Join us today for Part 1 of the Interview with Darryl Lyons, Author of "18 to 80" and co-owner of PAX Financial...

This is Part 1 of the interview I had with speaker, author, and small business owner Darryl Lyons.  

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons, he talks with you about investing in yourself.  Darryl talks with you about money challenges unique to the middle class and why they are so much more challenging today.  He and I share with you what behavioral finance is and why that should matter to you.  He also talks about how finances affect you as a small business owner or if you even want to ever be a business owner and more.  

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In today's episode, I ask Darryl about:

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    Money challenges unique to the middle class...
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    What behavioral finance is and why that matters...
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    How finances affects you as a small business owner...
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    and more.....

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Many times we get a little Dopamine burst and it feels good to make purchases.  And then we have to do it again... and the marketing firms know this... - Darryl Lyons

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