Tired of feeling like you are busy, hustling all the time, and still just not getting the RIGHT things done?

Even if you've tried to get productive before and failed there is a way to use the tools, you just have to learn to modify them for who YOU are!

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Don't spend 80 hours a week working while still not getting the RIGHT things done...

Odds are good that you've looked and looked for the one perfect system that will keep you from going crazy.   

Maybe you've bought into the myth of "Work Life Balance" and just trying to cram more into your day so you can spend as much time on EVERYTHING!

Maybe you've tried all the journals all the tools and all the systems but they just don't seem to work for you.  The truth is the systems are written by and for a segment of the population that view getting things done a certain way.

Maybe you've made the lists and checked things off and spent all this time figuring out what to do.  But they you find yourself procrastinating and putting things off.

Maybe you've spent time and energy finding all the ways you can work on things and then found yourself distracted by the next shiny object. 

Maybe you are working a full-time job, have a family, active in your church, and trying to launch a side-hustle.   Maybe you are a solopreneur who wants to see their family and have weekends back while still growing the business. 

Maybe you've read all the books but wish you had someone who could help you understand why the systems they lay out just don't seem to work for you.

Productivity for YOUR Passion

That's what my course "Productivity for YOUR Passion" is meant to solve.  It's more than just a set of tools.  It's videos and material that starts by uncovering who you are and how you are wired. Then we begin to talk about the habits, systems, process, and tools that help you become more productive the way YOU define productive and to do what YOU want to do.  All while having twice monthly calls designed to both hold you accountable AND help you adjust and tailor things to YOU!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

You'll get acess to the first modules immediately and begin to unpack how you can become more productive.  The remaining modules will drip out every other week.  You get access to the content foand calls for one full year from signup. 

Identify Your Real Priorities

It's not about doing what you THINK you should do but finding the REAL things that you need and want to do.  Finding your calling.

Learn How to Track, Plan, Review, and Modify to Success

The truth is this is a process not an event.  And you have to put time and effort into figuring out what works and what doesn't.  This teaches you HOW without overwhelm.

Achieve REAL Goals Without Sacrificing your Life

Believe it or not you can achieve real (and big) goals and change without giving up sleep, never seeing your family, or working 12 hour days.

Find Out How YOU are Wired

The real reason that you've struggled with productivity systems in the past is because they are written for ONE type of personality.  If you aren't that type, they don't work.  So we'll learn how to modify the systems based on how you are designed.

Here’s what people are saying about the course

Meg Knapper


I am blown away

I am blown away with the concept of One List... One Life... One Priority at a time.  That thought is just SO powerful. Thank you for teaching me this in the course.

Kayla Leoni


Mind blown

The simple trick of being able to create a master list and track back to what I do has blown my mind.  It helps me organize and be more efficient.

Ron Knapper


Finally stopped running

This is the first time in my many attempts at organizing my life I feel I have the knowledge, tools, and the beginnings of habits that will allow me to stop running from one thing to another and get the things done that reflect my priorities and the way I want to live my life. 

Productivity for YOUR Passion

The video course covers the chapters below with more being added.


Chapter 1: Who you are and Why it Matters

In this module you will uncover how you are wired and why this matters when it comes to productivity.


Chapter 2: The Four Key Routines 

This module identifies the fours key routines you must have in your life.  Walks you through why they are vital to long term success, and helps you develop and begin building these routines.


Chapter 3: Why Habits Matter

We will begin to unpack what habits are.  Identify and deconstruct your current habits and begin to create new habits and break down old bad habits to restructure your brain (in a good way).


Chapter 4: Deep Work Shallow Work and Creating Flow

This module helps you begin to identify the work that needs to be done and the work that MUST be done.  It also helps you begin to create flow so the work that needs to be done doesn't distract from the work that must be done.


Chapter 5: Creating Your External Brain

In today's world one of the biggest mistakes we have is trying to "keep it all in our head". This module helps you identify the tools you can use that serve as an external brain so your brain can do the things it is meant to do. 


Chapter 6: Work Life Balance

This module explores the myth of work life balance and helps you identify what this really means for you and how you can achieve focus on your priorities without sacrificing your life.


Chapter 7: Types of Goals and Setting Goal

This module helps you identify the different types of goals and why you may want to set different ones for different parts of your life.  It also helps you identify why you may have a hard time with goals depending on how you are wired and what to do about it.


Chapter 8: What to Do When it all Goes Wrong

In this module we help you figure out how to get back on the system when you fall off.  Because the truth is sustainability is more important than speed.  This includes dealing with interruptions, limiting beliefs and adjusting your system with your life.


Chapter 9: Goal Setting by Personality Style

In this module, we dive deeper into goal setting through the filter of your unique personality.  We help you both realize why you likely have certain biases when it comes to goal setting and what to do about it.


Chapter 10: Time Tips by Personality Style

In this module, we dive deeper into how you manage your productivity based on your unique personality.  We help you realize why you have certain biases and what to do about it.


Bonus 1
Twice Monthly Calls

Twice a month there are office hours where you can bring your current problems, challenges, and questions. We'll unpack and solve those problems so you aren't just watching videos in isolation but you have a live coach and instructor available to fine tune and hold you accountable.

Bonus 2

There are downloadable tools for budgeting and tracking your time.  Sample routines you can start with and worksheets and assessments. 

Bonus 3
Bonus Videos

I am constantly adding new modules and videos on various topics as they come up in the office hours as questions.  These include .  tips around phones and computer interruptions. How to communicate with your loved ones on your new systems and dealing with the split between passion and your "still doing it now" parts of your life.

About The Course Instructor, Scott Maderer

Scott lives and works with his wife, son, mother-in-law, two cats and, and three dogs at his home outside of San Antonio, Texas. Coaching thousands of clients since 2011 he is focused on helping others master their time, their talent, and their treasures so they can live out their calling.   He has found that God did design us to work but not in the way that we have come to work today.  He is active in the Methodist church and loves teaching, leading, and learning. 

As a former educator and corporate senior leader, I've spent hundreds of hours learning not just what to do but how to teach it to others.

Here’s what people are saying about Scott

Kim Rose

Executive Assistant

More confidence

Scott's coaching approach has given me more confidence and helped me become better prepared for my career and direction than I was before.

Luke Voigt


I really got clarity on my life goals...

Scott Helped me define a clear picture of the life that I could live, if I could become more productive.  More accurately, he suppliedme with th etools to motivate myself.


Small Business Owner

Got me Unstuck

Scott is very adept at discussing the underlying issues that kept me stuck.  He is action oriented and pushes towards actions but doesn't gloss over underlying issues or ignore them.

If you've tried to grow your passion and calling but just can't find the time this course is for you.

Th truth is time is more valuable than money.  If you can't master your time then you truly can't live the calling that your passion calls you to.  Instead you will always find yourself struggling and frustrated.

I've spent hundreds of hours and over $5,600 dollars on books, systems, training, journals, apps, tools, folders, and coaches myself trying to figure out how to get more productive.

I spent over $3,500 becoming certified in understanding how to figure out how folks are wired.  

Not to mention the thousands of hours as a teacher, leader of a large team in the corporate world, and coach testing these systems and processes and refining them for all sorts of people.

Now to hire me as a one on one coach to help you in this area costs a minimum of $997.00 for a three month program and it is well worth it.  Here you get a year of twice monthly group coaching and all the video content as well.

Online Course

The core course and tools for productivity



  • Access to all 8 Modules
  • All downloads and worksheets
  • Simplified Personality Assessment Tools
  • Access to twice-monthly office hours calls for 1 year
Course + Coaching

The full course plus coaching



  • Access to all 8 Modules
  • All downloads and worksheets
  • Full Version Personality Assessment Tools
  • Access to twice-monthly office hours calls for 1 year
  • Personal one hour call to unpack personality assessments
  • Two hours of additional one on one coaching calls

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If for any reason you aren't satisfied after 30 days just contact me for a full refund. No hassle. No questions.

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