Join us today for an episode about the power of the self-employed mindset...

Today's episode is focused on the power of the self-employed mindset.  How approaching things when you are an employee or small business owner or self-employed with the mindset of being self-employed can bring great benefit.

In this episode, we cover the power of realizing that even as an employee you are simply self-employed with only one customer, your employer.  And recognizing this can bring great power.  You have risk and rewards both as a self-employed person regardless of your status as an employee or business owner.  

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How as an employee you can benefit from taking on the mindset of a self-employed person...
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    How self-employed or employee you really do the same things in many ways...
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    How this mindset can really improve your work life in either case...
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    and more.....

See Yourself as Self Employed - Pat Summitt

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