Join us today for an episode about the need to be a life long learn, and why time is an excuse not a reason...

Today's episode is focused on becoming humble enough to be a life long learner...

In today’s episode about investing in yourself by stewarding your time, I talk with you about how it's all too common in today's world that you don't continue learning after you graduate.  How learning is important but applying the knowledge is just as important to your success.  I also share how consistency is way more important than volume when it comes to being an effective lifelong learner.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How many people don’t continue to learn after school...
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    How knowledge isn’t power...
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    How consistency is more important than volume when it comes to life long learning...
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    and more.....

Knowledge isn't power, knowledge applied is power. - Scott Maderer

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