Stewardship School: Productivity for Your Passion

Tired of feeling like you are busy, hustling all the time, and still just not getting the RIGHT things done?


The truth is you can find sanity and success in how you get things done...

Odds are good that you've looked and looked for the one perfect system that will keep you from going crazy.  Maybe you are working a full-time job, have a family, active in your church, and trying to launch a side-hustle.   Maybe you are a solopreneur who wants to see their family and have weekends back while still growing the business.  

The truth is you don't have to work 24/7 to have success, there is a Better way!

Part of the problem is you've likely bought into the "work life balance" lie.  The truth is that time, like so many of our other God given resources, can't be balanced.  It can only be used.  But you can use it well, or you can use it poorly.  And however you use it your life will show the results.

I've been there.  I worked full time with a wife and son and struggled to BALANCE my Church, Family, Work, and Side Hustle for years.

It was crazy.  I spend all my time making endless lists.  I've tried every system and product out there.  I've got countless journals and binders and calendars.  I've read dozens and dozens of productivity books.  I was overwhelmed and washed out.  I found myself struggling to stay passionate and engaged with anything.  And living my calling was the furthest thing from my mind. 

But I KNEW there was more to this.  I could live my calling and not work 80 hours a week and get things done. While getting my excitement and passion for living back. 

As a Christian I found this passage from Psalms both compelling and convicting.  

Teach us to number our days, that we may gain a heart of wisdom.  - Psalm 90:12

But I KNEW I wasn't doing that.  I was wasting my days not stewarding them well. 

And it had to stop. 

So I worked for years learning many things about how God designed us to work...

And the truth is God did NOT build us to work 24/7 and work ourselves sick.  No God designed us to find a life of happiness, balance, and fulfillment.  To find a life where we truly can "Work as unto the Lord." Where our work, family, church, and life are ALL part of worship.

I found that I had to redesign what I believed about time and systems from the ground up.  I found out that no matter how many to-do list apps I downloaded they wouldn't make me more productive.  

I discovered the truth...

I was the PROBLEM.  Instead of working the way GOD designed me to work, I was fighting against God.  I was telling God that I didn't need to learn God's way of handling time... I've got this... When it was fully evident... I DIDN'T...

Then I began working on learning everything I could about productivity.  I took courses.  I experimented.  I read books.  I experimented some more.  And I found out some secrets.  Ok, not really.  They weren't secrets but they sure felt like it.

Truths I Discovered...

My mind worked against me when it came to handling time well...

Willpower and Discipline weren't the solution they were the result of the solution

Having systems, habits, and tools that worked FOR me instead of against me were KEY to success...

But I still wasn't sure if things worked well for others...

  • When I took other courses and read books, not everything I read or studied worked for me.  
    Instead I found that what worked for some didn't work for everyone... but there were some patterns to what worked and what didn't.
  • So I started Coaching Others....
    The truth was I wanted to figure out if what I was seeing was just my own oddity or if it could help others get better with their time as well...
  • The truth was my side-hustle of coaching became a testing ground...
    I worked with not just one or two clients but dozens and dozens testing, trying things out, and figuring out the core of what worked....I've since discovered that there is a lot of complexity in how we are wired; our personality, our energy flow, our tendencies, our grit, all of these interact in a complex way with our productivity.

Now I'm Launching My Course...

After all of that I've found that coaching one-on-one with clients has it's limits.  So I decided to design a group coaching product that would solve the productivity problem for not just one person at a time but a small group. 

With one-on-one coaching the growth was great, the clients had success, but I wanted to help MORE people. 

So I'm launching a Beta course where I'm redesigning what worked for my coaching clients into a course that a small group of dedicated, focused, people, really interested in solving the productivity problem, can work together to build each other up and MASTER their time.

Are YOU one of those people?

Have you been struggling for years?  Feeling like you just couldn't get enough done?  

You have way too many demands on your time?  

You find yourself constantly saying "I just don't have enough time to..." or "I'm so busy all the time..."  

Yet you KNOW there is a better way?

Join the Beta Launch Team!

Here it is: Stewardship School - Productivity for YOUR Passion

In this beta course I'm offering what I've learned after YEARS of one-on-one coaching and studying this topic.  I've invested well over $20,000 dollars learning all of this but you don't have to.  I currently charge on-on-one clients $997 to work with me individually. 

What's more this is a BETA which means you'll get a chance to not only LEARN but help design the course.  And it's going to be at the lowest price I'll EVER offer this at.

Though I've NOT run this as a Course here is what some of my coaching clients have had to say about my work with them...

Helped me find work life balance

Scott helped me get a handle on personal and professional schedules. This enabled a new level of efficiency in my work-life balance.

I really got clarity on my life goals...

Before I connected with Scott I was struggling to motivate myself to pursue my business goals.

I was confused on what I really wanted out of life and my priorities were all screwed up... I spent most of my days just spinning my own wheels.

Scott helped me define a clear picture of the life that I could live, if I could become more productive.

More accurately, he supplied me with the tools to motivate myself.

After several months with Scott's coaching, I feel like I've got a better grip on the things that I previously thought were out of my control.

For the first time in years, I feel like I have my business momentum back, and I'm headed in a good direction overall.

Helping me get unstuck so I can live my calling

Scott helped me with an original goal of setting up a daily routine. However, the conversation quickly morphed into a discussion about the larger issues holding me back. I appreciate that Scott didn't mind switching direction from my original goal. In addition, I found him to be very adept at discussing the underlying issues keeping me stuck and willing to help me problem solve. He definitely keeps the conversation action-oriented and pushes towards action steps but also is willing to help flush out the underlying issues instead of simply glossing over them or ignoring them. He checks in daily and sometimes more frequently. He has experience in science, and has a wealth of outside links and books to recommend. He shares his personal experience when relevant. I really appreciate having a qualified third party to get objective feedback from.

I Hope To Help YOU have even more success...

Stewardship School - Productivity for Your Passion

If you are Interested Purchase Below for the Beta Launch.  Right now ONLY the Group Coaching Program is available, but priced at the BASIC Price.  There is NO BETTER TIME to Sign up.  I'm going to run this course for between 10 and 25 members.  That's right if I don't get at least 10 to sign up I'll retool and relaunch later, and I won't take more than 25 signups for this course.  So PURCHASE NOW!


  • Access to all Videos
  • Access to all Downloads
  • Access to all Tools


  • Access to all Videos
  • Access to all Downloads
  • Access to all Tools
  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Office Hours


Beta Price $197


  • Access to all Videos
  • Access to all Downloads
  • Access to all Tools
  • Weekly Q&A Calls
  • Weekly Office Hours
  • Up to 6 hours of one-on-one coaching calls

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


Let me share with you what this course ISN'T

This course isn't going to be something you can passively watch on your computer and it will magically fix your productivity.  It will REQUIRE work and commitment.

The truth is there isn't a magic wand (oh how I wish there was) to fix how we view and use time... it's hard work, but it is SO worth it...

Will I be out money if the course doesn't make?

NO! I'm collecting your information now but I won't invoice anyone until at least 10 people sign up, remember the course is also capped at 25 participants.

When will the Course Launch?

The Sign up period will run through March 31st or when we've reached 25 members.  The course will LAUNCH the week of April 1st and run for 8-weeks. 

What makes this different from other productivity courses?

Two things.   One the design of this course is to first identify how you are wired and your general approaches to life and THEN identify systems, processes, tools, and habits and approaches to using those systems, processes, tools, and habits will best work for you. The other is that this is based on the concept of Biblical Stewardship and how we are called to develop our calling and manage our resources well.

Is this just a set of technology and tools with training?

NO! This is much more than that.  Yes we'll talk about tools and techniques but the core of the course is about identifying and modifying habits and behavior around time, not a magic tool that fixes everything.  Admit it you've tried tool after tool and none of them fixed the problem.

Before vs After

Before Stewardship School - Productivity for Your Passion

  • Frustrated, tired, and burned out all the time...
  • Running from emergency to emergency but never finding time for what's really important...
  • Knowing there is more that you are called by God to do, but just not being able to find the time to do it...
  • Constantly feeling guilty that you aren't doing one thing when you are doing something else...
  • Constantly saying..."I just don't have time.." but still saying yes to everything that comes along...or feeling guilt when you say no...

After Stewardship School - Productivity for Your Passion

  • Working smarter not harder and having time for yourself...
  • Getting the MOST important things done and eliminating those things that don't matter...
  • Understanding not just WHAT you are called to do, but having a plan that works to begin doing it...
  • Knowing that when you are working on something it is the RIGHT thing to be doing...
  • Saying "NO" to the things that just clog your schedule, while saying "YES" to the things you are called to do...

What's Included in the Beta Course...

  • Weekly Group Office hour calls (and the recording) each week where we talk about any challenges, wins, and hold each other accountable.
  • Weekly Group Q&A calls where we talk about any questions specific to that weeks module.
  • A module released every week for 8 weeks.
  • Modules include: How to Budget Your Time; Mindset; Creating Habits, Systems, and Routines around Time; Handling Email and Interruptions; Identifying YOUR real Priority; Tools and Techniques; How Your Unique Personality Affects Your Productivity; and MORE...
  • For Beta Members You'll get Lifetime Access to the content and can retake the course at any time...This will NOT be offered again...
  • A chance to help direct the modules and give feedback that will add BONUS content that you'll get access to.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

You are fully protected by our 100% Satisfaction-Guarantee. If you don't get real improvement in your productivity by the end of the course, just let us know and we'll send you a prompt refund.

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