Join us today for Part 4 of the Interview with Marcus Hall, author of Spiritual Wealth a 40-Day Journey to Developing Stewardship Mindset...

This is Part 4 of the interview I had with speaker, financial advisor, and author Marcus Hall.  

In today’s interview with Marcus Hall, I ask Marcus about leaving a legacy in a godly way.  I also ask him his top principles to make a real dent in the universe.  Marcus also shares some things about what’s next for him and what legacy he hopes to leave behind.

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Episode 791 Impact the World - Interview with Marcus Hall – Part 4
[00:00:00] Scott Maderer: [00:00:00] Thanks for joining us on episode 791 of the inspired stewardship
[00:00:06] Marcus Hall: [00:00:06] podcast. I'm Marcus hall, author of spiritual wealth, a 40 day journey to developing stewardship mindset. I challenge you to invest in yourself and invest in others. Develop your influence and impact the world by using your time, your talent and your treasure to live out your calling.
[00:00:23] Having the ability to steward your resources is key. And one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this, the inspired stewardship podcast with my friend, Scott Mader
[00:00:41] And I hope that I'm using my talents in the way that he wants me to, and to help people better understand his word so that they don't have to live with guilt, anxiety, or fear, and that they're just allowing themselves to live. A joy filled and the content life with him. [00:01:00]
[00:01:00] Scott Maderer: [00:01:00] Welcome. And thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast.
[00:01:05] If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in the inspired stewardship podcast. We'll learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world.
[00:01:35] And today interview with Marcus hall, I asked Marcus about leaving a legacy and a godly way. Also ask him his top principles to make a real dent in the universe. And Marcus also shares some things about what's coming next for him and what legacy he hopes. He leaves behind one reason. I like to bring you great interviews.
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[00:02:40] Marcus hall is an Arthur and Christian financial advisor, helping families create and develop values-based planning, investment and giving strategies. His goal is to help people understand the biblical principles of stewardship, how to apply them to real life. And fulfill God's purpose for their existence.
[00:02:59] He's gained [00:03:00] valuable knowledge on the subject by obtaining the certified kingdom advisor designation and he desires to help people integrate their Christian values into their financial decision-making. Marcus spent the early part of his career as a broadcast journalist and was awarded. Multiple Alabama associated press awards for his anchoring reporting and videography of local high school and college sports events.
[00:03:23] His passion was finding that something special about local athletes, both kids and adults and sharing their stories with his audience. He now uses those same skills honed in the broadcast industry to teach others on the subjects of stewardship. Marcus is married to Christie and has three wonderful daughters.
[00:03:42] Welcome to the show, Marcus
[00:03:44] Marcus Hall: [00:03:44] man. And it's great to be here. Thanks so much for having me Scott,
[00:03:48] Scott Maderer: [00:03:48] when it comes to leaving a legacy that goes down beyond just our own time. How do these stewardship principles allow us to do that in a godly way?
[00:04:01] [00:04:00] Marcus Hall: [00:04:01] If you were living out these principles of. Of how we should be living our lives.
[00:04:06] And part of that includes giving quite honestly. And we've talked about it a little bit with our kids, but I think if we live with the perspective that our legacy starts now, why in the world, what I want to wait until I am dead and gone and not be able to see any of the things that God wants me to experience.
[00:04:27] And being able to give of my time or my money or my efforts or education or whatever the case may be enjoy. I want to enjoy the blessing of giving and I want others to enjoy the blessing of being able to give to someone else in some way, shape or form that comes in all different shapes and sizes. And I think it really allows us to start focusing on those.
[00:04:52] When it comes to the family perspective, it allows us to focus on the next stewards and to really start preparing them for what they're going to need to know for what my [00:05:00] kids need to know what my girls need to know along the way for my wife and I to enjoy doing things together. I think another way to bring in the family is to be able to do things from a family perspective where you can bring in your children even at a later age and that while in the world, wait until you are not here anymore.
[00:05:15] When you can start giving some of that away now and it, and having them enjoy doing that with you and experiencing something that God has in store for you that you'd just be missing out on. If you weren't doing it.
[00:05:29] Scott Maderer: [00:05:29] So now we're going to ask some of the easy questions. Everything we've been doing all the other weeks have all been the hard ones. So now we're going ask the easy ones, right? So if somebody really wants to make a dent in the universe, they want to make an impact on the world for God, for the kingdom.
[00:05:44] What are some of the top principles that you think that they need to focus on? They need to learn. They need to understand, to be able to do that.
[00:05:54] Marcus Hall: [00:05:54] I think that you have to understand just like we talked about previously. And that God is never [00:06:00] going to ask you to do something that he didn't give you the ability to give or to do in the first place.
[00:06:07] I think you need to understand first, we all need to understand that we are all a part of this process. Sometimes we want to leave the ministry to our pastors and to our youth directors and to our church staff. When we are all meant to be a part of this process, God has w we talk about the family of believers and how we work together as different body parts.
[00:06:26] I love that analogy that he uses and that it takes every part of the body working together to fully show the kingdom, the love of God. And if you don't know where exactly that is right now, like I said, previously, just start serving. Just figuring out along the way of nothing else. If you're not doing anything and you're just paralyzed by fear or paralyzed by unknown, get at, get to your church and ask where you are needed.
[00:06:52] And trust me, you'll figure it out really quickly. It's a situation you don't need to be in. They might even ask you to quit serving there and arrange you to go serve somewhere else. [00:07:00] But if you have trouble figuring that out with your relationship with him, just get started doing something because your passion and what the gifts that he's given to you, I believe will be unveiled you're in that process.
[00:07:10] And here's another thing that, that I think is important to remember is that we are doing these things for an audience of one. We are not doing these things for everybody else's approval. And for everybody else to look at us and to say, man, that was a great job. And listen, I brought in ego. I have been in TV.
[00:07:28] Okay. In the past a lot of what I do, I'm recognizable and have been in the city that I'm in kind of a smaller panel. 44 years now of my life. I deal with that song and I have to remember that God wants me to do things for him and not for others approval because the Bible tells us if we're doing it for other's approval and you get the standee.
[00:07:49] No. And that's all you're looking for. That's all you're going to get. That's your blessing. It's not going to come from God. Your blessing came from man, because that's what you were looking for. If our heart is not [00:08:00] focused in our prerogative is not pleasing him. Nobody else may notice what you're doing here on earth.
[00:08:05] If you're giving anonymously, try that, try giving anonymously and experience that and see what happens there and know that your God sees you, whether somebody else does or not. And I go back to the example of, when we talk about the body of believers working together, in a church, setting those in the choir or praise team or the staff, the preacher, there are the more visible people.
[00:08:27] In the church. And a lot of times we think they have more important roles in the church than somebody else. But do you know that the custodial staff at that church or the ladies or the men who keep kids in the nursery who never get seen by anybody on that wing, other than those that have small children are just as big of a part of that process as those pastors are.
[00:08:50] And as the, and as everybody else is on that stage, Because they're all allowing the church to provide its function and to function as it should over time. And I [00:09:00] think, I don't want you to believe that something God is calling you to do is insignificant because it's not God isn't looking at God. Doesn't look at things the way that we look at things, we don't look and go, well, that's not as important as something else.
[00:09:11] God says, that's what I've equipped you to do. That's what I've asked you to do. That's just as important as this pastor leading the congregation of 3000 people over here, because that's what I've asked you to do. Your gifts have a great value to God because he gave them to you. He designed you and equipped you to do what you're doing right now.
[00:09:29] And one day you're going to have to present them back to him. Are you prepared to be able to say, God, you gave me this gift. You gave me this ability that I use it in the best way possible for you and for your kingdom purpose and not just for my game. And I think we'll go back to something we said, kind of at the forefront of all, this is simply surrender yourself.
[00:09:48] Your selfish, motives your pride, everything about you. You just have to lay down in his feet, go get rid of this stuff. Let me just be concerned with what you want for me. And when you start doing that, man, [00:10:00] you live by those principles. You've had a lot of things, lik none of us are perfect in those areas, but I think if you start living, trying to live out those principles and trying to live out those ideas there you're on a path to success, not by a worldly standard, but you're on a path to success in God's eyes.
[00:10:16] Scott Maderer: [00:10:16] So Mark, if you could travel into the far future and you had a chance to look back on your life, what impact do you hope that you've had on the world?
[00:10:28] Marcus Hall: [00:10:28] Something has continued to come to mind over the past few months and it, for the first time in my life, I feel like that my career, a personal life and spiritual life for all kind of traveled to the same funnel, that's a pretty cool feeling.
[00:10:44] I've never had that alignment. Before. And the one thing that I see that keeps coming back up is from an education standpoint, we talked about it a little bit from a client perspective, right? Trying to help teach them about principles that help them save, help them and help them pay off, bills, whatever and [00:11:00] debt.
[00:11:00] There to my men's class at church, there's the education there of me leading them. And I'm no smarter than the guys in there, but I think God has given me the ability to take some hard to understand principles of the Bible. And how do we understand in first teams? How that how does it, how does that come to us to allow us to live better tomorrow as a Christian?
[00:11:19] I think he's given me a neat way of being able to convey those things to folks to say, this is how this applies to you. And I think the same thing with this book and that I'm hoping that I'm using my gifts, and I hope that I'm using my talents in the way that he wants me to, and to help people better understand his word so that they don't have to live with guilt and anxiety.
[00:11:40] Or fear and that they're just allowing themselves to live a joy field and a content life with him. I tell my guys in the class every week that if there's 20 of us in there, none of us were at the same place. My spiritual maturity level. We're all in different places. Some of us have been Christians for 30 years.
[00:11:58] Some have been Christians for a few [00:12:00] months or a few weeks. We're not in the same places. My goal is that if I've had time with you in that setting or just around you, I am hoping that whatever it is we're trying to achieve, we've all taken one more step closer to him during the day. And if I can be a part of that's again, using my God, given resources for God, given purpose of bringing somebody closer to him, which is what this is all about.
[00:12:24] Scott Maderer: [00:12:24] So what's coming next. As you continue to live out your journey living at your call with the book, with other things, what's next on this
[00:12:32] Marcus Hall: [00:12:32] path? I told you earlier, I don't really know. And I'm kind of excited about that because it just it is. I mean, there are opportunities starting to just kind of open up and some leadership positions and being able to, just to see where this leads quite honestly, because I love being able to have conversations like this with folks like you.
[00:12:51] And in the process that helps me get the book in front of more people to hopefully help them learn more about stewardship as well. I hope that I continue to use my business as a [00:13:00] ministry, which I am trying to do more of. And actually at this point, even getting into for the first time, really moving into using more biblical, responsive responsible investments as well, and allowing that as an opportunity for folks just trying to align what God wants me to do more and more.
[00:13:17] Into my work into the minister, which I think works a part of that in my career with clients, but also through whatever this book thing, whatever spiritual wealth is going to take me to, and the stewardship mindset, I don't know where that's going to lead, but I would love to be in front of folks and being able to talk to folks about that on a larger scale, if possible, what else?
[00:13:42] Scott Maderer: [00:13:42] Follow Marcus on Facebook and Instagram as at stewardship Arthur, or find him on his He's also over on LinkedIn as Marcus hall, all of course have links to all of these in the show notes as well. Marcus, is there anything else you'd [00:14:00] like to share with
[00:14:00] Marcus Hall: [00:14:00] the listener? I hope that what you take from the conversations we're having.
[00:14:05] And if you're listening to Scott's podcast and stewardship must be an important topic in your life I just want you to be able to know, Hey, this is an important thing that we need to look at daily in our lives to make sure that we are aligning ourselves with the mind of Christ, that we are living the life that he wants us to live, and that we are growing one step closer to him each and every day.
[00:14:30] Scott Maderer: [00:14:30] thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast as a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen, but act on what you've heard and find a way to live your calling. If you enjoy this episode. Please do us a favor. Go over to inspired rate.
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In today's episode, I ask Marcus about:

  • Leaving a legacy in a godly way... 
  • His top principles to make a real dent in the universe...
  • Some things about what’s next for him and what legacy he hopes to leave behind...
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I hope that I am helping people better understand God's word so that they don't have to live with guilt, or anxiety or fear. - Marcus Hall

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