Join us today for Part 2 of the Interview with Kristin and Jeffrey Ingram, host of the Small Biz Life Podcast...

This is Part 1 of the interview I had with Kristin and Jeffrey Ingram. Kristin and Jeffery are a husband and wife team.  They’ve been married 16 years and running a business together for the last two and a half years, called “The Small Biz Life.” Kristin is also a successful CPA  and Jeffrey is a IT specialist and fantasy writer. They have a podcast they do together called “The Small Biz Life” and membership site called small biz HQ focused on helping small business owners effectively take control of their business so that they can succeed in business, but even more in life.  They know that small business owners often struggle with feeling like they are all alone and they started a community to bring them together and provide community, tools, and structure that facilitates success.

Kristin and Jeffrey are friends of mine and gurus when it comes to being successful in small business.  They've managed to found a tribe of small business owners dedicated to investing in themselves, investing in others, developing their influence, and impacting the world.  Perfect for the Inspired Stewardship podcast. 

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In today's episode, I ask Kristin and Jeff about:

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    Specific advice about investing in your spouse, especially when you work together...
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    Niching down to find your ideal customer...
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    Providing value for your ideal customer by serving them well...
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    and more.....

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People tend to criticize their spouse most loudly in the area where they themselves have the deepest emotional need. - Gary Chapman

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