Join us today for an episode about how the idea of perfect balance is false and what you can do instead...

Today's episode is focused on making sure that as you begin to carve out time to live out your calling you don't steal time from those you love and begin to push them away.  

In this episode, we cover a common issue if you begin to try to find time to grow your calling.  The idea that it steals time from those you love.  I talk with you about how you can find balance and the key thing that you must do if you don't want to have a conflict with those you love about your use of time. 

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How trying to find time to live out your calling can create conflict with those you love if you aren't careful...
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    How balancing time for others and your calling is an active process that requires energy...
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    The key thing you must do to both find time for your calling and find time for those you love...
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    and more.....

You can have it all. Just not all at once. - Oprah Winfrey

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