Join us today for Part 3 of the Interview with Mr. Fi Guy, Taylor Stevens...

This is Part 3 of the interview I had with Taylor Stevens Mr. Fi Guy about how he's invested in himself.  

In today’s interview with Mr. Fi Guy, Taylor Stevens, about developing your influence, Taylor and I talk with you about leadership.  I ask Taylor to share with you his top tips on how you can grow your influence.  Taylor also shares with you how to work past struggling with your story.  I also ask Taylor for tips on public speaking and lots more..

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In today's episode, I ask Taylor about:

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    His top tips on how you can grow your influence...
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    How to work past struggling with your story...
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    and more.....

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Unless you can use the connected world to sync up with other like minded people, then you can reach out to those people.  - Taylor Stevens

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