Join us today for Part 3 of the Interview with Mario Porreca, host of the 10-Minute Mindset Podcast...

This is Part 3 of the interview I had with speaker, podcast host, and mindset coach Mario Porreca.

Mario Porreca and I sat down to talk with you about mindset and developing your influence.  Mario shares with you his definition of leadership and how you can develop your influence if you have the right mindset.  Mario also talks about the power of story and how it is a secret for your success or the source of your failure but it's all in how you frame things.  Mario and I also talk about some of the secrets to public speaking, including how one of them may just be found in your shower...

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In today's episode, I ask Mario about:

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    Developing your influence by serving with the heart of a teacher...
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    How your story is both the secret of your success and secret of your failure depending on how you frame it...
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    How the secret to public speaking may just be found in your shower…
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    and more.....

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You will start to show up that way, you'll start to look at your obstacles as blessings you'll start to look at your hardships and know that on the other side of them is even better on the other side of them is even more and when you get to that point it will really change the game for you because then you'll never struggle with your story again. - Mario Por

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