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In tonight’s 11th episode of the Saturday Night Special Annie Perdue-Olson and I talk about people.  We talk about what it’s like to be a leader and manage yourself, your people, and not burnout when you do the hard work of ministry.  Annie Perdue-Olson is the founder of “leading better together” a company that facilitates strategic conversations with ministry leaders to navigate the complexities of relationships.  Annie has over 20 years of ministry and nonprofit experiences to bring to bear as she helps ministry leaders deal with the people challenges that all too often can sideline and sidetrack ministry.   As a certified leadership coach with a degree in human resources and change leadership she has the experience and the skills to help ministry leaders with the things that are both the best thing.. and too often the most challenging thing about doing ministry.  People.

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The kind of questions that say..."what do you need" "what will help you succeed" "what do you see as the challenge in this situation and how do you think we can overcome it"? I think leaders were born to solve problems and sometimes we go into the conversation seeing it as a problem that we need to solve. - Annie Olson

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