Join us today for the Saturday Night Special with Helen Muller creator of the You, Me, and Happiness Program...

In this episode Helen Muller shares with you why her work on Happiness is so important... 

In tonight’s Saturday Night Special I interview Helen Muller about her work as a DNA-Upgrade specialist.  I also talk with her about how her work helps top entrepreneurs and leaders overcome some of their challenges.  Helen also shares more about her legacy and views on this work.

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SNS 135: Saturday Night Special – Interview with Helen Muller creator of the You, Me, and Happiness Program

[00:00:00] Scott Maderer: Welcome to tonight's Saturday night, special episode 135.

[00:00:05] Helen Mueller: I'm Helen Miller. I challenge you to invest in yourself, invest in others, develop your influence and impact the world by using your time, your talent and your treasure to live out your calling, knowing who and what you are, and being able to live from that.

[00:00:21] Knowing is key to living a fulfilled life. And one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to today's show the inspired stewardship podcast with my friend, Scott.

[00:00:32] for

[00:00:33] me, the definition of happiness is knowing who and what you are. And living from that known it's our natural state. That's my definition of it and why it's so important to me and why I really confer on this, especially also in business for people is because I feel that's the foundation.

[00:00:51] Scott Maderer: Welcome and thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God [00:01:00] wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling and the inspired stewardship podcast. We'll learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact.

[00:01:17] And tonight Senator night special. I interview Helen Mueller about her work as a DNA upgrade specialist. I also talk with her about how her work helps top entrepreneurs and leaders overcome some of their choices. And Helen also shares more about her legacy and her views on this coaching and work that she does.

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[00:02:10] What's more, we take the approach of looking at your personality and how you actually look at things in the world and tailor the productivity system to your personnel. Because the truth is a lot of the systems that are out there are written really well for somebody with a particular personality type.

[00:02:28] But if you have a different approach to things, they just don't work, but there's tools and techniques and approaches that you can take that will work for anyone. And we help you do that in productivity for your passion. Check it out slash law. Helen's total focus is helping top entrepreneurs and leaders fulfill their greatest potential.

[00:02:52] The Umi and happiness program focuses heavily on heightened awareness and her work as a DNA upgrade specialist. Helen is [00:03:00] Arthur of me and happiness and four keys to happiness has been featured in Yahoo lifestyle, medium rich women magazine and various podcasts for her breakthrough techniques to remove mental blocks in 15 minutes.

[00:03:13] Her journey into entrepreneurship started by selling biscuits on our family farm in South Africa and took off after being introduced to L U R N E Inc. And coach Willie Laney. She enjoys a lifestyle of wildly intuitive traveling and is currently working on research whilst remaining passionately involved in coaching entrepreneurs and spreading happiness all around.

[00:03:35] Welcome to the show, Helen

[00:03:37] Helen Mueller: Scott. Thank you for having me. I'm happy to be here.

[00:03:42] Scott Maderer: So you describe yourself as a DNA upgrade specialist. So what led you down the path of pursuing this is something that you want to do to help others and pursue as a career.

[00:03:55] Helen Mueller: Let's get it. Actually, didn't start with this. What I call the [00:04:00] natural bio hack.

[00:04:00] So dinner upgrade is a natural bio hack. How it all started is I asked myself the question. When I reverse engineered my life at age 60 and it was myself, what do you want, Helen? And the answer was, I want to be happy. And then I set out on this quest to find the answer to happiness. And when I found the answer it was the proverbial scales falling off my eyes.

[00:04:23] When I found that fulfillment and I looked at my life and it wasn't a pretty scene and I had all these mental blocks and all these things coming up for me at that time. And I also feel. Because I made it a first priority to find fulfillment that I was a little bit behind. So I quickly wanted to make up for time because I was 26 at that time.

[00:04:45] And I started working with these natural biohacks to. Remove my mental blocks to do my healing and also to advance me fast. And this is what a national bio hack is in my definition. It's very useful [00:05:00] only your body, not any products or anything because biohacking, a lot of people think it has to do with products.

[00:05:05] My definition is it's just using your natural body to live in efficient life. The boy and the hacking. And that's when I started working with like first the brine and EFT tapping for sting and all those bio-hacks. And then now was a natural progression to know upgrades, which is a, it's a gift I have to communicate with the DNI.

[00:05:31] Scott Maderer: And so it came out of a pursuit of trying to make your. I think you've described it as catch up. You felt like you were behind. What are some of the things, what are some of the things that you feel like the biohacking as you defined, it helped you do

[00:05:45] Helen Mueller: you mean the, all the different biohacks or just in general?

[00:05:48] It's just like a force tracking for me, kind of a. For example, if I say comparing it to mindset training, so mindset training is all about the repetition, but it takes [00:06:00] time. So all the methods that I use this is to be time efficient and to also, and simplicity. So those are the things that I focus on because evolution is very important to me, general evolution and.

[00:06:13] With things moving so fast. I feel like we need tools. Now. We need skills now as humans, but it's important for me to use the natural body not to have all kinds of things we put inside our it to help us to also keep up with the times with all the pressures we are answering. So that's one thing that is helped.

[00:06:33] It has helped me. It's just too. Regulate emotions regulate energy and then get things done faster not be so distracted and stay focused. You're so those are like the things.

[00:06:46] Scott Maderer: So w in this work, why have you chosen to focus on working with entrepreneurs leaders? That, that sort of class of folks, for lack of a better word, I hate the word class in that sentence, but you get [00:07:00] what I mean?

[00:07:00] Helen Mueller: I would say it was a cool thing because I started up when I started with Yumi and happiness, I started out helping people in general because my product was created in that way. I had this digital product and I had my book and I was just helping people with happiness and inspiring people.

[00:07:14] And then it was like I would say a message or a calling that came to me Yeah, I would say from a higher source that I have to work with this particular group of people and how I then formulated that in my own self was that if I have an impact of, if I can help people at that level, then you know, that kind of trickles down.

[00:07:38] To everybody else in any way. So I do still I help I don't show people the why, but my focus is there. And then also, because I'm an entrepreneur and I connected with a lot of top entrepreneurs at the beginning of my journey of starting my business. I have a soft spot for entrepreneurs as well because of that and an understanding of what we go through.

[00:07:56] So there was also this kind of natural for me to [00:08:00] have compassion and then seeing it from that perspective to help entrepreneur.

[00:08:04] Scott Maderer: What do you think are some of the unique challenges that entrepreneurs and executives and fo find that that the biohacking and the work that you do helps them with?

[00:08:17] Helen Mueller: I think that the pressure that we put ourselves under and going through that stages of being so frustrated when we would get stuck, because when we get stuck, It takes time and we we get frustrated and have all those kinds of doubtful feelings. And especially if you're also serious about your mission and your impact, I think sometimes that paralyzes entrepreneurs, because we know what we want to do.

[00:08:46] I don't think that's a problem for. For entrepreneurs, because if they, we know what we want to do, and we know the impact of on track, we just frustrated when we can't get it done as fast as we want to. And we just everything just becomes more and [00:09:00] more, and our time is less. So I think that's like the problem just to manage everything and to manage the time and to prevent burnout and overwhelm.

[00:09:11] That's one of the main things.

[00:09:13] Scott Maderer: So if you had to pick from one technique or tip or a kind of your favorite one or your go-to one what is something that folks that are listening today could maybe take away maybe begin to implement or at least begin to understand why they may want to seek out and work in this area.

[00:09:35] What's one tip that you would. Kind of point people towards, or one starting point

[00:09:41] Helen Mueller: with the biohacks specifically,

[00:09:42] I would say you need to just sit down and feel for w where you gravitate to, because there's a lot of these energy modalities out there there's a lot of things that can help you with these bio-hacks and things. Also, as I say, with products and so you need to fit. I [00:10:00] would say first, which area resonates with you?

[00:10:02] Are you comfortable with energy modalities or are you comfortable with fasting? Maybe some people can't even imagine not eating for a diet, but other people feel okay. Yes. I'm fighting

[00:10:14] Scott Maderer: Americans.

[00:10:15] Helen Mueller: Oh, my friend always tells me we both do a lot of sports thing. And she always tells me hell and I'm like, oh man, I couldn't last beyond. I would be so hard on myself. If I could finish like a three day forced, for example, some people just don't even get through two hours, I would say.

[00:10:32] So if you are, if you're more inclined to those kinds of like healthy things, body things, then maybe fasting is a biohack that you want to start with. Or maybe if you like to try something. There's already a lot of I would say evidence or science behind then maybe EFT tapping. There's a lot of information on EFT tapping.

[00:10:50] Maybe that's an easy one you can start with, then you can teach yourself to do that. And and then if you a little bit more, I would say into [00:11:00] science, then maybe this dinner upgrade that I do, maybe that's something that resonated with you or artificial intelligence because I connect When I talk about gender upgrades, I talk about increasing human intelligence to ID in the positive evolution of artificial intelligence.

[00:11:15] If that's your area of interest because that's where the trends are going now. And maybe that's something. You can look into, so yeah, I would say first sit down and think a guy what's the area, and then start doing some research or reach out to see what's gonna work best for you.

[00:11:31] Scott Maderer: So earlier you mentioned that this whole journey started for you with finding are defining for yourself. What does happiness mean to you? What are you after? And you've made that a life mission of yourself to help educate people on. What happiness can mean or what happiness means.

[00:11:52] So what is it about this that how do you define it? How do you work with people on that? What is it about the happiness [00:12:00] that makes that a mission for you?

[00:12:01] Helen Mueller: That's a good question. I always like answering this as well. And somebody asked me this morning on a call for me, the definition of happiness is knowing who and what you.

[00:12:11] And living from that, knowing it's our natural state, that's my definition of it and why it's so important to me and why I really hamper on this, especially also in business for people is because I feel that's the foundation. And that's why that was the first thing. When I reverse engineered my life, I realized, okay, What do people look for at the end of their life, they want to have that piece.

[00:12:38] They want to have that fulfillment. And it doesn't matter what you've accomplished in business or in life or anything. If you don't have that phase, it's in my eyes it would be like I didn't make it. I didn't know, do the most important thing. So for me personally, and what I help people with is once you have that foundation, then you can build on.

[00:12:59] And you [00:13:00] can always live from that state. So it's that living cause that living makes you find your purpose more easily, or know your purpose more easily that state of happiness knowingness helps you stay focused more on like better decisions. And like it's an anchor. And if you then build from that place, then I feel everything just aligns with.

[00:13:21] It's foundational like a consciousness foundation.

[00:13:25] Scott Maderer: So I've got a few questions that I like to ask all of my guests, but before I go there, is there anything else about happiness or the bio hacks that you really feel like listeners need to take away or maybe we haven't covered fully?

[00:13:39] Helen Mueller: I think we've covered some basic things there.

[00:13:43] I think. I would say, make it a priority if you're not happy. I think it's a question that people don't sit down, always an awesome selves because happiness is such kind of a people say it's this and that. And then I feel because there's so much confusion, people just let it go. There's too much [00:14:00] confusion.

[00:14:00] Am I happy? I'm not happy. Maybe something like napkin. It's. So big for people, but I feel if you put the question out there to whoever you believe in God or source, you put that question out there, you will get the answer, but I feel like everybody needs to sit down and awesome. Solves that question am I happy?

[00:14:21] And then make it a priority, make it your first priority and then build from there and concerning the boy hacks. It is a very The most efficient method to. Advancing to dice life is to use your natural biology because we've been given our body as a gift. And I think it's good to use it and as we've got so much capacity, and I don't feel that in general, people understand how magnificent their bodies.

[00:14:52] Oh all parts of it from the DNI, the bright, everything, the heart, and all these tools that we can use [00:15:00] to. More efficient and be happier because of that. And then also serve others in the process and it's a stewardship.

[00:15:09] Scott Maderer: So that's a moving into that that's, my brand is about stewardship and that's one question that I always like to ask every guest is what is stewardship to you and what is its impact been on your.

[00:15:23] Helen Mueller: Yes. I love this question. Stewardship will be an I'm going to say something in my first language. He says Afrikaans. And when I I was raised Christian and there's the saying is I was thinking about this when I thought about stewardship is Munio. And I don't know the English English Bible, but it's don't bury your talents.

[00:15:46] Bucket if I translated directly. And for me, that is what stewardship is you need to use your talents

[00:15:55] For the greater good. And that's your responsibility and the [00:16:00] impact it has had in my level. What it's meant for me is really when. Came to that place of confidence. And that was after I found that on certain fulfillment when I was 26 and I can't do that place of confidence, knowing that it, wasn't easy for me to express these gifts because it's maybe strange I'm a dinner upgrade specialist and I work with energy and but it's my calling and it's my duty to do that.

[00:16:23] So I feel that's what it meant to me is just that I could embrace that and then have that. Hello, help people in that way.

[00:16:33] Scott Maderer: So let's say I invented a machine magic machine where I could grab you from where you are today. And I could transport you into the future a hundred to 150 years. And you were able to look back on your whole life and the impact that you've left behind.

[00:16:49] What impact do you hope you've left on the world? I hope

[00:16:54] Helen Mueller: wait, when I look back, I would say I would want to have [00:17:00] raised people's awareness and help them to evolve positively. In this lifetime and through the information that I share through the, how I can inspire people, I'm inspiring people.

[00:17:12] It's just to, to make them more aware and plant their seeds because for me, some of the information is may be new, but in pioneering, but I feel one day looking back, I would know that I've planted those seeds. That's the knowledge that I had. That's the information. I had an, if I was just keeping that for myself, I was just selfishly living for myself to use that information or those skills or those gifts.

[00:17:39] Then you know that's not the, that's not the way that I would want to leave this life. I would like to look back and feel like I've contributed that to whoever wants to then develop that further. But it's all for me about positive. Yeah. Positive evolution of humanity. Yeah, I would say that's what I would like to.

[00:17:57] Scott Maderer: So what's coming next [00:18:00] for you. As you continue on this journey, what's on the roadmap.

[00:18:03] Helen Mueller: Now I have the specific interest as I said to increase human intelligence, to identify positive evolution of artificial intelligence. So that's where my stuff steering to now. So just keeping on developing my skill and through the science now I've been studying epigenetics.

[00:18:21] As science developed further, I can then also maybe better. But you're explaining, I don't know, turn the dinner, upgrading to get another level or. Easier for people to maybe do it by themselves. And so yeah, so that's where I'm heading now with that sounds maybe I write another book.

[00:18:41] I'm busy with research as well. So consciousness I'm very interested in consciousness and I've always done research on consciousness. So yeah, that's perhaps also something which I might look into the future. It's just doing something with that. But at the moment that's more kind of a hobby than.

[00:18:59] Then

[00:18:59] [00:19:00] anything

[00:19:00] Helen Mueller: else

[00:19:01] Scott Maderer: you can find out more about Helen on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube as you, me and happiness. She's also got a website where you can find out more about working with her at you, me and Helen, is there anything else you'd like to share with the.

[00:19:17] Helen Mueller: As I always end all of my posts and content of, I always say, be happy, be free.

[00:19:25] And remember, I love you. And I believe in you. I think it's important that people know that other people will believe in them so they can live their dreams and accomplish that.

[00:19:36] Scott Maderer: Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast, as a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen, but act on what you've heard and find a way to live your calling. If you enjoy this episode. Please do us a favor. Go over to inspired [00:20:00] rate.

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For me the definition of happiness is knowing who and what you are and living from that knowing. – Helen Mueller

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