Join us today for an episode about the power of becoming a multiplier...

Today's episode is focused on identifying if you are a leader who diminishes or multiplies those around you so that you can impact the world by becoming a multiplier.

In this episode, on impacting the world by stewarding your talent I talk with you about becoming a multiplier.  I help you identify behaviors that diminish those around you and behaviors that empower others so that you can strive to become a multiplier who grows others to further your impact on the world.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    What is a multiplier and a diminisher...
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    How to recognize the behavior that leads to both diminishing and multiplying others...
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    Some specific actions you can take to be a multiplier...
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    and more.....

When leaders define clear ownership and invest in others, they have sown the seeds of success and earned the right to hold people accountable. - Liz Wiseman

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