Join us today for Part 2 of the Interview with Mark Aho, author of Building Wealth and Living in Faith...

This is Part 2 of the interview I had with speaker, author, and financial expert Mark Aho.  

In today’s interview with Mark Aho, Mark talks with you about investing in others.  Mark shares with you his view on Purposeful Wealth and why it’s vital to investing in others.  Mark and I talk with you about mentorship and it’s value.  As well, Mark shares with you how to avoid focusing only on self-development and lots more.

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In today's episode, I ask Mark about:

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    His view on Purposeful Wealth and why it’s vital to investing in others...
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    The value of Mentorship...
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    How to avoid focusing only on self-development...
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    and more.....

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Their gift is they can take that money and grow it because that's their gift. But they do this honorably with good intentions this is Purposeful Wealth - Mark Aho

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