream failure is a part of, um, what I'm here for, who am I and paid it by the more we fail, the more we discovering who we are or what am I,
00:21:08 what we are here for and how that leads to the way, You know, I believe as I believe you do, um, that, you know, we're called to, to serve others first that, you know, this work that we're doing on ourself kind of in the first three steps is it's still about serving others first. But again, I think a fear that a lot of people have is that when we focus on giving,
00:21:34 when we focus on serving others, you know, that immediately, the fear comes up of what about me? You know, am I ever going to get what I want? You know, all I ever do is give and nobody ever gives back kind of feeling. Um, can you talk about how we can really address that and overcome that feeling as we begin to,
00:21:52 you know, as you said, just kind of do it and put it into action. Wait, um, firstly, I want to, uh, develop a mindset that whatever you invest, whatever you show you already pack, even it might be in one to five, 10 years. Um, I have to take myself always on hand and right now I see so many prisoners you speak could flourishing and now it's like,
00:22:23 what about me? Um, and um, I think there's always a time, uh, how do I say that there's always a time for the individual person. So what I want to say, like, it doesn't mean that when you in rash that when you give on a donor, Right, doesn't mean that you'll never come to doodle. Um, it,
00:22:50 at tink, often times we, we have the first attitude we have like, okay, I'm going to do that. And that works, which is fine. Yeah. Building up kind of a, quite a big expectation and that's fully okay. But for me it was oftentimes it led like to realize, okay, um, did the moment I realized something doesn't work.
00:23:20 It might be a painful point where I still have to learn to take me to a bigger level. And so if you do that on and on again, uh, one day you, you, and, uh, I'd fully, um, police stop for everyone, then you will experience a big break look. And, um, but a break took doesn't necessarily come in the beginning.
00:23:48 It only conflict after awhile, I initiated wanting. The second thing is doing the daily life and make really sure that you are weekly life, that you will expend time, um, doing team strategy, your laugh. Um, right now, uh, the last three, four weeks, I had a time of time where I just had to, to shut down everything and then to kind of go away,
00:24:17 go on a day trip, do something that you will laugh. Um, um, and you, you want, you want, I learned that the hard way you won't miss anything, if you don't do it for one day, if you don't do it on day. And, uh, I think I spent two 98. We are often people are on the other side of saying,
00:24:41 okay, I'm going for dime and full of fire. Uh, and then we get caught up in a district plan. Um, I think like some country have to shift and say, okay, this week, few minutes, only one week, uh, look at the big picture if you'll live for the next 60 years, um, one, not him and one,
00:25:06 one, one, and then take it off, um, shadow everything. And, um, we, we, we have to allow, I think we have to allow that out shelf often can be willing if we can and achieve a clear cut can of Ken King. And, uh, usually you get more out of it when you go away and when you will stay for one day and working hard and all that.
00:25:34 And that's something that Dan, uh, that had concrete in cotton. So one question that I try to ask everyone is this, I mean, the name of the show is inspired stewardship. Obviously stewardship is a filter for me. It's something that I coach through and I live my life through. And yet I've discovered that, you know, kind of like leadership and other words that we all use,
00:25:59 it turns out it means different things to different people. So Nathaniel, would you share what the word stewardship means to you and how it's impacted your life? That's a great question. Um, for me, it's absolutely taking, uh, firstly taking care of something that has given me, um, well, give it a little further. Does that make sense?
00:26:28 Sounds simple, but it's oftentimes, um, really, yeah, really difficult to do. Um, what right now comes to my mind is to be honest, I haven't, I didn't Clear up in a environment of Steve devoting or not, not necessarily should be avoiding finances, for example. Um, I knew what the warning means, but I never learned what it means to develop it and do it to a belief pattern that was created a way I grew up in.
00:27:09 I finally, uh, that I learned about, I think stewardship also means to change a church with changing beliefs. Um, like I realized that stewarding something, um, in my case, finances, I have to change a lot of beliefs that haven't been through, uh, in the world that I assumed to be true. But now I realize like,
00:27:38 yeah, we're actually crap because why will that believe that? And then believing that I will in that way. Makes sense know, I think the wording is like really, I, it previously to, to weird listen, to podcast, to get inspired, to create awareness of something. So awareness means all about creating something new, a new belief.
00:28:09 And from there stewarding your talent, cranks, uh, rallies, um, scales, um, passion, everything that you have, or that is given to you, or that you haven't discovered yet to really be inspired and creating awareness and changing those beliefs to, to make it even better. So, Nathaniel, is there anything else you'd like to share with the LR today?
00:28:42 Um, absolutely. So I, I think I would really encourage you to inspire to, um, whenever you are, whatever you, you, you do right now is to, to create a picture, a imagination of your future. Um, and I want to quickly give you a story on that. If I was flying home from, um, from a conference in the U S uh,
00:29:10 back in 2018, and I was on a plane, I'm flying back home and I'm amazed every time I'm up there seeing the unlimited, um, it's something that, that really inspires me and that was writing down everything that I want to be half or do in the future. When it comes to my health, I was thinking about how cool would it be to,
00:29:39 um, at, on a 30 KMOS on my. And all I heard in the first place in my own mind was like, Hey, you will never going to do that. I listen to you to your backstory that say, you never going to work by then I took like, right, she's not crying, she's not doing it. And then,
00:30:06 so what I want to encourage and inspire every religion here is to, um, to write down our Judy code, uh, uh, print out pictures and put it on your new bed bedroom wall. And that will it will it think about, Hey, where do I see my shelf in the future? What do I want to have where I want to be?
00:30:31 And, uh, the amazing thing is like what we do, um, what we think that what we become and you get inspired, you develop, you stay what ship and back to my head. And I, I developed a thinking pattern every day to see my shelf finishing the finish line after 30 KM. And, uh, yeah. Um, on,
00:30:59 on my birthday, I worked like so excited about it and, uh, I just did it. I didn't know how to do it. I was training before we should come from always thinking about it and turning the thinking pattern into action. And I really want to encourage you today to chip. Um, no matter where you are, maybe you are waiting on the top,
00:31:22 uh, on the starting line or in the middle almost, um, wanting to give up shit shifts, um, yeah, imagining it daily, where you want to be. And I promise you that will be, if you do that longterm consistently, that will be a lot of, um, action that will be turned around belief that will be turned around and,
00:31:46 uh, you will, you will get that. Awesome. Thanks so much for coming on the show today. You're welcome. So you can find out more about Nathaniel and what he does He's also active on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. You can find links to all of that, of course, over in the show notes. Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast,
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00:32:59 invest your time, your talent and your treasures, develop your influence and impact the world.

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Failure is a part of learning.  So everytime you fail you learn something. - Nathanael Zurbruegg

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