Join us today for part 2 of the Annual Review special where we talk about Plan...

Today on this episode of the Inspired Stewardship Podcast I’m talking with you about a special topic.  Annual reviews (and other reviews).  I’ll be breaking the discussion up into four parts review, plan, reflect, and revise.  Today we’ll be talking about plan, why you do it, how you do it, and how to write goals that you'll really follow through on.

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Thanks for joining me on episode five of the inspired stewardship podcast.

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I'm at what your podcasts your father and tranny i challenge you to invest yourself invested others develop your influence and impact the world your time,

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your talents your treasures,

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how many cows and two faced your demons extra go to become a great father of your children and when will it be inspired there is still missing.

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The inspired stewardship podcast with my friend scott major.

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Enjoy now don't get me wrong getting up in the morning and going for a run is probably not something that most people would describe as enjoyable.

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How come back hey that's what does review is something that you might see as enjoyable set the humidity here can be deeper than just source level.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us in the inspired stewardship.

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If you truly desire to become the person god wants you to be can you must learn to use time your talent and your treasures for your true calling.

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Any inspired stewardship podcast learn to invest in yourself invest in others and develop your influence so they use.

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Today on this episode of the inspired stewardship podcast i'm talking with you about a special topic.

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Is the new all reviews i've broken it up into four parts and if you missed it last month we talked about the review step.

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We're gonna talk about plan reflect and reviws and today were diving deep on planning.

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No one area that a lot of folks need,

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some help with is around the area of productivity getting not just more things done but not actually getting the right things done can be really really tough.

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I've gotta horse called productivity for your passion that's designed to help you do this and that hold you accountable and walk with you so that you can tailor productivity not just to be.

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Getting more done.

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Actually getting the right things done what's more we take the approach of looking at your personality and how you actually look at things in the world and taylor the productivity system.

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Your personality,

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just the truth is a lot of the systems that are out there reading really well for somebody with a particular personality type but if you have a different approach to things that just don't work.

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There's tools and techniques and approaches that you can take that will work for anyone can we help you do that and productivity for your passion check it out over and inspired stewardship dot com slash launch.

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First glance is we talk about doing the annual review and beginning to look forward to twenty twenty and plan

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just like in the last week when we talked about review and i pointed out that this is something that you can do not just annually but you can actually set it up and do it weekly do it monthly do it quarterly.

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When do the years well playing is the same way i do a weekly

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play at the beginning of each week i do mine on sunday night there's no magic to doing it on sunday night just set up a time and a place and do it in a routine

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Any in that that weekly planning period i look forward to the week that's coming up and i'm look at my time and i figure out what kind of appointments do i have what sort of things are coming up

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i bought those off and make sure that time is accounted for and then i feel and what the plan around the rest of my time for the week.

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I did the same thing for a month.

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I did the same thing each day when i get up in the morning and i'm look at my day i want to see if anything sent justin since i worked on my weekly plan and i do that quarterly.

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And then across the year so right now we're kind of at a yearly period where you would begin to think about what are your goals that are coming up for twenty twenty.

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So i see you have you done your review when you look at what you got done last year new beginning to think about what are the areas of my life that i want to know focus on for twenty twenty you want to go to the list of,

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the kind of seven zero ns of your life you see this divided different ways but generally what it boils down to if you wanna think about your spiritual

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life which is including things around meditation around prayer times scripture these sorts of things,

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your financial area what are your monetary goals for this year both personal and business if you're both.

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Pensacola areas what do you want to do in terms of health and fitness,

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electro what do you want to do to grow your mind relation all what you want to do around friends and family work and career goals,

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anything fun or recreational goals if you think three seven areas of your life you want to begin to think about two or three things within each of these is the maximum that you wanna focus on this year.

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Even if you did three across all seven areas that be twenty one separate goals which is a lot to do in a twelve month period.

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M o really get to do it more gonna focus on different goals and different plates somethings been goals that we work across the entire year,

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some will be goals that we focus on for just a particular period of time,

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and so by doing that you can balance this is really be doing twenty one things every day and eating every month because that would be overwhelming and impossible.

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I generally don't have twenty one separate goals i usually end up without telling or twelve because there are some areas were really i'm not looking for major growth in that area right now i'm just looking to maintain something

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or perhaps i have just one golden that area.

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Like it as a physical gold maybe it's just a walking gold to walk a certain number of times a week ago to go to the gym a certain number times a week and that's enough because it encompasses a wide area of growth.

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So you yourself may have a certain number of goals he probably shouldn't be more than twenty one and it should be definitely be less than that.

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And it should be more than one or two because again this is for a year at this point.

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What kind of goals do you write u wanna write what i like to call smarter goals and again this is an acronym the chelsea floating around the internet,

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you hear about smart goals and smarter goals and different people with different terms with different letters but he is kind of how i use that

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i'm looking for goals that are specific that's what the ass and smarter stands for goals that weren't very clear and exactly described what is your after it's not okay to say i wanna lose weight.

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You wanna lose weight tell me exactly how much weight u wanna lose i wanna lose seventy five pounds it needs to be measure a bolt that's the

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so miserable meaning

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there is some way to see the results it doesn't necessarily have to measure the number that you should be able to at the end somebody from the outside should be able to look at it and go yes you achieve that goal are no you did not

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it needs to be action oriented that means it needs to have a bourbon needs to be about doing something,

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another way to look at that he is it needs to be something that cheap but i don't like that one because when we say we achieve we tend to lower the bar we tend to do something that is less

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set the stretch goal something is pushing us are.

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Stands for risky this is something that pushes the envelope a little bit you want you to be going out on the limb but not

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too far this can be so overwhelming that you'll never get started but it needs to be something that scares you a little bit

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the tv stand for time bound going back to that weight goal i wanna lose seventy pounds by december thirty first twenty twenty that's what it means to be time bound you put up a beginning a middle and an end on to the goal.

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If it to have it gone will talk more about that in a minute needs to be something how long are you gonna stick to that have it.

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E needs to be something exciting article and enjoyable it needs to be something that you kinda get pumped up about it needs to be something that is

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not going to be illegal or more of a need to be something that you at least at some level have the hope of enjoying,

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now don't get me wrong getting up in the morning and going for a run is probably not something that most people would describe is enjoyable but.

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How come behind it what does it for you is something that.

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C has an enjoyable set the enjoyment here can be deeper than just source level.

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In the last orange smarter is resources it needs to be something that you have access to tools and abilities where

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it's going to be something that you can have to roll some skills and some tools and some abilities and do that you know,

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what do you at least need to start getting you don't need to know the entire destination but you need to know at least part of it,

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what you come up with these smart goals right there

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down not i cant stress this enough there is very important actually writing the words onto a piece of paper,

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post it where you can see it look at them as part of your weekly review is part of your monthly review i've looked over my monthly goals in my annual goals each and every moment.

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That way i know am i on track to my working on the right goals at the right time i minute ago i mentioned having goals.

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Vs something else there's two kinds of categories of golden bears have it goals,

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the bengals have a goal is something words focused on doing something over and over again going to the gym three times a week.

00:10:46.969 --> 00:10:51.341
Brushing my teeth every night huh geez hub id goals they're about,

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reoccurring patterns of behavior.

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The other kind of goal is an achievement golf this is about i want to increase my,

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income by a thousand dollars a month i want to have.

00:11:05.009 --> 00:11:09.657
Ten more clients this year than last year i want to,

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chievo weight of a hundred and twenty pounds and the truth is,

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most goals can kinda be structured in both ways you can create,

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i have a cold that will lead to achieve my goals or you can create and he meant golf that will mean that you have to perform certain habits,

00:11:29.027 --> 00:11:33.207
try to think about what is the way that you want to make sure

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this particular girl that's what helps you decide is it to have a golf under the mat gold for you will talk some more

00:11:41.936 --> 00:11:46.407
and next week about kind of some of the things you can do around your time,

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when you're beginning to do the reflection in the road dakshin,

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pacers which are the ideas i will come up next but it this point if you've been following along you conducted your annual review last year

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how u beginning to put in place plans for twenty twenty and i hope you're gonna get excited about it mechanic to look at the next few and go this is some stuff

00:12:08.880 --> 00:12:11.359
i really want to do.

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Share your goals with me you can shoot them over to me at scott and inspired stewardship dot com i'd love to take a look at a man and get excited and help celebrate your ideas for twenty twenty.

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Thanks for listening.

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Yo on thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast.

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As a subscriber and listen here we challenge you to not just sit back and possibly listen.

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Asked on what you've heard and find a way to live your calling.

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Until next time investor time,

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your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact the world.

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