This post was originally posted on December 24, 2014.

You know we've talked a lot about stewardship over the last year but, 

What is Stewardship Really?

What is Stewardship Really?

1: the office, duties, and obligations of a steward

Well that's helpful define something with one of the words.  Basically stewardship is being a steward...what else does it say

2: the conducting, supervising, or managing of something ; especially : the careful and responsible management of something entrusted to one’s care <stewardship of our natural resources>

Ah, ok this is a little better. 

So stewardship is managing something, taking care of something. What's more it's taking care of something that you are given responsibility over.

Now normally in Christian circles Stewardship is usually connected to the idea of taking care of our God given Time, Talents, and Treasures. 

Indeed this is a big part of Stewardship finding ways to make sure that we take the gifts that God has given us and using them well to further his Kingdom here on Earth. 

But think about this.

The gifts God gives us comes with a true responsibility. An expectation.

God entrusts us with gifts but then expects us to use them well.

Let us remember also that we are given not just to waiting, but to doing. That, as stewards God calls upon us to give freely with great joy out of the abundance of blessings he pours out upon us. 

The waiting and anticipation that we feel at this season as Advent ends is one that should drive us to service.

Drive us to caring.  

Drive us to love.

Drive us to Stewardship.

So how do you define Real Stewardship?

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Helping people to be better Stewards of God's gifts. Because Stewardship is about more than money.

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