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Have you ever had a day where you got through it and wondered where the day went?  Where you stumbled out of bed in the morning and stumbled back into bed at night, you know you were busy all day but you feel you got NOTHING done?  This episode is for you.

If you've been listening to the podcast it's likely becoming clear that you've got to find time for self-reflection.  But it may seem like you have no time for this.  You are just too busy to find any more time.  This episode may help.

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In today's episode, I go deep with the beginnings of the Stewardship of Time I talk about:

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    How you likely feel like you have absolutely no time, and you may be right
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    The difference between being productive and busy
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    How excellence or failure are both made up of many small tasks
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    How to begin tracking your time and evaluating you prorities
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    and more.....

Some of the Resources recommended in this episode: 

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Are you filling your days with the types of mundane tasks that create excellence or the mundane tasks that sap your excellence?

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