Join us today for Part 1 of the Interview with Matt & Jocelyn Woodrum, host of the Family Life Movement Podcast...

This is Part 1 of the interview I had with Jocelyn and Matt (and a guest appearance by their youngest daughter) about family and business. 

In today’s interview with Matt & Jocelyn Woodrum from the Family Life Movement podcast, I ask them about creating a business while still having a busy active family.  Matt and Jocelyn share some of their best advice about starting a business when times are crazy.  We also talk about running a business on the side while still working full time and raising a family and how to juggle all those things.

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00:00:00 thanks for joining me on Episode 5 96 of the inspired Stewardship podcast I met and I'm John Flynn from the family life movement Pockets. We challenge you to find a way to balance your work and your family. And one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this. The inspired stewardship podcast by my friend Scott Major. Very much trying to understand. Thanks, brother. Your spouse's point of view, trying to make sure that Johnson gets a couple of times a week where she can come into the bedroom where she could sleep.
00:00:46 She doesn't get and coming here. Just read a book for, you know, 30 60 minutes. Welcome and thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in. The inspired Searchie podcast will learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world. In today's interview with Matt and Jocelyn Wood,
00:01:30 room from the Family Life Movement podcast, I asked them about creating a business while still having a busy, active family. Matt and Jocelyn share some of their best advice, and resource is to start a business when times were crazy. And we also talk about running a business on the side while one of you still working full time and you're raising a family and how you can possibly juggle all those things. One reason I like to bring you great interviews like the one you're gonna here today is because of the power in learning from others.
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00:02:42 The same way you're listening to this podcast. Matt and Jocelyn would roam, have been married for 12 years and have three beautiful daughters. And really, they are. And later on, you'll hear about their Facebook page. You see pictures of the kiddos on there all the time, and and they are cuties. They enjoy traveling while jostling continues to work. Is a speech language pathologist. And yes, she's still working. Even right now, during this time of Cove in 19 and they constantly move, they move locations every few months.
00:03:14 I I joke that every time I talk to Matt, they're in a different house. Um S O mat is at home with the girls home schooling, and at the same time, they're trying to tryingto ballots, creating a business and, of course, maintaining their own household. Together, they host a podcast called The Family Life Movement. I've been a guest on there that's focused on creating a community of family focused entrepreneurs who build profitable businesses that allow them to have a business without sacrificing their kids or their family.
00:03:48 Welcome to the show. Mattan. Jocelyn. Thanks for having us. Thanks. We're excited to be here. Absolutely. It's It's great to have you all on. I was honored to be on your show. Ah, a few a few months ago. Now, I guess. Ah and you have been rolling those episodes out there Really great. Of course I'll have links to euros Podcasts as well in the show notes over it at the site. So as we kind of get started, I mean, let's start there.
00:04:12 You have started this thing called the Family Life movement. At the same time, you both have a busy, active family. Ah, you're trying to start a business. You're trying to be entrepreneurial. You're working on all of these different things. So when you talk about the family life movement, you know, and how people want to have a business and still have their family still have their life, what would each of you say is the key focus for individuals so that they can kind of balance those two desires.
00:04:44 I think that people really need Teoh have their priorities and values nail down. Um, because if you you know, if you look a anybody's calendar or time logs, if you kept the time log you're gonna get, you're gonna figure out quickly what their priorities are, and if they're not what they want them to be, something's off balance right off the bat. Um, so that's that's probably my biggest, biggest thought. I would just add to that that communication is is huge. So I'm going right along for Jocelyn said,
00:05:20 with priorities and stuff like that. Jocelyn are huge believers. We have faith and and S O God is our number one are number 20 are my number two? Is my relationship with my wife If my relationship with God sun up our than my relationship with my wife is not up to par. Number three. Yes, three. Not two. Not one Aziz, my three girls might my three incredible daughters on.
00:05:48 And that's several different reasons for that. Our relationship is the measuring stick in which they're going to judge any and every guy that they come in contact with.
00:05:59 But the other big key that I would say the balance has been communication. Asim Jocelyn is working during this time as she is,
00:06:08 you know, working the anywhere from 6 to 10 hour days. It's important for her to communicate to me exactly what's going on in her schedule.
00:06:19 How things are going, what part of the business she's wanting to take, take part in how she's editing episodes and what my role,
00:06:29 you know, as her husband and and as her supporter, I need to be. So I would say like the biggest thing.
00:06:35 And it works vice versa as well. So if there's business stuff that you know, I need Jocelyn to do or,
00:06:42 you know she needs to listen to something that I need to make sure that I'm communicating and I'm not saying I do any of this perfectly by any stretch of the imagination.
00:06:50 But it's something that I'm learning as I'm going through this journey that, hey, I can't tell Jocelyn who's working a 10 hour day.
00:06:59 Hey, we need to guess and podcast notes done, you know? So I need to communicate and continue to improve on that eso just a communication with family.
00:07:10 And then I think Dawson was right. Only it comes to priorities. Awesome. Yeah, And I think you know,
00:07:18 the funny thing is whether you're trying to start a business, whether you're actually just working in a career,
00:07:24 those two things pretty much apply. You know, If you are going to get a job communicating and you're not doing a good job identifying what your priorities and values are and actually paying attention to him,
00:07:38 you're probably going to struggle when it comes to career and family. Or when it comes to starting a business and family or when it comes to whatever.
00:07:46 Yeah, exactly. Yeah, so right now I mean again, We're recording this in the midst of of Cove in 19 and social distancing and,
00:07:57 you know, wash your hands, don't touch your face. You know all of those wonderful things that are going on.
00:08:04 And so if you're thinking about starting a business like right now, you know, in a cane time like this where it's crazy,
00:08:10 most people would be a little intimidated by that. I mean, I've heard people you know I work is a business coach.
00:08:16 I work with people that are trying to start businesses. Right now, people are like, No, no,
00:08:20 it's a horrible time. Talk about whether we agree with that or not in a minute, But so if somebody wanted to start about thinking of business right now,
00:08:28 when times were crazy, what would you say? to him, I would start out saying, um,
00:08:37 when is that ever a perfect time? Key thing? Um, life is always crazy, especially kids.
00:08:44 Um, you know, every age is a different stage and has a different chaos that it brings with it.
00:08:52 Um, we started this whole family left movement thing with an infant. That's not perfect timing. I'm you know,
00:08:59 I was dealing with not getting enough sleep. Um, and the demands of infant, Um, Matt was sleeping on the couch because the baby wouldn't let me go to sleep.
00:09:10 She wouldn't let me. She wouldn't sleep unless she was, like, on top of me. So,
00:09:13 you know, um, this whole Kobe 19 stuff is stressful. Yes. Um, we're in a different routine,
00:09:23 and that's really challenging for a lot of people. But keep in mind, life is always crazy. And we don't know what things are gonna look like at the end of this either.
00:09:31 Um now is better than never. I would say like now is almost a perfect time to start a business.
00:09:40 And when you look at different slumps in the economy, there have been so many businesses that have grown incredibly when they have started and,
00:09:53 yes, economic slump times you know I will also mention and you know, in continuing Johnson's thought process is that building a business is a lot like climbing Mount Everest on.
00:10:05 There are struggles. There is going to be struggles the entire walk up. You don't get to a certain point and go,
00:10:12 Wow, I've got it. If you ever get to that point, then you need to re evaluate where you're at.
00:10:17 If you started a business when economic times are good, then what happens when somebody loses a job? What happens when you know your kids need you?
00:10:26 What happens when your parents teach you in and different things like that? So there is always going to be those Those difficult times is difficult situations where it's really easy to use as an excuse to stop from one accomplishing your goals in your dreams.
00:10:42 We're on the flip side, I would say Now is a perfect time to start a business to start going after your goals in your dreams.
00:10:48 Why? Because what happens when Jocelyn is no longer considered essential? You know we lose out on her income Well,
00:10:57 if I've already started and I'm already getting people and I'm impacting people and I'm helping people because that's what it's really about.
00:11:04 It's not about the money. It's not about sitting here and wanting to make 100 or a $1,000,000,000 stuff like that.
00:11:11 But if I'm already making the impact and helping people and that incomes coming in, then when that mess happens where Dawson loses her job,
00:11:20 for whatever reason, then we've got the financial resource is to fall back home. So it's not about Hey,
00:11:27 there's something horrible happening, Let's and let's wait until the perfect time there, that time we never happened.
00:11:33 But instead, I believe it's preparing us for those really difficult times when things were happening. When heaven forbid something happens to one of our kids and we're in the hospital for a couple of days or a couple weeks,
00:11:47 I believe that is preparing ourselves. And now is why that's the opportunity time it's preparing ourselves for when something bigger comes flying kind of in our face and it catches us off guard were not prepared.
00:11:59 You know, financially for the entire country completely shut down or you know what happens when Cove it comes back.
00:12:06 You know, there's a lot of different viruses that are out that there's no stop all b o in,
00:12:13 you know, we have the flu that comes out, you know, every year. So what happens when this comes back?
00:12:19 Well, we can continue to make excuses and, you know, let life hit us and knock us back.
00:12:25 Or we can prepare for the next time. That way we can be in a spot or we don't have to worry.
00:12:32 Yeah, I I'm gonna bounce off of that a little bit and add, you know if if right now isn't the right time for you,
00:12:39 for riel, you know, for some reason. Okay, fine. But then the question is So what are you doing right now to make it?
00:12:47 Where will be the right time, Right? A supposed to Hey, it's not the right time. Do nothing.
00:12:54 There's there's other things you can be doing in that medium time cause you're right. There are times that,
00:12:59 you know. Yeah. If you have a family member of the hospital, now is not the time way.
00:13:05 Still be something you can do to start thinking about it? Start laying the groundwork to start getting prepared.
00:13:12 Um, you know, for and and you know, again right now, if your business was running on a knife's edge,
00:13:20 you may have a hard time staying open today. Yeah, you know, I think what you know,
00:13:26 if if you're not in a place where you can sit here, you could spend 10 15 20 hours on business and working on things,
00:13:33 then I like that. So Jocelyn works right now 30 40 50 hours a week, depending on the days.
00:13:41 And she's working 10 hour days, and one of the things that she really tries to go out of the way toe work on is her mindset.
00:13:48 So she's listening to Earl Nightingale. She's looking audiobook. She's pouring into herself that way. When she does have that time,
00:13:56 she can hit the ground running. When it comes to business and, you know, doing different podcast.
00:14:00 It's so she's preparing her mind for the future. So talking about that, you know the listing of the podcasts and this sort of thing.
00:14:12 Can you share a couple of the top resource is tools. This could be a book. This could be a podcast.
00:14:19 This could be whatever. Um that folks can use to kind of do that to start investing in themselves.
00:14:25 Now, if down the road, they do want to start their own business. Okay, so I'm cheap.
00:14:31 I don't buy books. I use the library. And yes, libraries are closed. Right now, I use Libby or Overdrive,
00:14:39 which has free books through my library. Ah, who? PLO. And I'm listening to a lot of audiobooks right now.
00:14:46 Um, podcasts are also free. There's a lot of podcasts out there. Um, Facebook groups Webinars,
00:14:54 you know, fine. Get connected in those things. That are things that help you fill your mind with positive things.
00:15:03 Right now we need that positivity. We don't need that, um, negative things. Yeah, there's some Osman.
00:15:12 Incredible resource is And there's a couple different courses that we have taken. One of the courses that I'm currently going through is called K B B Knowledge business Blueprint.
00:15:21 I also listen to a podcast called The Wally Show. It's a Christian podcast, which is all about mindset me and really being authentic.
00:15:30 Um, there's the Tony Robbins podcast. That's great. For when I'm working out. When I need encourage when I need,
00:15:37 you know, that extra push when I need that extra boost. And so there's There's a lot of really great podcasts of podcasts.
00:15:45 Recently just found a za podcast called That George uh, Ryan show are Mind of George Podcasts. It's a new podcast,
00:15:59 just came on and it's 10 15 minute episodes, 10 for Tim Fares. So, like it depends on what your goals are and what you want to accomplish on order,
00:16:11 Teoh. And is it We were to run a family life. Furio. It's half the fun of it,
00:16:20 so but yes, so it depends on what it is. Uh, exactly that you you want in the resource that there's some incredible resource is out there that can continue to pour into your mind.
00:16:31 So right now, um, as we talked about in the intro, you're still in that stage of business growth where one of you is working full time in a workplace.
00:16:40 The other one is full. Time is apparent in y'all's case. Matt, you stay home just on your working.
00:16:47 And a lot of folks kind of when they first start, are at that stage where there's still someone you know.
00:16:52 One of the spouses is earning a quote, regular income, paycheck kind of job, and the other one is trying to get the business started and take care of the family raise.
00:17:03 Kids do all of that stuff, you know, be be taxi driver, all of the other things that comes with having a family.
00:17:11 So what are some of the most important lessons that you've learned? Ah, that you would share with somebody else who's at that stage?
00:17:21 Uh, communication is huge and critical. I think that it's probably true of any stage when I feel like at this stage it's very,
00:17:29 very important for us as well. Um, I also feel that allowing each other to have a little bit of meat time or self care time is also really important.
00:17:41 Um, Mats me time is like getting out of the house and going to movies. Just not. I try to let him run away,
00:17:50 you know, once once every two months or something like that for a weekend where he could get out of the house,
00:17:55 you away from the kids cause he's like, I need to get away from people, um, little people and I I I'm on the other other end of that spectrum.
00:18:06 I need me time. I need alone time. Quiet time to basically just just sit and read like I fill up with reading and audiobooks.
00:18:15 Great. Don't quite fill that need in the same way for May. So, um, because I know I mentioned audiobooks earlier.
00:18:22 Um, so just knowing our own means for self care is really important On the weekends, we try to alternate on who gets to sleep in,
00:18:31 um so that we both get that feel like we're getting that, um And then we trying to make time for each other as well.
00:18:38 Just the two of us adults. Um, and that's sometimes really challenging, especially with their travel situation.
00:18:45 It's hard to find baby sitters for that situation, but I would say trying to see the sea things from the other person's perspective.
00:18:53 Uh, because as a stay at home parent is really easy for me to, uh, to see and go Oh,
00:19:00 why say was crazier. You know, one of our kids was acting up and stuff like that and see that it and this is easily,
00:19:08 sometimes still working through. But Johnson has a 30 minute drive to work and 30 minutes drive home. And so from my perspective,
00:19:16 it would be really easy to stay here and say, Hey, you know what you've had an hour of dr were You know,
00:19:24 you could, uh, you know, enjoy time and stuff like that to yourself. But that time's not relaxed.
00:19:30 He for she doesn't have time to go pick up a book she doesn't have timeto, you know, kind of breathe and stuff like that,
00:19:37 you know? Yes, that Dr Times is a little bit of unwinding, but it's not understanding her personality type and how she gets put up a tw the same time.
00:19:48 From her perspective, she's been working with clients Oday and people. Would people not me real happy and anxious and full emotions and stuff like that?
00:19:59 It would be really easy for her to come home and say, Oh, wow, man, even home all day you haven't really done a little.
00:20:05 And so I think, one of the things that we've really both, you know. And it's still a work in progress and working on.
00:20:12 But it's very much trying to understand that thanks for other people. You are spouses point of view, trying to make sure that Joss son gets a couple of times a week where she can come into the bedroom where she could sleep in.
00:20:26 But she doesn't get toe and come here. Just read a book for 30 60 minutes. Ah, and you know,
00:20:34 like she says, you know, allow me to get out of the house or allow me to go and and hang out and be in fellowship with other adults Has an extroverted this time,
00:20:44 and Cortina is driving me a little crazy. Um, but it's really awesome and powerful having a wife behind me,
00:20:54 knowing that, understanding that and so just seeing things from other people's perspective or seeing things from our spouses perspectives.
00:21:05 You can find out more about the family life movement over it. Family life movement dot com and you can find that community over on Facebook at facebook dot com slash groups.
00:21:16 Family Life Movement. You can find all of the social media links and all of that stuff over on the website as well as that great free downloads.
00:21:23 So thanks for much for so much for coming on the show today. Oh, yeah, a lot of fun.
00:21:28 Thanks for having us great fun. Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship Podcast. As a subscriber and listener,
00:21:45 we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen. But act on what you've heard and find a way toe Live your calling.
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In today's episode, I ask Matt and Jocelyn about:

  • Creating a business while still having a busy active family...
  • Their best advice about starting a business when times are crazy...
  • Running a business on the side while still working full time and raising a family and how to juggle all those things...
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Trying to understand from our spouses point of view is key.  - Matt Woodrum

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