Join us today for an episode about how to know how much money to spend on self-development...

Today's episode is focused on knowing how much to spend when you develop yourself.

In this episode, I talk with you about investing in yourself through stewarding your treasures and being sure what you spend on self-development is well spent.  I talk with  you about how to filter and only spend on things that will benefit you and how much money to actually spend.  I also challenge you to actually see what you spend on self-development and make sure it's not too much, or too little.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How much you should spend on self-development...
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    How to filter out and focus your spending on things that are really important...
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    Challenging you to examine your spending and adjust your spending so you aren't spending too much, or too little on self-development...
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    and more.....

Some of the Resources recommended in this episode: 

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