December 19

Episode 504: Limiting Beliefs, You’ve Got Them

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Join us today for an episode about the way you have limiting beliefs..

Today's episode is focused on what to do to replace your limiting beliefs...

In today’s episode about investing in others through stewarding your talent, I talk with you about what are limiting beliefs.  I share with you how you can identify your limiting beliefs and figure out which ones are holding you back.  I also share with you what to do about them so you can change them.

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Thanks for joining me on episode five of four of the inspired stewardship podcast,

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i'm pause song from kyra i challenge you discover your true identity in calling so you can be empowered to live everyday to the fullest one way to be inspired to do that is to listen to this,

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the inspired stewardship podcast with my friend scott miller.

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You can re examine your life again and nothing really good to find new set of limiting beliefs because we all got levels.

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I dont care how successful you see somebody still got things that are holding back we allways got work to do this is part of our main it's part of the journey that were on.

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Welcome and thank you for joining us in the inspired stewardship podcast.

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If you truly desire to become the person god wants you to bring us learn to use your time your talent and your treasures for your call.

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Any inspired stewardship podcast learn to invest in yourself invest in others and develop your influence so they use the.

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Today's episode about investing in others to bring your tablet i talk with you about what.

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Are limiting beliefs how you can identify your limiting beliefs and what you can do about that.

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You heard me talk about developing talent and what are the best ways to do that is starbucks,

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can you get a thirty day free trial was over a hundred and eighty thousand titles to choose from and you can pick one and listen your way to develop in your town let's be adorable,

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that's inspired stewardship dot com slash audible to get your free trial and listen to grade books the same way you listening to this podcast.

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Limiting beliefs.

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I talked about this before on the podcast because the truth is this is an area where we all have them we all got

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buli santa live voices speaking side had no hard is that something is true what in reality,

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it's not necessarily

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the truth we've all got things in believe think or things deep down inside of his boys instead of talk to us for years and we heard that same story over and over and our head until we just believe its true.

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Even though it may not be treated as these negative thoughts are often things

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that we don't even know are there we have an even identify the belief that the court somebody is limiting beliefs minor things in summer major.

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We need to begin to identify the one set of the biggest things that hold us back and begin to work to change those.

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So how do you begin to identify the limiting beliefs remember i said these things that are held so deeply that you almost don't even know that they are there are any updates

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how can you find some theatre so deep inside you that your quote meaning for leaves.

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First thing is begin to look at the areas of your life you remember back on monday we talked about the seven areas of light spiritual and intellectual physical or emotional relations recreational health work career.

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As you look at these areas think about the ones where you're struggling think about the ones where they're staying is going on that you don't enjoy that you don't like there were things are less than perfect.

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Or even less than growing and begin to look at those were your actively doing things you're working on them here maybe you're struggling in your intellectual area,

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you're continuing to work at your reading growing learning you're going back to school your doing something to better yourself that's not what i'm looking for i'm looking for an area of your life or your struggling,

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but you just seem to believe that there's nothing you can do about it there's no action that you can take that would change your situation.

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When you find an area like that are really good the bad behavior that non action is coming out of a quad,

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limit thing leif so you think about your finances are you struggling in your financial area.

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Are you struggling with believing that you never have enough money you'll never get out of debt you never be able to buy the things that you really want that's a limiting belief.

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Are you struggling in your relationship you know i'll never find a partner who loves me that's a limiting belief.

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Are you struggling taking care of yourself your health r u struggling enjoy your life whatever it is when you think about those areas of your life.

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There's areas where you struggling and you're not actively trying to grow in those areas then begin to write out your limiting beliefs this is where journaling take some good.

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Active role where you can sit down and just breaking down right everything you bowie about money right everything that you believe about your health,

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write everything that you believe about your relationships just start writing and look for patterns look for ways that the use began to have pounds of good police and negative beliefs,

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i want to try to highlight is the negative beliefs the ones that say i'll never be wealthy.

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Anyone who has money must of gotten by stealing it i'll never be able to have a partner who really loves me.

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My friends want never actually care for me as much as i care for them look for the negative patterns,

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i begin to identify which of these would actually help you,

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to change i want to identify some of those begin to re constructing d construct the belief.

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Activate jio reorder having negative if there is a process that you can use.

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Right to believe down make a list in the left hand side of the page right the limiting belief on the right hand side right the enabling truth and then begin to read the limiting beliefs and instead read the enabling truth in response.

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Identify where the belief came from who was it that spoke to you this staying oftentimes we hear the voice of somebody from our past telling us this.

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Think what this person really an expert in this area was this someone who had facts to back it up or will they simply passing their own beliefs on to you.

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Recognize that you can choose to not believe this anymore u can begin to look for a new pattern look for new information look for new fax look for things that disprove your beliefs.

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Can you believe it can never have a relationship that's good find the one example of relationship in your life that is good kids are really good you got one.

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If you.

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Recognize that you don't have any relationships that are good ask yourself instead what's the smallest steps i can take whatever i'd be doing it this way and causing the relationships to be bad how can i stop doing that.

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What can i do differently.

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Leave the twelfth is evil look around and find examples of where wells has actually done good in the world begin to look for examples that disprove your limiting belief and instead prove the enabling truth.

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I didn't read those each and every day and begin to second guess yes that directly counter that limiting belief,

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you believe you can make money work to make a little more money if you believe you can have good relationships work to have just a tiny better relationship tomorrow

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and then just rinse and repeat continue to do that overtime and what you begin to discover slowly over time that limiting belief will break down.

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And here's the really fun part when you got rid of that limiting belief.

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You can re examine your life again is there really good you'll find a whole new set of limiting beliefs because we've all got all levels.

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I don't care how successful you see somebody they still got things that are holding back we allways got work to do this is part of our made it's part of the journey that were on,

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so work on reducing or limiting beliefs,

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examine them again and do it again and overtime your begin to grow and transform your mind your body your soul and your spirit and you'll achieve more than u ever believed you could,

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thanks for listening.

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Yo are thanks so much for listening to the inspired stewardship podcast,

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as a subscriber in list here we challenge you to not just sit back and possibly listen.

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Asked on what you heard and find a way to live your calling.

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If you like this episode on the stewardship of talent you can go over to inspired stewardship dot com slash tablet,

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can't sign up for our five week series on the stewardship of town,

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if you're in the us you can text four to two.

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Tallets tips that's talent tech labs to four four two two and get those temps until next time,

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invest your time your talent and your treasures develop your influence and impact the world.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

  • What are limiting beliefs...
  • How you can identify your limiting beliefs...
  • What to do about them...
  • and more.....

If you want to live a life that matters, don’t start when you get good; start now so you become good. – John C Maxwell

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