Join us today for Part 2 of the Interview with Heather Heuman, author of The Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing...

This is Part 2 of the interview I had with speaker, podcaster, social media maven, and author Heather Heuman from Sweet Tea Social Marketing.  

In today’s interview with Heather Heuman, we talk with you about being so awesome that others can’t help but share what you do.  Heather and I also talk about finding your audience online and Heather shares how you have to remember it’s about people and relationships not numbers to really succeed.

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00:00:00 Thanks for joining us on Episode 5 40 one of the inspired Sturgeon podcast. I'm Heather Hyman from Sweet Tea Social Marketing. I challenge you to invest in yourself, invest in others, develop your influence and impact the world by using your time, your talent and your treasures toe live out your calling. Having the ability to reach others is key, and one way to be inspired to do just that is to listen to this. The inspired stewardship podcast with my friend Scott Mater Way. Feel good when we help other people.
00:00:47 There are a lot of people if they go and have amazing customer service or they have an amazing experience or they get like a deal or it's a special or they know something is limited time, and it's not gonna last forever. There are people that want to share that message. Welcome and thank you for joining us on the inspired stewardship podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, your talent and your treasures for your true calling in the inspired stewardship Podcast will learn to invest in yourself.
00:01:28 Invest in others and develop your influence so that you can impact the way. In today's interview with Heather Hyman, we talk with you about being so awesome that others can't help but share what you do. Heather and I also talk about finding your audience online, and Heather shares how you have to remember. It's about people and relationships, not numbers, to really succeed online. No one area that a lot of folks need some help with is around the area of productivity getting not just Maur things done, but actually getting the right things done can be really,
00:02:13 really tough. I've got a course called Productivity for your passion that's designed to help you do this. And then they hold you accountable and walk with you so that you can tailor productivity not just to be getting more done but actually getting the right things done. What's more, we take the approach of looking at your personality and how you actually look at things in the world and Taylor the productivity system to your personality, because the truth is, a lot of the systems that are out there are written really well for somebody with a particular personality type but if you have a different approach to things,
00:02:53 they just don't work. But there's tools and techniques and approaches that you can take that will work for anyone, and we help you do that and productivity for your passion. Check it out over an inspired stewardship dot com slash launch Social media strategist and the Arthur of the Golden Rules of Social Media Marketing, Heather Hyman has over 20 years of combined experience in sales, social media and business consulting. She's the founder of Social Thrive Business Academy and serves clients internationally from Australia to South Carolina, and has worked with such great brands as Chick Fillet and several chambers of commerce.
00:03:39 Heather is also an international keynote speaker. She's the podcast host of Business Jesus and Sweet Tea, which I've had the honor of being a guest on. And she enjoys living in Colombia with her husband and three Children, her real zone of geniuses helping businesses leverage the power of social media to increase their influence, increased their income and make an impact. Heather, Welcome to the show. I am so excited to be here. Thank you so much, Scott. I'll have to think that we all look to the world and think about figuring out,
00:04:16 You know, this is what I want to do to serve others. But I also know that in today's world we get really busy. We get overwhelmed and it doesn't happen. So one of the things that you talk about in the golden rules of social media marketing is about being awesome in a way that other people share that awesomeness, you know, everywhere. But for a small business owner, what does that mean? Practically when they often think, you know, I don't have the time. I don't have the money.
00:04:48 I can't do it the way that the big guy does it. I you know I can't do it the way my competitors has it. They just feel, especially when they're first starting out. There may be a solar preneurs. They don't have a team yet, and they're afraid they can't afford one. How can they do that? Be awesome so that other people share it Great. I think a lot of that on how may be easy that might feel is going to sometimes be dependent upon your target demographic.
00:05:20 So if your audience are millennials, are you are serving a younger generation. It may be much more second nature for them. If they are, let's say, attending an event, Maybe your products, they're just ate your food. They are physically at your business or at your organization. So quote check in on Facebook or tagged the location on Instagram because that's just something that they're much more used to. But then you'll have someone you know that is of a different age range. I'm 44 I still without thinking,
00:05:55 If I'm at a restaurant having a great experience, capture photos and check in on social media. I know my sister does. And so it's not just 1 15 you know your window of people that are actively being social on social media. So as an organization, I think you need to be saying, What are we doing? Toe actually helped create those opportunities toe honestly allow people to want to talk about us in the positive way, in a way for you to kind of refrain that to not make it same and feel like it's all about you is human nature is that we feel good when we help other people,
00:06:38 and this isn't everyone's personality, But there are a lot of people if they go and have amazing customer service or they have amazing, like experience or they get like a deal or it's a special or they know something is limited time and it's not gonna last forever. There are people that want to share that message, and those are oftentimes the people that are taking those photos or posting or saying, Hey, guys, I just found this here it's here, there's only four left. Come get yours and they're being social.
00:07:13 And so one thing business owners conduce to be more intentional in that process is actually try to encourage your audience to create user generated content. So, for example, you know, Ah, one of my clients is a distillery. And so we're having a giveaway where if you've got a birthday in the month of January, below, put what your birthday is and the best gift you've ever had. So that had a NIF ect of lots of people entering because they wanted to win. We didn't say in the message tag your friends that have January birthdays,
00:07:53 but that's what people did because they so I know someone. My mom or my sister. I know other people that they could participate in this. But then we also say, if you comment or if you're at the tasting or if you're at our event, use this custom hash tag and post on social media or check in. No, you don't have to sometimes incentivize people, but sometimes that can help a lot. So if you say Hey, we're giving this away and we're gonna pick one winner based on the people that are social with us,
00:08:25 post this photo or post yourself doing X y Z and use this hash tag, and it allows for people toe one. Be able to create content for you that you can then use in the future, but it's almost taking the burden of quote getting people to talk about you off of your shoulders.
00:08:43 It allows for your audience to kind of feel like they are participating one, because maybe there's a chance for them to win something.
00:08:51 But it's also just a way for them to, like celebrate like a good experience, you know, because people feel good when they have a positive good experience that can go let someone else know about it.
00:09:05 And so then when those other people go and do the thing and they know it's on Lee because you told me like that makes them feel good.
00:09:14 So they want to be ableto to showcase that. And like I said, Ah, lot of people on their own are prone to doing this.
00:09:23 But sometimes simple things like you, yourself on social media, saying, Hey, you know, have you had a great experience with us?
00:09:31 We'd love for you to tell us. Tell us in the comments below, send us a personal message.
00:09:35 Send us an email because some people are going to tell you in the comments. There are other people that they may want to tell you,
00:09:43 but they may not want to do it all over on social media, but they might personally share that story with you.
00:09:49 And there are other people that honestly aren't going to on their own. Just say I need to go tell that business I had an amazing experience,
00:09:58 but when that you start that conversation that says, Hey, you know, we're looking for people that have suggestions for us to improve our We're looking for people that had great experiences,
00:10:09 you're triggering it in their mind and they're willing to participate. You too, sometimes have to initiate that.
00:10:15 So it's really about kind of identifying ways. Toe lower the bar and make it easy for people to do it as opposed to because I I'm thinking myself,
00:10:24 like of restaurants. There's several restaurants in the area where I live, and I live out in the country where,
00:10:31 you know, the first time my wife and I went to him, I looked on Facebook or whatever there was.
00:10:36 They didn't even have a page. You know, there wasn't a way to set it up and I'll go to the owner and be like,
00:10:40 You know, I wanted to check in and share that I'm here and promote your business because I like to promote local business.
00:10:47 That's just what I do. And I can't do it, you know? Now I'm weird, and then I'll actually tell them,
00:10:54 You know, I I want to be able to do this. Help me help you support you. Help me.
00:10:58 You know I don't still share it. You know myself on my own thing, but it's like I couldn't tag you.
00:11:04 I couldn't share your address. I couldn't. You know, you made it hard as opposed to easy.
00:11:09 Um, and I've even helped several businesses is like Here. Let me help you set up a Pedro,
00:11:14 Um, which is, you know, I'm not a social media maven, but it's like at least do the bare minimum here asleep.
00:11:22 Meet me with the baby steps so that I can help you. Um, if that makes sense. So yeah,
00:11:26 it is funny that I think sometimes we make it harder and it's not on purpose. I mean, it's not like we said Adam with Let's make it really hard for people to share our bit.
00:11:35 It's just we're busy. Ah, you know. And I think sometimes Scott, there's a disconnect because I've myself have got a couple of businesses in mind where they'll have something on the tables which kudos to them.
00:11:50 And it's this cute little sign and it says something like, Come and be social with us on Facebook.
00:11:55 And then while I'm sitting there dining in the restaurant, I go to their page, and the last time they posted was like July of 2018 and that doesn't make me super confident and wanting to go ask other people I know to be social with them,
00:12:11 even though they're like quote making an effort. But it was more so like it. Let me check a box and let's print this and put this,
00:12:18 But they themselves aren't showing up, and I don't think it's right or fair for businesses to tryto want all of this social love.
00:12:28 But they themselves aren't willing to show up, and I get central media's busy social media done well means that you're consistent and yes,
00:12:37 on a perfect world, I'd like to tell you a social media being consistent means that you're posting, like every day or at least five times a week on Facebook.
00:12:45 But if you're sitting there and you are the person listening to this and you haven't posted since July of 2018 well,
00:12:52 I want to do a nice little kick in the pants and say, If social media really matters to you and you want people tohave,
00:12:59 you top of mind and you want to be seen as relevant, I believe nobody is too busy to post one time a week.
00:13:08 There's no excuse that your content is 14 months old. on social media because that gives a message that I don't know that you necessarily want me to tell people on this body,
00:13:19 I guess. But it is not a good one. And I would just rather you not have a Facebook account at all.
00:13:25 Then just look outdated, irrelevant, and like, you don't care. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You do have to put some effort into nurturing it once you start it or else,
00:13:34 you know, the other thing is I've seen were like, I look at a business page and it's like they're 17 people commenting,
00:13:41 Yeah, that air, their users or whatever their customer And they've never replied to a single one of them.
00:13:45 And it's like, at the very least, how hard is it to go in there and say, Oh,
00:13:49 thank you so much for sharing. I mean, you know, that does not take that long. You know,
00:13:53 at least something like that. At least start there. Even if you're not posting your own content, at least start there.
00:13:59 Obviously, it's much better to be posting your own stuff and initiating too and engaging. But you know,
00:14:05 because that's the other thing, that where it's dead silence. You know it's it's other people talking, but there's no conversation on Social media is social media,
00:14:17 broadcast media and it's different, you know I get. It's not radio, it's not TV, like so many businesses are used to.
00:14:27 This is the way things have always been and we are in a shift. And just like email didn't exist 30 years ago.
00:14:33 Well, it exists now, and we've got tools. And I think resource is like social media in email,
00:14:41 marketing and digital media that I think our assets to us, especially to the smaller business that doesn't have the ad budget for a $30,000 32nd TV commercial I think we have.
00:14:54 Resource is that does take some time. It does take effort. It allows free, put some skin in the game and to get yourself out there to get that additional exposure.
00:15:06 So last week, one of the things we talked about I wanted to kind of circle back to it.
00:15:10 This week was you mentioned, you know, kind of finding the platform where your audience naturally lives and and at least starting there.
00:15:18 If you can't do all 17 social media platforms, you'll find the one or two where you get the most bang for the buck and invest your time.
00:15:26 So obviously you know, if you want to serve others if you want to help other people, part of your job is to find out and find those people who actually need your service or need your help.
00:15:36 So what advice do you have for somebody who's struggling with this idea of where is my audience online? Where do my peeps hang out?
00:15:44 You know, and they want to try to find that Yes. Oh, couple ideas. I'm just gonna think you're at the top of my head.
00:15:50 But if you're looking for where your people are on social media, for the most part they are probably on Facebook,
00:16:00 and there's gonna be vow validation that your audience probably is on different platforms. You're gonna want to take into account their age.
00:16:10 But let's just say you've identified. I want to show up on Facebook or I want to show up on this particular platform.
00:16:18 I think the next thing that you really have to showcase in your social media marketing efforts is you really allowing yourself to know the problems that your audience has in how you are a solution.
00:16:33 So two ideas for you. Number one is I want you just to go to Google. And I want you to think of the topics that your audience is talking about the struggles that they have now you may know that,
00:16:46 and you may not feel that you need to do research on it. But what I can tell you to be is epic is when you can start having conversations with people and literally you're just writing down exactly what they are saying.
00:17:01 Their exact language, the problems that they have, what keeps them up at night. And this could involve you.
00:17:08 If you've already got a client base and you're wanting to like instead of having three clients you want have 20 clients,
00:17:13 get on the phone, have a 10 minute conversation even though you know it could become a 50 minute conversation,
00:17:20 come up with, like, 5 to 8 questions that is going to just allow them to this freely talk and you're gonna either hand right or you're gonna just be typing quietly while they're talking.
00:17:30 And you do a lot of listening and really just say like What is your biggest struggle when it comes to this particular topic?
00:17:38 Doesn't matter if you're an accountant, it doesn't matter if you were a speaker. It doesn't matter if you clean people's.
00:17:44 You know I have a long care business, whatever you d'oh, talk to those people and you can also go into Facebook groups and you can go into forums online.
00:17:54 You know, if you like pugs and you're trying to sell clothing to people that have pugs go online and look in pug forums where there are people that are like your ideal people that air pug loving people and they're talking about their dogs and just get in their head and the more that you can get in their head,
00:18:12 it's not going to be a way for you to manipulate them because that's not what we want here. But it's gonna allow for you to know where they're coming from.
00:18:21 Then when you think of your service is you're offering your products, you're gonna be much better able to create social media content.
00:18:30 That's kind of position you as the person that's able to help with those particular problems, and you are going to be able to do a better job of B will persuade people that you've got something that's really in their best interest now,
00:18:47 of course, then you actually have to deliver on that. And that's what makes it not manipulation but that,
00:18:54 Yeah, that's that. That starting point of at least knowing kind of what they're looking for and what they're talking about.
00:19:00 And then, obviously, if you're doing that research and you find out where they're talking about it, in other words,
00:19:05 you find the foot groups on linked in. Probably that means your audiences on linked in, you know,
00:19:12 if you find them because there's four arms on lengthen to there's forums on and they talk about different things than some of the forms on Facebook.
00:19:18 So you can start kind of seeing where are where are you finding those people talking already and go there?
00:19:24 That's what I heard, too. As part of that, Yeah, like a part of that is not going into all of these groups and just framing people.
00:19:32 But if you go in with the servants heart and you go in wanting to help people, or if you go in and you,
00:19:39 if you're strategic. It allows for social media not to so much feel like this time waster. But if you say hey,
00:19:46 I'm gonna intentionally set a timer. And for 10 minutes I've seen that this is a really great group.
00:19:52 You know, this is a group of people that are talking about my particular subject matter or something. But this is a gathering of people I can help,
00:20:02 but I'm gonna just go into the search bar That's gonna just show you that group. And I'm gonna say,
00:20:07 you know who's talking about bookkeeping? If you're a bookkeeper, if you're an accountant who's talking about taxes,
00:20:13 and I'm just going to just pay attention, But I'm going to spend five minutes just going in and answering people's questions or saying,
00:20:19 Hey, I saw you ask this question like two months ago. If you're still looking for answers or V back like Phil Frieda,
00:20:25 send me a message and let me know. It looks like no one answered this question for you and just making sure that you are being visible and I find it to be really beneficial if you are being visible in some of the same spaces over and over,
00:20:42 so I think it would be more effective. Let's say there are three groups. Maybe once on Facebook might be to our own lengthen.
00:20:50 And they're just kind of a space where these air your people that, you know, you could help.
00:20:55 I believe you'd be more advantageous to spend 10 minutes, you know, every week for six weeks in those three groups,
00:21:03 then for you to have 25 groups. And you're just, like, totally random. And because what happens is people see your name in there just like there goes that Scott guy again showing up with,
00:21:14 like, helpful information. And then they just like they start checking you out, are they're looking at your profile and they're just like,
00:21:20 Oh, he owns this particular consulting business and it ultimately can get leads coming your way. I'm even just by people pursuing you.
00:21:31 And by the way, I mean testimonial time. I've had that happen. You know, I've done that very thing where I started showing up in some groups and just kind of saying Here,
00:21:41 let me help you. Here, let me help you here. I've got an answer Here, Let me help you.
00:21:44 And it's funny to me cause I've seen some people since that, you know, they reached out to me and we had a 30 minute conversation I didn't charge.
00:21:52 Um, I know this wasn't about Oh, now pay me money. It was just You have a question.
00:21:57 Let me help. They later oftentimes became clients. Sometimes I did. Sometimes they didn't. Interestingly, some of those very same people,
00:22:05 I see them, then turn around. And instead of kind of doing that offer of help, they're like,
00:22:09 Well, yeah, you have to pay me to do that. They themselves don't have that same sort of mindset.
00:22:15 So there is a mindset that you have tohave of. I'm willing to put some time and effort into this without that mindset of I must immediately get paid and ironically,
00:22:25 then you get paid. But if you But if you kind of go in with that, my instead of sure I'll help you pay me,
00:22:31 then people are turned off and move on to the next person. It's a weird irony of of the way I've found our least that's been my experience with social media.
00:22:41 Would you agree with that? Yeah. I mean, I think At the end of the day, some people look at it differently and some people are like I don't do free in you I think there's,
00:22:52 Ah, there's a whole podcast episode I think on people saying they want to pick your brain you know,
00:22:57 because that would be bad to phrase like is a turnoff, even if someone is super genuine, I think there's a different way to phrase what you're trying to get off a za point.
00:23:08 But, you know, I had someone reached out to me just three days ago, and it was a referral from someone I know.
00:23:14 And she just said, I need I need help And I had no idea if this was someone I could truly hope or what she needed.
00:23:20 But I said, You know what? I'd be more than happy to get on the phone with you for 30 minutes and just see what's going on in five minutes into the conversation.
00:23:28 Scott, I was like, This person has no idea what their business even is. And they were more in this discovery phase of like you am I wouldn't want to do How can I make money?
00:23:39 I have no income. I'm like my back's against the wall. And so I'm just like, if I were you,
00:23:44 I would do this because you are in, like, a crunch of, like, I need money ASAP.
00:23:49 But it was like the end of the day. I'm helping people normally that know exactly what their business is there more solid and what they do.
00:23:57 And they've got the extra income to be able to make the investment, you know? And I just said if I were you,
00:24:04 I would go do these things. You're not at a place to have the income toe to pay for me to be like a bad financial decision for you to hire me because you don't have these ducks in a row that you need to D'oh!
00:24:16 So it's like I felt I still helped her, but it wasn't in anything that was like here. I'm not gonna help.
00:24:24 You are not gonna give you any advice because you know, she's a human being, and I felt like this is what she needed.
00:24:30 And it wasn't my service's and ironic. You know it again. Maybe a year from now, she started the business.
00:24:38 She's grown the business and then guess what? Who she's gonna remember if she does need your service is she's come back to you.
00:24:44 And that may never happen either. You know, you don't know exactly, you know, But that's there.
00:24:50 Um, and you have done the same thing where it's like, Okay, obviously I'm not the right person for you,
00:24:55 but here, let me try to help you find somebody that iss, you know, I mean, that that works too sometimes of.
00:25:00 And I think it's also important. As you said to call out we both said 30 minutes. You know,
00:25:08 I have a limited number of these slots that I can use, you know, and you are going to use them around my availability.
00:25:14 It's not just all pop on the call at any time with anybody for you. No, that's not responsible.
00:25:20 Either is a business owner. So there is some balance to it that you have to be careful with.
00:25:24 Absolutely. Heather, you were just talking about this, You know that as cos we love to invest in our customers,
00:25:31 we look at this, and especially with social media, I think sometimes we forget that the you know,
00:25:37 the numbers that we see I've got 1000 followers or I've got 40 people downloading my podcast or I've got 200 people on my Facebook peach page that those are actually really people.
00:25:50 So how can business owners use social media effectively to build riel connections online so that they can connect with the real people behind those numbers?
00:26:03 And I think the answer to that Scott is actually just being willing to show up, because I I see so many people wanting the benefit of social media.
00:26:17 But I see so many people and they mean well, but they don't wanna have to be burdened by social media,
00:26:25 but they want the benefits of it. And so I to your point and just constantly saying what the whole premise of my book is based on this biblical foundation of the golden rule,
00:26:36 which is ultimately to treat people the way that you would want it to be treated. And so at the end of the day,
00:26:44 we as leaders and as business owners, we get to make the decision on how we're gonna choose to show up,
00:26:51 and at the end of the day, having more likes and more shares doesn't pay my electric bill. But what it does do is it increases my visibility.
00:27:00 It helps me get seen by more people. It helps me when I am saying, Hey, I've got the doors to my Academy open like she was interested.
00:27:07 It allows for me to say, Hey, if you need help with this, I would love to talk to you And it also allows for other people.
00:27:13 I know that might not be in a position to quote, hire me or to have me come on to do a social media campaign.
00:27:22 But those people that like me, that know me, that trust me, that see me like that This isn't just like I'm checking a box.
00:27:28 It's like I genuinely believe in social media. Helping is those people. Then think of me when they are in backyard barbecues that says,
00:27:39 Hey, I know someone you should talk to because she doesn't just help people with social media. She loves coming alongside people that have,
00:27:46 like, you know, a legacy impacting business that they're trying to create. And so I come up in conversation and I get leads from other people that think of me so It's like the end of the day.
00:28:00 I feel that if we believe in what we're doing, which I think that whether you're just starting out and you have to,
00:28:07 clients that have paid you or you've been doing this for 30 years, that you obviously are in a business because it is something I hope that isn't just a job and that I think when we show up and we serve and we're helping people,
00:28:23 we realize that these are human beings. So just like you're wanting to put your content out there, we've got to take the blinders off and realize these are people.
00:28:34 There are people that have kids. There's people that have hectic mornings. There's people that just got a stage for cancer.
00:28:39 Diagnosis is that when you show up in your marketing on social, just like a human being, just a little bit of a glimpse of what life is like when it's not quote here,
00:28:49 let me share with you this linked in tip. It just make you more label as a human being.
00:28:55 And so again, it's just those personal touches. So when they are looking for this thing or they need the service or they're looking for a certain expertise.
00:29:04 You've got the ability to stand out and say, I want to do business with Heather or I want to do business with Scott by the way,
00:29:10 they're showing up in investing in people. So one of the face you just referenced was, you know,
00:29:16 the golden Rule, right? Treat other people the way you want to be treated. And Lister's of the podcast have heard me talk about the fact that if you read into that biblical principle,
00:29:25 I kind of rephrase it for the modern world, where I think it's what I call the platinum rule,
00:29:31 which is treat others the way they want to be treated. Okay, which is really what it's about.
00:29:38 If you actually read the passage and understand, you know, but E, I think sometimes I think we misinterpret that and just think,
00:29:44 Oh, well, treat everyone the way I want to be treated Well, not everyone wants is like you so that that could be a danger or trap.
00:29:51 So how can we leverage online tools? Toe actually dig into that half of it. How did they want to be treated as a customer?
00:29:58 Is a client or is a lister or follower versus just putting out, you know, just only the way we see the world.
00:30:08 Yeah, So look, first of all, I think the big thing that sticks out in my mind when you asked me that is for you as the business to realize that not everybody is your ideal client.
00:30:21 You don't need to water down that message. I believe in in this day and age that it is going to serve you well,
00:30:29 to be very clear on exactly who you want to help. And if that is targeting in based on a faith or based on a skill set,
00:30:39 whether it's like going three levels down in a certain industry. If you on Lee hope people that are gone key toe that are over 50 you know,
00:30:48 if it's like super specific, I think the more clear you are, the better. But I think the way that you really are able to do that well is for you to know exactly who it is that you want to serve and for youto literally make a cop a list and ultimately say,
00:31:07 like, these are the questions that I get asked over and over and over. Or these are the biggest mistakes that these ideal people should have on their mind.
00:31:19 Because sometimes what people want and what you and I, as the business know that they need sometimes aren't the same thing.
00:31:26 So it's a little bit of that balance of social media. You've got to create some of that content that's going to appeal to what they actually think that they want.
00:31:35 And then in the midst of that, you incorporate what it is that you know, that they also need as well No,
00:31:44 because at the end of the day, I can say, you know, three things that you must be doing really well on lengthen to get more leads.
00:31:51 Well, that might intrigue you, But at the end of the day, I may really think that your whole game on social media is failing because you aren't realizing that the people behind those leads you want are actually human beings.
00:32:05 So I want to teach you a little bit more about linked in or social media strategy in general. But I'm gonna do the lead in with,
00:32:12 like the air that these are the three things that you could just like, if you're being robotic, that you could say,
00:32:18 Oh, yeah, I need to update my cover photo. I need to do this. I knew this,
00:32:22 like, great Heather has met my needs, and I feel like I know how to do linked it a little bit better,
00:32:27 but it's like the end of that. I am able to, like, put in there more education that's gonna more long term,
00:32:34 like help them get the results in that deeper relationship with your clients that they want. Yeah, so again,
00:32:43 I said, as a coach, when I'm talking finances, you know I'll talk about getting out of debt because that's what people think they want.
00:32:51 Real truth is getting out of debt is a short term goal. It's not. Nobody really wants to do all the hard work to get out of debt.
00:33:00 What they want is freedom. What they want is peace of mind. What they want is to be able to sleep at night what they wanted,
00:33:05 you know, to be able to do the things that they want to do with their money. Those are things they want,
00:33:10 but we get there through not APS and tools we get through through mindset and belief and values and these hard things.
00:33:19 It's a little harder to sell that. You know, it's a little harder to start the conversation there.
00:33:24 People are like, Oh, I don't know. Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait.
00:33:27 I didn't want a budget help, that kind of thing. So, yeah, I've seen that very thing.
00:33:32 Exactly what you're talking about. You can follow Heather on Twitter, as at Heather Hyman spelled h u M A n.
00:33:42 She's also on linked in an instagram under that tag. Her website is sweet tea social marketing dot com and she goes under sweet tea social marketing on Facebook as well.
00:33:53 I'll have links all of this over in the show notes. Thanks so much. Thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship Podcast.
00:34:06 As a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen, but act on what you've heard and find a way toe live your calling.
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00:34:48 your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact world.

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