Join us today for Part 3 of the Interview with Ryan Englin, host of the Blue Collar Culture Podcast...

This is Part 3 of the interview I had with speaker, business owner, podcast host, and great guy Ryan Englin.  

In today’s interview with Ryan Englin, Ryan and I talk with you about developing your influence.  Ryan shares with you his definition of leadership. Ryan and I also talk withyou about having a coaching mindset.  Ryan also shares how his company Core matters helps business owners focus on sustainability in business and lots more.

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00:00:00 Thanks for joining us on Episode 5 66 of the inspired Stewardship podcast. I'm Ryan, England, With Core Matters and the blue collar culture podcast. I challenge you to invest in yourself, investing others develop your influence and impact the world by using your time, your talent and your treasures to live out your calling. Having the ability to grow much yourself and your business is key. And one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this inspired stewardship podcast with my friend Scott made her way, have that mindset of like I'm here to help my employees master their craft,
00:00:47 make the calls themselves and be confident the decisions they're making giving them purposes, toe why we're doing what we're doing when we come at it. From that perspective, I think the level of influence you're gonna have over the team is just gonna be exponential. That point. Welcome. And thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in the inspired stewardship podcast will learn to invest in yourself,
00:01:22 invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the work. In today's interview with Ryan England, Ryan and I talk with you about developing your influence. Ryan shares with you his definition of leadership, and Ryan and I also talked with you about having a coaching mindset. And then Ryan shares how his company core matters, helps business owners focus on sustainability and lots more. One reason I like to bring you great interviews like the one you're gonna here today is because of the power in learning from others.
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00:02:37 Stewardship dot com slash audible to get your free trial and listen to great books the same way you're listening to this podcast. Ryan has the perfect background to be doing what he is doing and, more importantly, the results that he has really show it. Ryan has worked in corporate America for well over a decade. He learned how they attract top talent, and then he repeatedly built top performing teams, and then they oftentimes got messed up and crushed by the corporate reshuffles that happened. I have been there to Ryan,
00:03:12 set out to build his own Dream Team and start a digital marketing company, and his client started seeing great returns on that investment as they worked with him in the marketing efforts that he was doing. But then it's Their businesses were growing, and so was Ryan's. He started getting those phone calls clients would call, and they would explain that they needed to back out of the marketing of their business because they didn't actually have enough people or the team that they needed to do the work. And Ryan became determined to help these clients continue growing and set out on a journey to build a system that could help any company attract,
00:03:51 hire and retain as much front line top talent as they needed. And now he's worked out a proven process that gets these results for companies all the time. Welcome to the show, Ryan. Thanks, Scott, for having me. So, Ryan, when we talk about developing your influence immediately, a lot of times, that word being a leader comes to mind. We've talked about leadership the last few weeks, but how would you actually define leadership? Mmm. You know, I just think of some of the books that I've read and,
00:04:34 you know, the level five leader of Jim Collins talks about that. John Maxwell talks aboutthe level five leader. Uh, honestly, I think you know, I talk a lot about servant leadership. How Jesus great example of a servant leader, but beating from behind. Like a lot of times, I think people think that leadership means you're the boss. You're in charge, you're at the top of the pyramid and I find that a lot of times that's ah,
00:05:02 that's a title. That's like forced leadership. I think that's like level to one or two leaderships. Ah,
00:05:08 positional leadership, right? Yeah, and that's that's not what it is. I mean, people just I think that great leaders and leadership in this case is when people know that you're willing to put their needs in front of yours,
00:05:24 they're gonna follow you. And I think John Maxwell says it great. You know, use any leader that says Leadership is lonely isn't really a leader,
00:05:32 because by definition, to be a leader, you have to have followers. And if you have followers,
00:05:36 it's not that lonely. Um, so I think that leadership is definitely I mean, being a leader is definitely something that you earned.
00:05:44 Uh, you know, positional leadership is it's great. It works, but people aren't bought in. And I think when you get people bought into the direction you're going or the direction you're willing to take them,
00:05:58 I think people will follow you just more naturally, serving them, being there for them, putting their needs in front of yours.
00:06:04 I mean, that's what makes great leaders as a business owner, you know, a lot of times we have to look to find ways to influence inside our business,
00:06:14 influence our team. Sometimes it's our spouse, depending where we are in that journey So how can having a coaching mindset help folks influence their team members,
00:06:27 their spouse, those folks around them? One of the things about coaches there's this big misperception is that,
00:06:37 uh, coaches don't know how to play the game. And I think if that were true, you wouldn't be a good coach.
00:06:45 Uh, we know how the game's played. We know how to play the game. We might not play it as well.
00:06:50 We might not be a star athlete, but we understand the game, and I think one of the best things about the best coaches are the ones that are able to work individually with people.
00:07:04 So I've got a client right now. That is great at change table of it. In fact, they like we haven't changed in the last week.
00:07:12 We need to change. We need to make things better, but he's really good at it because he thinks,
00:07:17 what's the impact to the team when I change? Uh huh. And so he starts thinking about others.
00:07:22 And when he looked at the team, he says, Well, you know what? Me char director's gonna love this change,
00:07:27 but my general manager is gonna hate it Why don't the three of us get in a room and have that conversation and he starts coaching them through it?
00:07:36 He starts getting the HR manager to say, Hey, you know what? I can support the general manager a little bit by doing this,
00:07:41 and he lets them solve the problem. And I think that when you want influence inside your team, it's really giving them that autonomy.
00:07:50 Uh, hey, to make those decisions on their own. Very rarely do I see good coaches, you know,
00:07:58 wagging their finger at somebody saying, You must do this sometimes we have to. Sometimes it's tough love,
00:08:05 but that coaching mindset is really about How do you teach them to fish? How do you empower them to make the decisions?
00:08:14 How do you let them feel in control? It's ah, Dan Pink wrote a book called Dr Talks about Mastery,
00:08:23 Autonomy and Purpose. And as coaches, if we have that mindset of like, I'm here to help my employees master their craft,
00:08:33 make the calls themselves and be confident the decisions they're making, giving them purposes toe why we're doing what we're doing and we come at it from that perspective.
00:08:42 Uh, I think the level of influence you're gonna have over the team is just gonna be exponential. That point,
00:08:50 so is part of what you do over at the core matters. I know your focus. A lot of times for business owners is on growth,
00:08:59 but also on sustainability. How can business owners really begin to look at their influence? Look at what they're doing and think beyond just growing their business,
00:09:12 but actually begin to look at sustaining their business within their circle of influence, but within what they're doing?
00:09:19 Yeah, I think there's a few different areas that all of us business owners have influence in and being able to recognize the level of influence you have in each one.
00:09:29 So a za business owner, we have influence over our team. That's it. It's an easy one.
00:09:35 It's an obvious one. We have influence over our customers, another easy, obvious one. But I think a lot of times people forget that they have influence over their team members.
00:09:43 Families. You know, when you hire somebody, you're not just hiring them. You're hiring their whole family.
00:09:49 We talked about earlier. The the influence that a spouse or family members can have over an employee's performance and so understanding that where you really have influence,
00:10:03 I think, is really important. Uh, you have influence over your vendors, your suppliers, and I think that understanding that if you're having struggles with the suppliers,
00:10:15 they see this a lot of business, and I will have a challenge with the supplier. And they'll just say,
00:10:20 You know what? Forget it. I'm gonna go find another supplier, maybe one that's bigger, that comm better serve me.
00:10:26 That has a bigger team, and they forget that that smaller supplier might be a family owned business like you have influence over that business and that that supply chain,
00:10:38 uh, I think also to as are companies grow and people start to recognize who we are. We get a little bit more of brand awareness all of a sudden in the community,
00:10:49 there's more trucks on the road, or there's more billboards, or there's more talk about the company that you have influence,
00:10:56 and especially for Christian business owners. I think this is a real challenge is how do you bring your faith into the business and have that level of influence that God wants you to have with the business and just having integrity in that.
00:11:15 If people know you're a Christian business owner, they're looking to you to say, Okay, show me the example.
00:11:20 Show me the way and realizing that you have influence over other Christian business owners that are struggling and challenged with this secular culture,
00:11:28 ideal of businesses should be about profits and not people. You know, businesses should be about of making an impact,
00:11:36 no matter what the cost. And, uh, you're influencing people whether you know it or not. Think God's definitely got a plan for me in my business.
00:11:46 And I think about, you know, I've got a client that has almost 200 employees. There's 200 families that I have influence over.
00:11:55 They're not my employees. Yeah, but if I'm influencing my client, my client is influencing them, and those team members are influencing their families.
00:12:03 Like, just think about the exponential reach that I have. So, making sure that I I I stay in integrity,
00:12:11 and I remember, uh, you know, what kind of image do I wanna have? What kind of influence?
00:12:16 So I wanna have because that the reach is just so great. So Ryan, I know you've got a book coming out,
00:12:25 and, you know, the story is always that almost 80% of people say that they want to write a book.
00:12:31 They've got a book inside themselves living in there. Can you talk a little bit about how writing can be used as a tool to expand our influence?
00:12:41 I mean, any tips that you have for that person that says I've got a book inside myself, but they've been able to get it out yet.
00:12:49 Oh, just to be clear, minds not out yet either. So, uh, Onda writing process you?
00:12:56 I just said that it's coming out later this year. So now you actually have to follow through on that.
00:13:00 I don't know. It will be out later this year. Absolutely. But I will tell you that,
00:13:04 um, you know, they say in business that everything takes twice as long and cost twice as much.
00:13:09 Yeah, I think it's really conservative because I've been doing this a long time, and I think sometimes it's definitely more than that.
00:13:16 And I think writing the book is is the same way. It's gonna take twice as long, and it's gonna take twice as much effort probably cost five times worth,
00:13:24 and you think it will. But here's one of the things that I challenge people to dio that say they have a book inside them and we've actually had some clients who have done this back when we were doing the digital marketing is,
00:13:36 um, you know, some people say that blog's air not in favour anymore, and people don't really read blog's anywhere.
00:13:42 They listen to podcasts now they watch videos, and I don't find that to be true. Actually, Ah,
00:13:47 we get a lot of great results from clients over the box. But if you could spend an hour a week writing one block article,
00:13:56 it's 500 words or so. If you did that for a whole year, you'd have 25,000 words written.
00:14:08 You did that for two years. You have 50 1000 words written. That's a book, right? You know.
00:14:15 So I think don't look at that book is a 200 page, 50,000 word project. Look at it as 500 word articles that you can then take those 200 bog articles,
00:14:27 send him to an editor and say, make a book for May. Uh, and I think it's back to that analogy of,
00:14:34 ah, how do you do an elephant? One bite at a time. And it's the same thing with how do you write a book?
00:14:42 One page at a time? And so, uh, when you're doing that, blawg are the block.
00:14:50 I mean, people are getting to read your book and your thoughts and your ideas every week. They're not waiting for this Grand Matt manuscript that you've been working on for years.
00:15:00 Uh, you know, one of the blog's that I just started following and it's a book in my library to read Is Atomic Habits by James Clear and of Great Boaz.
00:15:10 Look at his story of he started blocking eight years ago, and he developed his influence blogging and writing articles.
00:15:19 And then, six years later he's like, You know what? I got enough content here to write a book,
00:15:23 and he took the best of his stuff over the last six years and wrote a book. Ah, and so I think that there's ways to really use writing as a way to expand your influence.
00:15:35 And instead of waiting for that book to come out you know, right. Small social media posts, right.
00:15:40 Small block articles of sharing a newsletter of ideas and thoughts that you have. Uh, for those of you out there that are quick starts for anybody that's familiar with Colby,
00:15:52 Uh, it's ah, it's a great personality test to talk about how we do what we do. Well,
00:15:58 I'm a quick start, very high quick start, which means I've got 20 ideas before I eat breakfast.
00:16:04 19 of them are awful, but there's gold in one of them. And if I just take those ideas and I just put them out there to the world and let the world sift through which ones are good and which ones aren't,
00:16:15 uh, I'll not only be able to capture that influence, but over time I'll be able to write that book.
00:16:20 So, uh, you know another thing for me that writing the book is done is it helped me get really clear on my messaging.
00:16:28 Writing has helped me get really, really clear on how I communicate and the way I communicate what I d'oh of and the ideas that I have,
00:16:38 because I write the book and read it and go, I would never want to read this book. So I have to rewrite it and figure out How would I communicate this message in a way that is impactful and brings value to people?
00:16:52 Because I don't want to write a book just for the sake of writing a book? There's too many of those out there.
00:16:56 Yeah, so really think about the impact that it's gonna have on the people reading it. I think the influence will come.
00:17:06 You can follow Ryan over on linked in He's Ryan, England spelt e N G L. I. In on Facebook.
00:17:15 He's the core matters. Of course, he could find his website and more about his business over at the core matters dot com.
00:17:23 If you wanna find the podcast or the book is that's coming out, that's found over a blue collar culture dot com.
00:17:30 And of course, I'll have links to all of this over in the show notes as well. Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship Podcast.
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00:18:24 your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact world.

In today's episode, I ask ​Ryan about:

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As coaches we have the mindset that we are here to help our employees master their craft, make the calls themselves, and be confident in the decisions they are making. - Ryan Englin

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