This post was originally posted on June 10, 2015.

Okay, maybe that’s harsh.

I mean here I am hoping you have a crisis.

But the truth is that for many of us the only time we change is in a time of crisis.

So really I'm not hoping that YOU have a crisis...but that you have a CRISIS.

I mean if you really want you can find a crisis out of seeing other's make mistakes just as surely as you can from having mistakes of your own.  Now me, I'm not smart enough for that.  I've often got to run full speed down the road into my own mistakes.

Heck sometimes even running there as other tell me.... "hey that's not smart.." "don't do that" or "Watch out stupid".  (Though usually my family and friends are a bit more polite than that...maybe that's why I don't hear them?)

Let's face it with current statistics saying that roughly 3 out of every 4 American's is living paycheck to paycheck as of the last Federal Reserve survey in 2012.

Heck even around 1/3 of households that are considered "well off" making more than $75,000 per year report themselves as living paycheck to paycheck.

Less than 40% of households report being able to cover a $500 repair or $1000 emergency without borrowing or cutting back on many other things.

So I guess in one way I'm not really hoping you have a crisis...

I'm predicting that you will. Soon.  And it will be a financial one.

Here is the deal.  You WILL have an emergency.

It isn't a matter of if you will have one but rather when and what type of emergency you'll have.

So why am I hoping you have one sooner rather than later?

Because people usually need pain to change, unfortunately.  We just aren't bright enough to change while things are comfortable.

(Ok if it makes you feel better change we to me.)

So what to do about it? 

Why not create your own crisis.

Just pretend.  Imagine if you lost your job today. Or your car caught fire and was destroyed. Or it even just had a transmission go out. Or maybe you fell off your bike and broke your kneecap. (all things that have happened to people I know in just the last month).

You have to know not only how you will live this month but how you will live long term. How you will prepare for the day to day and the disaster.

How you will prepare for the day to day and the disaster.

Realize that if you don't have a budget, an emergency fund, and a plan you are playing with fire.

If you need help creating these, if you have no idea where to get started either fill out my contact form or email me here and let me know how we can help you getting started.

I offer 30 minutes of free help, hourly coaching for specific topics, and longer term package coaching deals.

I even have a account for simple coaching at a very low rate if all you need is help with the basics.

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