February 6, 2018

This post was originally posted on ChristianStewardshipCoaching.com August 18, 2014.

I attended a great workshop last Tuesday to become certified to give that same workshop in the future. I’ll be setting up a time and place soon to give it, because it was an awesome experience. If you are interested sign up for the mailing list on the right and I’ll send out more information when I schedule the workshop.

The focus of the workshop was to find a Blueprint for Success.

The outline was to go through examining your purpose, identifying your vision, destroying the B.S. (Bogus Story…not what you were thinking), find your passion, and to plan in a way to align all of this with your strategy for success.

Now this type of life planning is something I’ve done before but it was still a powerful experience every time. I’ve also found that although my purpose and passion have had great similarities over time my vision has changed. The activity of destroying the B.S. was powerful and everyone in the room was really touched by this destruction of the old “voice of fear” and rebirth of a new story. As a part of expanding on the alignment of our purpose and passion with our financial goals we went on another step and identified specific daily goals including daily activities we would do every day to move towards that goal.

The last part of the workshop was the most interesting for me. Not so much because it was new to me but because how many of the people were surprised by this part of the workshop. The idea of this was to know your numbers and then identify what you need to do to get to them. As a person growing my business I’m very aware of the numbers it will take to replace my “day job” with my current “side hustle.” My wife and I have had a budget for years and we know what the least amount of money we need each month to just run our household. As well, we know how much we invest, how much discretionary money we have, and we know where in our current budget we would cut if we ever had an emergency that required it.

What was surprising was the number of people that seemed to have no clue what a budget even was. Even more they didn’t know what their monthly need was to just run their household. Even more surprising they hadn’t thought about what their ideal number would be that would let them relax in terms of an emergency fund or “safety number.” Since this workshop audience was all entrepreneurs we went on to talk about streams of income that would come from different revenue centers and brainstorm some of those possibilities, but even non-entrepreneurs should know their numbers.

So do you know your numbers? 

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