Join us today for an episode about the power of story and narrative when developing your influence...

Today's episode is focused on the subtle difference between crafting a story and a narrative when it comes to living out your calling and influencing others.

In this episode, I cover the idea behind why a story is so powerful when it comes to teaching others.  I also talk with you about the power of narrative and the difference between story and narrative.  I also talk a bit about how everyone has a story worth sharing and challenge you to find a way to create the narrative you want from your life.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    The power of story to develop your influence...
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    The difference between story and narrative...
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    Challenging you to begin crafting the narrative in your life that God wants you to live...
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    and more.....

We need to look hard at the stories we create, and wrestle with them. Retell and retell them, and work with them like clay. It is in the retelling and returning that they give us their wisdom. - Marhi Gillard

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