Join us today for Part 4 of the Interview with Matt Ham, author of Redefine Rich....

This is Part 4 of the interview I had with speaker, author, and extraordinary insurance agent Matt Ham back in 2015.  

Matt is someone who I admire greatly and a true patron of redefining your life to live in your calling.  And he got there through the messy middle of a difficult journey.  Matt's book has been out for awhile and you can find out more about these Rich Principles by picking up Redefine Rich

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In today's episode, I ask Matt about:

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    How learning to live a Rich Life helps you make an impact....
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    How identifying your calling is often about a posture not a position....
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    How everyone has a story that's meaningful... even you....
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    and more.....

Some of the Resources recommended in this episode: 

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Someone who lives a rich life is going to naturally leave a legacy that transcends themselves because they're pointing back to the Father. There's something eternal in that. - @MattHamsr

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