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Episode 591: {Rebroadcast} Impact the World – Interview with Darryl Lyons Author of “18 to 80” – Part 4

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Join us today for Part 1 of the Interview with Darryl Lyons, author of "18 to 80" and co-owner of PAX Financial...

This is Part 4 of the interview I had with speaker, author, and small business owner Darryl Lyons.   

In today’s interview with Darryl Lyons about impacting the world, Darryl talks with you about how your views about money are influenced by culture and that can lead to money problems.  Darryl shares with you some of his top tips to make an impact on the world.  Darryl and I also talk about what he hopes his legacy to be and lots more…

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00:00:00 Thanks for joining me on Episode 5 91 A special rebroadcast of Episode 2 56 with Darryl Lions brought to you because of these uncertain times and Darryl's take on investing and looking for the future, it's fresh and different, and I wanted everyone to have a chance to hear it again. Thing. Only 13% of their investments. Road is is selecting the right stocks, market timing and something that we have something we call asset allocation. Only that only 13% of results, the other 87% is our behavior and the decisions that we make.
00:00:45 And so, if decisions that we make a rooted in the love of money, Welcome and thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in. The inspired sturgeon podcast will learn to invest in yourself, invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the world. In today's interview with Darryl Lions about impacting the world,
00:01:25 Darrell talks with you about how your views about money are influenced by culture and how that can lead to money problems. He shared some of his top tips to make an impact. Darryl shares what he hopes his legacy will be and lots more. One reason I like to bring you great interviews like the one you're gonna here today is because of the power in learning from others. Another great way to learn from others is through reading books. But if you're like most people today, you find it hard to find the time to sit down and read.
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00:02:35 Darryl Lions knows what it means to run a business and to live in the middle class. Now he's ready to help you achieve the dream of financial freedom so you can enjoy life. Darryl San Antonio, Texas, company Packs Financial Group is a Inc 5000 fastest growing company and the best place to work. They're also a company that I work with. His work and his passion have allowed Daryl Toe also give back to his community, earning him the praise of the likes of Dave Ramsey and San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro.
00:03:12 Darryl also helped establish a Eurasia Award called The David Robinson Award that recognizes an athlete in Eurasia who shows character an athletic excellence. And Daryl's latest mission is to help redefine retirement, where we no longer think of retiring but rather pivot into the next chapter of life with purpose. This idea is rooted in thousands of one on one conversations with people about money and the study of behavioral finance. Welcome to the show, Darryl. Thank you for having me. I'm I'm excited to have a conversation with you. Absolutely.
00:03:51 And just to clarify when I said I work with packs, I'm one of y'all's clients, so I appreciate you coming on as a guest. Ah, as opposed to just talking to you like I do occasionally as a client to you have some unique insight, don't you? Yeah. I've seen both sides of your business, which which helps, if you've ever heard the expression that money is the root of all evil. And, you know, we've talked about this before on the podcast and how that really isn't accurate.
00:04:21 That's not what the Bible says. So, Darryl, can you talk about what you've seen from the many people you've worked with in terms of how they view their money and how they treat it? Yeah, so we know that it's the love of money That's the root of all evil. And I, uh, I first learned that an undergraduate and, um my my finance professor shared that with me and I I was blown away. I didn't realize it was the love of money. I thought it was The money was three.
00:04:50 Well, evil, you know, it really was refreshing to me. I think that was actually maybe a pinnacle point where I said, Okay, it's not just money. That means that I can learn about money and not feel bad. about it, and I always thought that might be a problem.
00:05:04 But the love of money is the root of all evil. And I'm really sad to see that that to be true in our culture today.
00:05:16 No, no, not only in the secular culture but the Christian culture. Just the other day. Goodness,
00:05:22 I had a client that got a divorce and, uh, you know, our conversations in over and over again were rooted in their ambition for wealth and the toys that they were buying.
00:05:37 And as much as I tried to tell them that wasn't wait, it was about just never, never translated.
00:05:45 And and that happens over and over again. Where it's it's Suddenly Dino, they might not ever say,
00:05:51 Hey, I love money, But the their identity was in their vehicles and and the stuff they had and status that they had and as a result of just that being the focus in the drive,
00:06:07 which is insatiable. I mean, it's a it's that it's that part in your back that you can't scratch its means that one itch that you just can't get to,
00:06:19 it's impossible to get there, and when you see it you see it? Because people, um you know,
00:06:26 First Fall and I'm talking financial, intimate financial settings. I can see that the conversations where are the enthusiasm and the joy is rooted in the stuff that they have in the Net worth.
00:06:37 None of that's bad, but But when you see the joy and the enthusiasm rooted there and the giving it to others that are hurting and hungry is so my new and not really important that can tell a lot about a person by where they spend money.
00:06:52 Um, we know that, um, where your heart is, so is your treasure and your treasure in your heart.
00:07:00 And so when I see people not giving, uh, consistently, you can't help but wonder where their heart is,
00:07:09 and the end result is usually destruction. I've just seen it over and over again, and that's divorce or or Children issues or anxiety and worry.
00:07:20 In fact, there's a study done by the University of Notre Day, and it clearly said those that gave those that gave 10% had less depression.
00:07:33 So it's not just a, you know, a spiritual thing, but God has uniquely wired us to be givers There's another study done where they gave a ton of money to a bunch of people.
00:07:44 It was $20 bills to a bunch of people in, and they said This group people Group A, you spend it on yourself and Group B,
00:07:51 you go give it out to somebody else. Then they surveyed him when they came back, and those that gave were clearly more happy.
00:07:59 And so it is not just a spiritually thing, even though it is all a spiritually thing when you look at it from a lens,
00:08:06 Christian. But if you're not a Christian and you Pierre, secular science is proving over and over again that those people who love money that failed to give consistently,
00:08:20 substantially and systematically they have more anxiety and depression than those in this that or have less. Those that give those,
00:08:28 let me say this way. Does that give consistently have less anxiety and depression and those that don't And so the love of money is not just a Christian theology anymore.
00:08:43 It's a secular thing, and so we've got it. We've got to get this thing down because our country were anxious and were restless,
00:08:50 and I believe it's it's rooted in are in the way we approach money. Long answered a short question,
00:08:55 but very important. What? No, but it's Yeah, very important one. And you know, I actually have a background in science.
00:09:02 I have a couple of degrees in science background, MBA, business, college all of this sort of stuff.
00:09:09 And it's funny because I had left the church for a number of years on and folks on the podcast have heard some of my story before.
00:09:17 But when I came back to the church, what was interesting is I discovered that all of this stuff that I'd learned in science and studying all of the human behavior and mine said,
00:09:27 and all of this things it was actually already in the Bible, and I was just not seeing it.
00:09:32 If that makes sense, you know, there's so much wisdom in the Bible if you actually just read it and look for it well,
00:09:39 it it really is. So when we study behavioral finance, uh, it is the study behavioral finance and the word of God or just It's a beautiful intersection,
00:09:51 and that's probably one of the reasons that I've enjoyed it so much. what happens in behavioral finance, which is the study of psychology,
00:09:59 neuroscience, traditional finances. What we found is when it comes to somebody's invest, investment results or even their growth of their network,
00:10:07 only 13% of the their investments growth is is selecting the right stocks, market timing and something called We have something we call asset allocation only that's only 13% of results.
00:10:22 The other 87% is our behavior and the decisions that we made. And so if decisions that we make a rooted in the love of money,
00:10:31 we're gonna run into a lot of problems. And we've seen that in our human history. And we see it in the word of God and to your points that we see it in science.
00:10:42 If someone really wants to make a dent in the universe, what are the top two or three principles that people need to learn to do this?
00:10:53 Yeah, So, um, I really enjoy. And we talk about this on one of the earlier segments,
00:11:01 but I really enjoy Larry Bositis framework for leadership, and, uh, his book was execution. The Arctic getting things done.
00:11:12 Um, but the the idea is that We have a self awareness of what we're good at, What we're not good at.
00:11:23 And I personally struggle with that. I wanted to be good at something and I wasn't And the easiest example and give you a school.
00:11:32 Um, I just I didn't just not a golfer. And so I think that, you know, that self awareness says okay,
00:11:38 that's not for me, but that something else is for me. And I think, you know, just having that self awareness that allows you to play a role in in our world,
00:11:46 um, much faster than trying to fumble through with things that you're not and then and then living those out so that the X component of that would be authenticity.
00:11:55 So Larry Bossidy would suggest you once you once you have your self awareness, then living that out authentically.
00:12:03 Um, you're saying that this is who I am, and I'm comfortable with that, and I'm gonna live live in that.
00:12:09 Then the third element of that is self mastery, saying, you know, I've got this. I'm gonna really work hard and being really good at this,
00:12:15 and we talked about public speaking and no, it be public speaking, or it could be a trade.
00:12:21 Something that you're really good at. And you just work on getting better and better. Better that trade.
00:12:26 And then the final one, which is really one of the hardest ones. And really, I find it very difficult.
00:12:31 Independent of Christ is humility and celery. Basti would suggest this is the framework of true leadership is self awareness.
00:12:39 Um, authenticity, self mastery, and then humility when you have mastered something. And so, uh,
00:12:46 pressing into that framework really, uh, allows us to play the role that were called to play in the world and make a dent in this world.
00:13:00 Darryl, if you could travel into the far future maybe 50 100 150 years and you were looking back on your life,
00:13:10 what impact do you hope you've had on the world? Yeah. Good question. Um, there's a couple ways to answer this.
00:13:21 First of all, I have a personal mission statement to help others believe in a bigger life and so that I'm gonna go to the extreme on this.
00:13:31 There's two things to, uh to consider. One is survival. You know, my grandfather hey, died.
00:13:41 Uh um Self inflicted um And you know, when I went to go visit his grave, he was such an embarrassment to the community that they didn't even give him a tombstone.
00:13:55 And and that was in the city of San Diego. And so my mom, uh, years, this is years later,
00:14:03 she went and got him a tombstone. Now, just so you know, his his last name was Lions.
00:14:09 And if you do a little research in San Diego, one of the founders of San Diego was George Lyon.
00:14:14 So there's a very prominent family, and, um and so if I could play a role and people avoiding that kind of despair because if I think about it today,
00:14:27 I've told my wife this if my grandpa were around, he'd be very proud of, You know what I mean?
00:14:32 And so he made a permanent decision to a temporary problem. And so I really I really want to be ableto help people push through life in all of its muck because God sometimes is doing generational stuff,
00:14:51 and we're just struggling through this thing. And I want people to hang in there a little longer because we don't know what God was doing.
00:14:59 And so if I played a role in people hanging in there a little longer, I played a pretty good roll.
00:15:04 The other thing is, if I get to heaven and I and I, you know, I'm a numbers guy and I look at the Bible and I often see numbers.
00:15:14 Now it's sometimes we can worship numbers and not gods. We gotta be careful with that. But I see a guy that also measures the temple.
00:15:20 And But if I see that, hate that I had an opportunity, uh, t to bring people to Christ.
00:15:28 That would be pretty cool for me. Um, and however I did that, what capacity that would be,
00:15:34 That would be a big win. So I think those two things begin. My mission statement is to help others believe in a bigger life,
00:15:40 and so that may meet. That may mean surviving now and believing that God's doing something else here on her.
00:15:46 And then that also means that recognizing God is a big guy that has big plans for somebody's life and to not give up.
00:15:56 So what's next for Darryl is you continue on your journey toe, living out your call and impacting the world.
00:16:03 That's a good question. Um, so we, um so packed financial group is really working hard to serve the middle class Thio to help people identify with a place that we could that they might consider safe in terms of being able to,
00:16:22 You know, it's embarrassing coming to a financial company because you feel like you're getting naked in front of somebody I want.
00:16:29 I want people to feel that this is a safe place so that they can come ask questions, hear their heart,
00:16:35 and we can help them make the decision. So I really want to continue to expand our reach. We open an office in North Carolina where haven't announced this publicly yet.
00:16:46 But we're opening an office in brothels, Texas as well, and I'm gonna continue to grow. And that means take risk,
00:16:54 unfortunately, but we were pretty prudent in the way we do that. We don't need that. But I'm gonna continue to try to be a resource for the middle class to help them make better decisions with their money.
00:17:03 So that way we can leave the world better than we found it. And as a client, I will attest to the fact that you have never actually made me get naked in front of anyone in the office.
00:17:15 It's It's never happened. I'm not completely Yeah, but it is. I get your point to that.
00:17:21 It is. It is. You know, working our money is a very intimate part of our life.
00:17:26 Because, as you said earlier, if you if you see where people spend their money, you know what they really think and what they really care about what they really value,
00:17:33 and you get to see that s o It is a very intimate relationship. But I would again toe back up everything you said.
00:17:41 Ah, I've worked with you all for a number of years. Andi. I trust packs financial implicitly s.
00:17:48 Oh, that's that's great to know that you're opening up some new locations. Of course. You're also here in San Antonio for those that,
00:17:54 uh, didn't connect to that that we said earlier a few weeks ago. So North Carolina, new Bronze Falls and San Antonio?
00:18:04 Yeah. You know, I I hope that we can continue, sir. People, um you know,
00:18:09 look, the map of the thousands of people we serve across the world and, uh, it continues to grow.
00:18:15 And, um, you know, we don't need to open physical offices because Rachel, but sometimes sometimes it helps.
00:18:21 Yeah, and that I was gonna ask you that. So you'll also work with virtual clients. So even if somebody's elsewhere,
00:18:28 they can certainly reach out to you all. And we'll, we'll have linked everything s so that they can reach out to you and and have,
00:18:33 ah, conversation with you and maybe maybe end up working together. And very, at the very least,
00:18:38 I know you've always been very willing to answer questions and explore that in a very it's not a high pressure.
00:18:44 You know, you'd be a fool if you didn't come to us. It's It's truly the heart of a teacher and wanting to help.
00:18:50 And that's always what have experience from from everyone at the office. Thank you, Scott. So you can connect with Darryl by following him on Lincoln as Darrel W.
00:19:02 Lions. And just because he's got a couple of unusual spellings. Darryl is d a r r y l and Lyons is l Y O N s.
00:19:14 And so that's Darrel W lions or on his Twitter as Pac's financial group with the group is G R P.
00:19:23 So that's packs financial g, R p at Facebook Packs Financial Group, and you can also find Darryl over at his website.
00:19:31 That's kind of the home base, and you can find links to all of this. Of course, in our show notes over It inspired stewardship,
00:19:36 but his website is pax financial group dot com. Darryl, is there anything that you'd like to add?
00:19:43 Yeah. So I set up a link for your listeners Packs financial group dot com slash inspired. And in that leak,
00:19:53 there's, uh I have a video that will inform you of whether or not Social Security will be there.
00:19:59 Um, I have a 40 point pivot checklist as well, and so you can find that there. And we should also,
00:20:05 um, have a link. If we don't have it up, let me know. But we should have it out by the time you get on there.
00:20:12 Because, um, my next book 18 to 80 will be out, and you should be able to grab it on there.
00:20:18 But if not, you'll be able to get it on Amazon. Just searchin 18 to a T t 0 18 to 80.
00:20:24 Um, and that's a helpful resource for you as well. Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship Podcast.
00:20:39 As a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen. But act on what you've heard and find a way toe Live your calling.
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00:21:06 It will take you through how to leave a rating and review and how to make sure you're subscribe to the podcast so that you can get every episode as it comes out in your feet until next time investor time,
00:21:20 your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact world.

In today's episode, I ask Daryl about:

  • How your views about money are influenced by culture and that can lead to money problems...
  • Some of his top tips to make an impact...
  • What he hopes his legacy to be...
  • and more.....

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Only 13% of the investments growth is technical. The other 87% is our behavior and decisions that we make...so if the decisions that we make are rooted in the love of money. - Darryl Lyons

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