Join us today for an episode about the power of starting with why if you want to make an impact...

Today's episode is focused on the power of doing as Simone Sinek suggests and starting with why when it comes to your money and making an impact on the world.

In this episode, we cover starting with WHY when it comes to making an impact on the world through your relationship with money.  Developing an answer to "why" becomes a filter through which all your decisions with money can be examined to clearly establish your priorities. 

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    Why the simple answer (but not the easy answer) to "Why" is the place to start when you are dealing with money...
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    How answers to "What" and "How" are important but not as important as answering "Why"...
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    How answering three questions can help you clarify your why when it comes to money...
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    and more.....

Happiness is not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort. ― Franklin D. Roosevelt

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Some of the Resources recommended in this episode:

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The three Questions I ask you to answer to establish your money "Why"...

  • What does Wealth mean to you?
  • What is the single most important thing to you in life?
  • What is the second most important thing in your life?

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