Join me today for an episode about the problem of trying to grow lemons on a cherry tree...

Today's episode is focused on recognizing and nurturing the strengths of our children...

In today’s episode about investing in others through stewarding your talent, I talk with you about how easy it is to try to only see talent as strength but how there are more than just strengths of talent.  I describe how you can nurture your child’s strengths of both character and talent.  I also cover some recognizable things that will allow you to identify true strengths rather than just things your kids are good at.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How easy it is to try to only see talent as strength...
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    How to nurture your child’s strengths of both kinds...
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    How there are ways to really identify true strengths in your child…
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    and more.....

It is sometimes difficult to view compassion and loving kindness as the strengths they are. - Sharon Salzberg

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