January 11

SNS23: Saturday Night Special – RJ Jackson

Inspired Stewardship Podcast, Saturday Night Special


Join us today for the Saturday Night Special with RJ Jackson The Courage Giver...

In tonight’s 23rd episode of the Saturday Night Special RJ Jackson and I talk about courage and the journey towards it.  RJ shares some of her tips about writing and speaking and how you can do this despite fear.  RJ shares her personal journey and how she overcame it to become an international speaker and bestselling author.

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00:00:00 Welcome to tonight's Saturday night special with R. J. Jackson, the courage maker, As we talk about courage here on the inspired stewardship podcast. I'm R. J. Jackson, the courage giver. I encourage you to have the courage you need to live your calling, and one way to be inspired to do that is so. Listen to this. The inspired Stewardship podcast with my friend Scott Maderer believing is key because even the Bible tells us that without faith is just impossible. So believing is the key,
00:00:52 and I do want to hear it's not so much what other people say to you. It's what you say t your self Welcome and thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in the inspired stewardship Podcast will learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world. In tonight's 23rd episode of the Saturday Night special,
00:01:41 Argie Jackson and I talk about courage and the journey you take thorns. R J share some of her tips about writing and speaking, and she shares her personal journey and how she overcame it to become an international speak. Oh, and best selling only to no one area that a lot of folks need some help with is around the area of productivity. Getting not just Maur things done, but actually getting the right things done can be really, really tough. I've got a course called Productivity for your passion that's designed to help you do this.
00:02:30 And then they hold you accountable and walk with you so that you can tailor productivity not just to be getting more done but actually getting the right things done. What's more, we take the approach of looking at your personality and how you actually look at things in the world and Taylor the productivity system to your personality. Because the truth is, a lot of the systems that are out there are written really well for somebody with a particular personality type. But if you have a different approach to things, they just don't work.
00:03:04 But there's tools and techniques and approaches that you can take that will work for anyone and we help you do that and productivity for your passion. Check it out over an inspired stewardship dot com slash launch. Health is a state of body, and wellness is a state of being. If you woke up this morning hesitant to get out of bed, unable to find anything to wear exhausted from the day before and simply needing a breakthrough before you break down, then this episode is the right place for you to be listening.
00:03:40 And R. J is honored that you're here and listening to us today as an international leader. Speaker Arthur and confidence coach R. J. Jackson, who has traveled the world for over 20 years, inspiring others to fulfill their life's purpose, is here to fill our cup with courage, to stir our soul with confidence and to deliver a dose of wellness designed to create a blend of transformation in our home and work. R. J. Jackson is an international leader who works to inspire others to fulfill their life's purpose.
00:04:17 R J Works is a speaker Arthur consultant and personal development coach, fulfilling her own purpose of being a breath of fresh air to everyone she meets, noticed the courage giver R J delivers a message on courage, vision, confidence and leadership saying toe all of you, you don't have to live where you were dying and you don't have to die where you're living. Welcome to the show, R. J Oh, Scott is such a pleasure to be here, and you're absolutely right. I'm so honored that everyone has taken the time out to allow us to impart courage to their heart and remind them just as you say,
00:04:59 they don't have to live with her dying. And they certainly don't have to die where they're living. And you know that that message that that phrase there at the end is is one that I think a lot of people need to hear today. So R J would you share how your own life has led you to understand and deliver this message to others? That's actually what I wake up for every day to use my life as a mirror to remind women in particularly you have to die there. I know life is happening and I'm definitely a witness in my life is a testament of life happening.
00:05:42 I don't know where to begin, but let me start where my journey almost ended permanently. And that was recently when I was involved in a life threatening car accident which left me unable to walk,
00:06:00 unable to talk, recovering from a brain injury and depending on nah, just God. But people like never before.
00:06:12 And as I laid in my bed got, like, just wondering. My God, I know you spared my life for good.
00:06:23 I convey rarely talk. I can't even walk. What wouldn't want? Like, why am I still here as literally ill?
00:06:33 Not just like physically ill of dying, but spiritually, emotionally. Don't dare leave out financially, e.
00:06:45 I felt like it was over. Yeah, but it wasn't until I found the courage to ask God.
00:06:56 What did you want from me in this moment? Forget about the fact that I traveled all over the world speaking.
00:07:02 Forget about the lives that I had touched. I'm made here on my bed feeling like I'm dying and I just needed to know What do you want now?
00:07:12 Right now we are and clears a day. I heard him say, I want you to keep living because there really are people dying to live and they are in worse shape and even better shape than you are.
00:07:28 But they're ready to quit and give up. You know, that's one of the things I think is interesting.
00:07:34 You mentioned they're in worse shape or better shape than you. You know, I think a lot of times when we when we have these life changing moments,
00:07:43 you know, one of the realization is that comes out of it is it's not necessarily about quote. We're better off a reverse off than anyone else.
00:07:50 It's about what we do with it. Um, And you know, you're talking about that with that message that you received.
00:07:59 Absolutely. Because life this 10% of what happens to us, but 90 of how we respond to it.
00:08:08 Right? And I'm about to. Scott. But I have some days where I didn't respond too well and I didn't work too well for me.
00:08:15 Oh, well, yeah, yeah, yeah. Basically, if you're older than 12 that's true. And if you're 12 it's definitely true.
00:08:32 There's a middle school teacher for years, so trust me, I understand. Yeah, we Oh, yeah.
00:08:38 It's funny how it but that is true. It's how we respond to it. And yet, obviously,
00:08:43 That's also if if that was easy, you know that we wouldn't have the problem. But there's days that we don't respond Well,
00:08:52 you know, if you have a hard time believing that what we're talking about right now that this message,
00:08:56 this idea of, you know, you don't have to live where you're dying, that it's about your response.
00:09:02 If you're having a hard time believing that this is true and that this applies to you than this may help R.
00:09:08 J. I know, you know, as the speaker, as a speaker, one of your names is the courage giver.
00:09:14 Would you share what you would say to that person listening right now That just doesn't believe that this actually applies to them?
00:09:22 You know, the first thing I want to say is that you're not human. You're not hearing this by accident.
00:09:30 The very fact that you're listening and you're here is on purpose, and there's a reason why you need to hear this.
00:09:39 And maybe it's to encourage your heart to remind you that guy hasn't forgotten about you. And yes, this message is for you.
00:09:50 And believing is the key, because even the Bible tells us that without fate is just impossible. So believing is the key and and I do want to hear,
00:10:05 especially as I am still recovering from a brain injury. I've learned this during my recovery is not so much what other people say to you.
00:10:17 It's what you say to yourself that your brain is going to work with most. So what? I want to think of those who are listening.
00:10:26 I can tell you till I'm blue in the face. This message is for you and it matters for you.
00:10:35 But believing that it's for you and telling yourself that it applies to you and that you can do this is way more important.
00:10:46 So I want you to deem. I want to take and being what's already been being true that you are worthy.
00:10:56 This message is for you because you are worth being chosen your worth being fought for and your workers being died for and got sent his son to die for you so that you don't have to live with dying.
00:11:13 You don't have to die where you're living, but you can have life and that more abundantly. And that's my friend.
00:11:22 What God has for you going back to the beginning of that. One of the things that she said was that those voices that we have inside ourselves,
00:11:32 um and I think for a lot of us the voice that we have that speaking inside her head right now is is very,
00:11:40 very loud. And at least most of the people I know don't tell me that that voice says very nice things.
00:11:49 So do you have any advice for folks? Were that that internal voices speaking that message right now against believing that this gift is for us against believing that this and what we can do to begin toe change that internal voice?
00:12:07 Oh, that's really a great question. And I do want to say to encourage everyone change is a process.
00:12:15 So even if I give you some information that is guaranteed to cost transformation, don't be overnight. And that's God.
00:12:25 There's something supernatural that it's just gonna happen. You got him as they say. Be in it to win it.
00:12:33 Then you gotta practice, baby. So here's where you start on first base. You start with what you're putting in your heart,
00:12:43 your mind and your soul. So what are you watching on television. What are you left turning to?
00:12:50 Who are you hanging around and what are they saying? Because those are typically the things you're gonna say you're gonna repeat and you're gonna believe.
00:13:01 So you gotta watch that stuff. You know, the Bible says, watch out for those dogs. Those are those people that have dogged gun it.
00:13:11 They'll have nothing positive to say. So practice practice. Seeking to yourself reading positive literature, watching positive shows.
00:13:23 Listeningto positive podcasts such as this one every week practice the the phrase that you said It's a process that I I can almost guarantee you that those folks that have been listening to the show for more than a couple of episodes immediately said to themselves,
00:13:41 You mean it's a process, not an event, because they've heard us heard me say that about three million times on the spot.
00:13:47 Gas, Uh, s Oh, that's that's awesome that you use that same language, so it's got say it until they get it.
00:13:57 But that's why I keep saying it. I you know, and I'll tell you the same thing. I've told many,
00:14:02 many of my listeners as well. Part of the time a lot of times what I'm doing an episode,
00:14:06 and I'm saying something for the 12th time. It's because I still need to hear it, you know?
00:14:12 And I figure if I still need to hear that everybody else us too, right? Oh, yeah.
00:14:17 Oh, yes. You know, because even if those even again, you're the courage giver, you go out,
00:14:24 it's be courage to others. And you said it earlier. There's still days where that's hard for you.
00:14:29 Um, you know it just because just because you do it doesn't mean the journey's over. The journey is not over yet.
00:14:36 You're still growing. Absolutely. I often tell people when I am speaking, I'm really talking to myself,
00:14:42 and I'm giving them permission to listen right? Yep. Do the same thing. Uh, R J as well is speaking.
00:14:53 I know that another way that folks can tune in and listen to this is you have a Siri's of books where you've shared your message of courage as well.
00:15:03 And I know that a lot of people will tell you that they have a book inside themselves. You know,
00:15:08 You hear these stats that almost 80% of people say that they want to write a book. They have an idea for a book.
00:15:16 But of course, most of us never actually sit down and write it. So would you share a little bit about how you took the journey towards becoming a best selling Arthur and and what we can learn from this And honestly,
00:15:30 Scott, I didn't seek to become a best selling author. I honestly believe me. When I tell you this.
00:15:40 I don't even like writing. I always tell people what I used to tell people. I don't see it anymore,
00:15:48 but I used to tell people, I'm a speaker. I am not a writer, but nobody believes me.
00:15:55 And they would have told you, You're a great writer, are gay and I'm like, Well, I'll not tell him.
00:16:00 I felt that because I don't want to write. I don't like Whiting. And so what I thought to do was to share.
00:16:09 My story is, everybody has a story, and what I used to do is share my story based on how somebody else shared their stories or compare my stories to somebody else's story.
00:16:28 My goal was to share my story to give God glory and people hope, and that's what I set out to do,
00:16:36 and it's setting out to do that. I partner with other women who had the same vision we shared.
00:16:43 Our stories were told about our journey. We told about our mistakes. We were authentic. We became a mirror to other women to say,
00:16:53 See yourself because I get it. I understand. And then for me, I decided it was important for me to do.
00:17:02 A guy told me to do and that it be a breath of fresh air and a glimpse of the living God for people.
00:17:08 And I won't. Even though I didn't like the right and it wasn't easy, there was a battle toe,
00:17:15 right? But obedience is what I wrote out off and believe it or not, Scott, I told you I was laying in that bed.
00:17:24 That was one of the things God told me to do. Was right again, and I can't even think of the word.
00:17:31 Can't even say words properly. What? Oh, hey Lord and I wrote and that when I became after four books,
00:17:40 I became a best selling author again, out of obedience. So as a coach and as a speaker.
00:17:51 You've obviously had a lot of different speaking opportunities, both nationally and internationally. And you know, when people hear that kind of like what you're just now talking about with writing Ah,
00:18:03 lot of folks think to themselves. Wow, I would love to be able to speak internationally, speak nationally,
00:18:10 speak from the stage. And of course, there's other folks right now that heard that and the got fear in the pit of your stomach.
00:18:16 And they're beginning to dread even just the idea of speaking in public. Would you share a little bit about how this kind of response this this fear response to something like public speaking or other fears?
00:18:32 And how kind of what you were talking about earlier, our response to that fear, how that can become part of our journey and part of our development towards courage?
00:18:43 Yeah, so you mean talk about that 90% response to that 10% of what happens to us that says,
00:18:51 Oh, my gosh, If I go out there and speak, I'm gonna die, right? Exactly.
00:18:59 Karelian, they're gonna get me. It's like, Well, I've never sea lions and right And and here's the thing most people literally would rather die than get in front of somebody.
00:19:14 And speech is very intimidating for them. And when it comes the fear, I like to believe that fear is really running from something that's not even after you.
00:19:26 It's like being in the house that night, and the house starts creaking and shifting, and then all of a sudden we start questioning.
00:19:33 Who's in here? I'm like, Who's in here? Nobody in here, you know, that's dear and fear will either drive you towards something or it won't drain you and keep you from something round,
00:19:50 Lago Emerson said. Fear that the more people than anything in the world and there are so many things people are afraid of the great Some people are afraid to go out of their house.
00:20:05 Did you know that research says that the number one fear that Americans has is the fear of going to the dentist?
00:20:13 No. Just imagine that Scott, nobody went to the dentist because they were afraid. Now I don't imagine that that's not a good picture right there,
00:20:23 Theo. Reason why put that out there is because with public speaking being the number one here, we either are gonna decide to let that be a driver's toe,
00:20:36 live life on purpose and live out our destiny at a courage which is being afraid. But going in Pau or we're gonna let it drain us,
00:20:48 and we're gonna die where we're living. We have a toy. 90% of how he responds is what it's about.
00:21:01 I know. Personally, until I used my courage, I had to step out on stage when I finally realized I am missing out on a lot of great things because I'm afraid.
00:21:17 And when I realized that I'm like No, wait, okay, I'm gonna do it anyway. Somewhere.
00:21:22 The things I did I went declining. Was declining. Totally. Where did you go? Zip lining over Niagara Falls.
00:21:32 Oh, wow. Okay, listen, if you're going to get out there, get out there, Right.
00:21:38 And here's what I what I discovered after it was over the deep end with that one you really wasn't like I was kind of expecting,
00:21:48 like something low, but no. Over Niagara Falls, Niagara Bomber way went zip lining down the blue mountains in Jamaica.
00:21:57 So that was the night falls would be a bit much. Wow, that that was beautiful. Actually,
00:22:05 it was a really neat way to see the mountain. You actually kept your eyes open? No. Yeah,
00:22:12 it was Yeah, I did. And I am afraid of heights. I'm actually very nervous around heights,
00:22:17 but I managed to keep my eyes open, so Oh, my gosh. Well, good for you.
00:22:21 Because I can't say I kept my eyes open, but I can't say zip lining. And that was the goal for me not to keep my eyes open,
00:22:30 but to say I did it and you survived. TRIBE survive. And that's what I want to tell you.
00:22:38 Here's what I learned what we typically learn. And that was the important question. You asked. What did I learn from it?
00:22:44 Here's what I learned is what we typically steel is we're gonna die. But what I learned is I didn't die,
00:22:52 did I? And usually we don't. But that's what we're afraid of. But we we experienced so much joy.
00:23:02 So many stories. We get to tell our Children and our grandchildren when we step out by faith by using our courage and talent.
00:23:10 Beer? No, not today. I'm going anyway. And I think a lot of times for, you know,
00:23:16 back to It's a process, not an event, even there. It's a process, not an event.
00:23:21 You went zip lining. You didn't open your eyes. Well, maybe next time you do something really exciting like that,
00:23:26 you will open your eyes. You don't know. Ah, but at least you know you've taken that first step already by taking action and doing doing something that you were afraid of.
00:23:38 Absolutely. You know, when we talk about public speaking is just as I mentioned, there are some people,
00:23:46 like we were just talking about that. That may be a big fear of them. And then there's other folks that that's actually a goal that they have.
00:23:52 You know, they're in business. Maybe they're there. Coach that got a book or there wanting to get out there and share a message with others in a way that's effective in a way that really communicates and makes an impact on other people.
00:24:07 They feel the same calling like you're talking about of God, saying to them, You need to get out there and tell your story,
00:24:14 but they're afraid of not doing it well. As someone who's done speaking for years, and years now.
00:24:21 Do you have any tips for others on how to speak effectively so that we can really make an impact?
00:24:29 And one of the ways that I actually do that is through Webinars as well as my speak with confidence classes that I offer primarily through Women's Business Center and other organizations.
00:24:41 And here's what I say most whether you're a speaker, you're aspiring speaker. You want to speak for your business.
00:24:51 You have to talk in front of people. Here's my number. One suggestion. Beak less and listen more.
00:25:04 It's important as a speaker at spire and speaker, someone who sharing their business with other people, that we listen to the people we're serving.
00:25:15 We know the needs of the audience. It's important that were authentic, that we understand. It's not about us.
00:25:26 People don't care how much we know they want to know. As Maya, Angela says, how much we care,
00:25:35 and they want to see that they can relate to us and we can relate with them. So as you listen,
00:25:44 you deny the urge to impress people, but you make it important. Toe bless people. I like that phrase.
00:25:56 So as we wrap up today. One question that I like to ask everyone is this. You know,
00:26:02 the show has inspired stewardship. I talk all the time about stewardship. And yet, as I've been talking about it and talking to others about it,
00:26:10 I've discovered that that word means a lot of different things to a lot of different people. So kind of is you were just talking about with that idea of listening toe others R J.
00:26:20 Would you share what stewardship means to you and how that has impacted your life? At first I used to when I didn't know no better,
00:26:30 I would say, uh, you think that your ship was about money, but to our ship is not just about money,
00:26:39 it's about everything. Stewardship is not even a way of life. For me, stewardship is life. It's growing,
00:26:51 it's serving. It's giving is growing and God serving others. And giving our best whenever we have an opportunity to give by using God's resource is wisely that Stuart slipped.
00:27:10 To me, it's life. And how has that belief? How is that understanding as it's grown over time?
00:27:18 How has that impacted your life and what you do? I can sum that up with a quote from Zig Ziglar,
00:27:27 he says you can have anything in life you want if you just willing to help other people get what they want.
00:27:37 And it helped me Scott, to realize that life is not just about R. J. And I love the tater trips.
00:27:46 But I'm not all that in a bag of chips. And I always tell people, even if you think you're all that and a bag of chips,
00:27:58 even chips taste better with a little bit of dip. So is it healthy? Realize we need people to survive and that when I get up in the morning,
00:28:10 if I'm just getting up for meeting my four and no whore is gonna be a boring day, but I want all that guy has for me.
00:28:19 So I gotta put people first and I got a C P. So the weak God sees people, which means everybody matters.
00:28:29 And that is how it has helped me live my life fully by giving my life away to remind women in particularly they don't have to live where they're dying and they don't have to die.
00:28:44 We're there living. You confined R J at her home base over it the courage giver dot com. She's also on Twitter as the courage giver,
00:28:56 and over on Lincoln is R. J. Jackson, the courage giver. All, of course, have links to all of that over in the show notes.
00:29:04 And you could reach out to her and maybe have her comments speak to your next event about courage and the impact it makes on your life.
00:29:13 R. J. Is there anything else you'd like to share with the listers first? I'd like to say,
00:29:18 Scott, thank you for what you do and who you are and inviting me to share with your listening audience.
00:29:26 Those of you who are listening you are not here by accident. God has a plan for your life.
00:29:33 And there was something today that perhaps resonated in your heart. Don't let that go to the wayside. Water it and ask God toe.
00:29:45 Show you what he wants you to do because there are people, believe it or not, who are waiting on you to do your part so that they can do their part.
00:30:01 Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast. As a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen,
00:30:12 but act on what you've heard and find a way toe Live your calling. If you enjoyed this episode,
00:30:20 please, please do us a favor. Go over to inspired stewardship dot com slash iTunes rate all one word iTunes rate.
00:30:33 It'll take you through how to leave a rating and review and how to make sure you're subscribe to the podcast so that you can get every episode as it comes out in your feet until next time investor time,
00:30:47 your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact world.

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Believing is the key.  What other people say to you is not as important as what you say to yourself. - RJ Jackson

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