Join us today for the Interview with Nick Drivas, coach for habits and productivity...

This is the interview I had with coach Nick Drivas.  

In today’s podcast, I interview Nick Drivas.  I ask Nick about his own journey from pornography addict to habit-breaking coach. I also ask Nick about how his faith affected his journey.  Nick also shares with you some tips on how you can work to break your own bad habits.

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Episode 1392: Interview With Nick Drivas About How You Can Change Your Life

[00:00:00] Scott Maderer: Thanks for joining us on episode 1392 of the Inspired Stewardship Podcast.

[00:00:08] Nick Drivas: I'm Nick Drivas. I challenge you to invest in yourself, invest in others, develop your influence, and impact the world by using your time, your talent, and your treasures to live out your true calling. Having the ability to achieve the best possible you across the board in all ways, and the number one way is to listen to the Inspired Stewardship Podcast with my friend, Scott Maderer.

[00:00:45] My faith wasn't that high the way it is now. Also the wisdom and everything that I've gained over this past year, and I remember I was down in my basement, it was like a night after some like family party, I found this [00:01:00] cross.

[00:01:04] Scott Maderer: Welcome, and thank you for joining us on the Inspired Stewardship Podcast. If you truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, Then you must learn to use your time, your talent, and your treasures for your true calling. In the Inspired Stewardship Podcast, you will learn to invest in yourself, invest in others, and develop your influence so that you can impact the world.

[00:01:37] In today's podcast, I interview Nick Drivas. I asked Nick about his own journey from pornography addict to habit breaking coach. I also asked Nick about how his faith affected that journey. And Nick also shares with you some tips on how you can work to break your own bad habits. I've got a new book coming out called Inspired Living, assembling the puzzle of your call [00:02:00] by mastering your time, your talent and your treasures.

[00:02:03] You can find out more about it and sign up. for getting more information over at InspiredStewardship. com Inspired Living. That's InspiredStewardship. com Inspired Living. Nick Drevis is an online personal development coach that focuses on building the best possible you so that you can hit that next level.

[00:02:26] After being a porn addict for 10 plus years, he finally decided to make a change for himself focusing on his fitness, his mindset, and nutrition. He was at that point of suicide before making this change, and the program he teaches now to others was the same program that turned his own life around.

[00:02:45] Welcome to the show, Nick!

[00:02:47] Nick Drivas: What's going on, Scott? Happy to be here.

[00:02:49] Scott Maderer: It is great to have you here today. So I shared a little bit in the intro about some of your background and your history and what you're working on now as a personal [00:03:00] development coach. But I always tell people I like to give people a chance to expand on their intro because you're.

[00:03:05] Your intro is like the Instagram version of our life, right? We always make sure that, oh, the dirty clothes aren't in the background of this shot, let's make sure we get we show only the good stuff, right? So talk a little bit about your journey and what brought you to this point where now you're focusing on coaching and doing the development and helping others.

[00:03:26] Nick Drivas: Yeah, so this goes all the way back, honestly, since I was 12 years old. I'm 23 now and I was a 10 plus year porn addict and it messed up my life completely. I didn't know what I was gonna be doing with my life. I was literally all through high school trying to chase a dream in high school. It was trying to get to the NBA.

[00:03:46] And every year I would try out for the school team. And when trials came around, remember, I'm still jerking it every single day. So I didn't have any confidence, but I always put in the work. I always [00:04:00] had some sort of purpose, if anything, along my whole journey. But this is what held me back. It was a lot of drawbacks because of the addiction that I did have.

[00:04:10] So I tried out every single year. I would always come up close. And one, what wound up happening was is I would just freeze up. I would have no confidence, no self esteem, and I would get cut every single year, and I would be so ashamed with myself, I would just go back to the addiction. Same thing in college.

[00:04:31] I did one semester, and I dropped out. I was very depressed when I was trying to make it on YouTube. Only gained like a couple hundred subscribers at the time, and I had this very dark cloud over my head. I went to a SUNY school. So here in New York, it's called a State University School. It was right up the block, like 15 20 minutes from my house.

[00:04:54] And I remember every single day I would go on the drive. I would say to myself, I'm taking the same [00:05:00] path and I have this dark cloud over my head. I don't want to be here. I want to just commit suicide at this point. I don't want to be on this earth anymore. And this was tied in with the addiction and also what I was trying to accomplish and also being in school on top of that.

[00:05:18] I was very shy, especially in high school. And then even in college, like never could talk to women because of the addiction, never could literally start a conversation, like a lot of social anxiety, especially when presenting to the class as well. And it really affected my life up until literally 2022.

[00:05:40] So back in 2020, this is around when the world went bonkers with COVID. And from there, I started posting on TikTok. So now I'm finally getting focused. Now I go like 200 plus days, not on the porn, if anything. I'm just [00:06:00] laser focused, blinders on, and just posting every single day on TikTok.

[00:06:05] Eight times a day, just workouts. And I wasn't in shape, by the way, throughout this whole process. So I was very overweight, and then I've been super skinny as well. So I've been on both sides. And throughout this whole process. It was constant lows and highs. But this time period specifically when we were in lockdown, I was just posting every single day and I was like in shape, but it was like super skinny.

[00:06:32] And a lot of people, even online or in person were calling me very skinny and it did affect me to the point, but I was able to grow that account to 700, 000 followers. The problem was, is that the account itself was not. exactly real because of the content that I was actually posting. It was a mix of fitness, but then I started just chasing the numbers and I saw that, oh, I was starting to get a little bit of money from it.[00:07:00]

[00:07:00] And what wound up happening is it went like a spike. It went really quick. I made a, like a thousand to 2000 at the time. That's the most that I was making from anything. And then I saw it was going down. I got very comfortable. And what did my brain think? It thought, Oh, let's just go back to the porn.

[00:07:19] So I started just going hard on the porn two to three times a day. So this is like for a year straight. I'm trying to run my business. I invest into a couple of coaching communities because that's what they said to do, because I was just making these like 20 to 30 little workout programs when I was on TikTok.

[00:07:39] But then I learned about coaching specifically. And then for the next year, I was still on the porn, but I was trying to run my business and it was still just messing me up to the point that I just felt again, so isolated, so depressed, so weak as an individual, I wasn't in shape. I was gaining a lot of weight [00:08:00] at this point.

[00:08:00] My diet is trash, not taking care of myself. My habits are so out of alignment. And then on July 27, 2022 was the, Ultimate, like just game changer for myself. My consciousness is telling me like, Hey, you need to invest into a coach. You need to go to somebody, you need to level up your life.

[00:08:21] You need to get your life together basically, because at this point I had no money coming in. I had just a couple of grand left in my bank account and I spent that money. on a coach that was from one of the communities that I was in. So from there, I just started working on myself, working on my habits, working on my fitness, mindset, nutrition, all these things.

[00:08:43] And I'm so thankful that I was able to listen to that consciousness because consciousness is the authentic voice of God. So it will always guide you. along your journey and it always has when I listen to it. So that gut feeling or when that voice is ringing in your head like, hey, this is what you got to do.

[00:08:59] You [00:09:00] got to listen to that voice. Because ever since then, I've just been applying the blueprint that I was being taught from a personal development coach. And at this point, I, it was rock bottom for myself. I didn't want to eat. I didn't want to live. I didn't want to get out of bed. I was so depressed.

[00:09:19] And just from there, I started to put in work. I started to put in action. Gratitude is action. So I started to see life in a whole different perspective. The program that he taught me that now that I teach to others, it saved my whole life across the freaking board. So again, just my diet, I just started stacking little wins, going through my non negotiable daily process as well.

[00:09:41] And I just stuck to it and stuck to it. And now the business as a whole, I just surpassed literally 10k per month in my own business in literally a year of just doing this straight every single day and not missing. So literally it works. The program itself, I was in a very [00:10:00] tough spot and I just had to keep working every single day, just pound against it until there was a crack.

[00:10:07] So like mine may take longer compared to somebody else along their journey, but it literally works. It saved my own life because I was going to take my life because I remember literally trying to drown myself in the bathtub. Like it was that serious. And now it's a total 360 from July 27, 2022. It took around 12, 13 or 14 months.

[00:10:29] It was back in September of this year. that I passed that 10k mark.

[00:10:34] Scott Maderer: So a couple of things came to mind as you were talking about that. And one is, I talk a lot about what I call the power of compounding behavior. And it sounds like you were in that too. And it goes both directions when we're doing.

[00:10:50] negative things when we're focused on negative things, when we're behaving on whether that's not eating right, whether that's an addiction of some sort, and again, it could be any [00:11:00] kind of addiction. It doesn't have to be porn, it could be gambling, it could be drugs, it could be alcohol.

[00:11:05] When we have those sorts of negative behaviors those compound in our life. And then what you would, really all you did, quote unquote, all you did, in air quotes is replace some of that negative behavior with repeated good behavior and begin to allow that to compound. And then that spilled over into areas, other areas of your life.

[00:11:27] What do you see in terms of that power of that the compounding that happens when we identify those key behaviors? Yeah.

[00:11:36] Nick Drivas: It's delayed gratification. So literally when I hit that 10k, I was like, it's all the work that I did beforehand, back in July of 2022. It was all the habits.

[00:11:50] It was all there. Like I knew it was all there. I just had to apply it because I knew if I didn't apply it or I slipped up or I missed like that, I took it [00:12:00] so seriously. Like I remember sending every single night, there's a whole elite daily discipline checklist I have with my coach that now I give for my guys.

[00:12:09] And it's no alcohol, no drugs, no hookups, no porn, like every single day. I would put the date, save it on Instagram as a post, put the date, put all the check marks, or if there was an X the key thing was being honest as well, cause at first it was like, X for no porn, or it was X for, let's say junk food, or whatever was on the list that's the key thing too with it, and then I would send it over, I didn't miss and I just continued to do it, over and then like how you said the compound effect.

[00:12:47] Yeah, that's what it did. It just come compounded over

[00:12:50] Scott Maderer: time and it starts to change the way that you view. yourself, because it's wait, I've done this seven days in a row. [00:13:00] And yeah, you may still have slipped up and broke the streak, but it's but yeah, but now I know I can at least do that seven days because I did it.

[00:13:08] So maybe I can do it eight next time. And then you do 12 and it's oh, now I know I can do it 12 it adds to itself. The other thing you mentioned is hearing that voice of consciousness, that voice that like you said, is that the voice of God.

[00:13:25] speaking into your life. We don't always listen to it speaking into our life. Talk a little bit about your faith journey and how you view that higher power, whatever name you want to give it, that you have a relationship with. How has that affected you on this journey?

[00:13:42] Nick Drivas: Yeah. So again, it's I believe more like universe.

[00:13:45] I say God, but I believe just God is universe. That's just my opinion. Whatever you guys believe in that is. Whatever, whoever whatever you think that is. But for me, I always think the universe or gods is just. being able [00:14:00] to guide me in the direction of what my life wants, and that's all based upon my vision, my actions, my thought process, and my actual energy.

[00:14:08] So for it to guide me along that path, I need to be in such alignment to attain what I actually want and it's actually crazy. I remember when I was on this path building it up from July. I believe it was back around this time last year, like October, November. My faith wasn't that high the way it is now also the wisdom and everything that I've gained.

[00:14:34] over this past year and I remember I was down in my basement and it was like a night after some like family party and we had this I found this cross and I was like, whose cross is this? Is this somebody from the party that we had? So I reached out and they said, no, that's not my cross, but it was down there because we had somebody who was [00:15:00] sleeping over the night before where I found it.

[00:15:02] So I asked even him specifically, and he was like, no, that's not my cross. So it's like some crazy I don't know what you want to call this, but this cross ended up in my hand. And ever since I've held onto this cross, I wear, I'm not wearing it right now, but I hold onto this cross because. That's like fate.

[00:15:21] That was like a sign from the universe. I don't know how this ended up even in my house. It's a crazy story. And ever since then, I my faith grew and then I started to tap in a lot deeper, which is daily prayer for myself, affirmations, and just believing more in myself overall. That was my main thing.

[00:15:43] Even growing up with anything that I did I had the work behind it. It didn't matter what it was. I always had work ethic. My main thing is that I never had belief in what I was actually doing. So they call it heat plus pressure is what [00:16:00] I was taught. So heat is the belief or the faith of whatever you're going after.

[00:16:06] And then you also have to have the pressure, which is the work behind or the action, the habits, the actual, just doing the work. That's all it is. So I only had the pressure when I was growing up. So I've looked at a lot of things that I was doing over the years and that was my main thing. And even the coach that I hired, he said the same thing.

[00:16:30] It's like you have the work ethic, your main thing is the faith or the heat. And ever since then, I'm just like, all you gotta do, Nick, just make your faith a lot stronger. So ever since that experience with the cross. I was like, Oh, this is that missing link that I've been looking for my whole life. So ever since then, my faith has only just grown astronomically.

[00:16:54] Scott Maderer: It's interesting because the way I talk about it is and again, it's the same concept. [00:17:00] It's just different language which I find a lot of times the, in different language, it's not right or wrong. It works differently for different people because different people need to hear it different that this idea of taking in.

[00:17:15] Not just doing the work, but actually having that, that vision, that belief that, that big enough, why something that drives you beyond just doing the work I've seen coaches that are and other folks, business owners that they want to chase the money, but they don't have a passion.

[00:17:38] And the money doesn't show up, but then when they find the big enough, why the big enough passion, and that doesn't necessarily have to be quote, the product they're selling either. It's just, it's something deeper that they believe in themselves. They believe in their ability to do it. Then all of a sudden the money shows up and it's so when you chase the money, it runs away, but when you focus on the other stuff, then then money shows [00:18:00] up have you seen that yourself where, you know, cause early on, it sounds like you were real focused on the numbers and it's.

[00:18:07] How can I make money from this? And then now the money's showing up, but it's not really the same attitude when it comes to it.

[00:18:15] Nick Drivas: Yeah, definitely. When I was on TikTok, especially I remember one day I hit it was like 10K followers, like off of, I think I was at like 30K and then it jumped to 40K or something like that.

[00:18:26] And I was like, Oh, now I got to get a 50K tomorrow. And then it like becomes a drug. It's the same thing. It's you get attached to that vice specifically. And I was getting so attached to him. I'm like, Oh, let me make this. type of content. Let me do this so I can gain more followers. I wasn't even making it about the content and like thinking about how is this going to serve somebody.

[00:18:48] How is this I'm going to help somebody. So I was not thinking it from the right approach and right angle. And I got bit in the butt for it doing all that. [00:19:00] So ever since then I noticed that even when I was doing the sales, cause I remember I would reach out to people and I would try to force a sale onto them and I'm like, why are they not buying it?

[00:19:12] And then I'm like, Oh, it's because I'm being too pushy. I'm like, why don't I just not care, be in abundance all the time. And then everything just started to rain on me. Then it just started flowing and then the compound effect just kicked in even more. And yeah, every time. Same thing with dating sales and dating, especially , same exact thing.

[00:19:35] You try to chase that chick. She's going the opposite direction. She's not going towards you like. Yeah. And by

[00:19:43] Scott Maderer: the way, as a, as married 20 plus years, that by the way, married guys that works with your wife too, it's like, in a nice way that doesn't mean you don't do anything for the person or you don't care about them, but at the same time, it's, you [00:20:00] can't be the pushy person either in the relationship or else it comes across as So I got a couple of more questions too.

[00:20:11] So one of the things that I heard in there is, you made this quick change and it was you set a date like it's a light switch before this, everything was terrible. And after this, everything is perfect. And yet you also alluded to the fact that no, actually there were times that I slipped backwards.

[00:20:33] It wasn't all perfect. And a lot of times we see where somebody is at. We see the destination. It's wow, Nick's killing it. He's doing good. He's out there. Everything's his life is perfect, but we don't actually look at what got you there and all the stumbles and the falls and the challenges.

[00:20:54] What are some of the challenges that you faced or that when folks are [00:21:00] beginning that shift in their life that they could expect to face as they go through that? Yeah, like life is literally lows and highs. I don't think there's ever going to be a perfect like trajectory and a lot of people try to do that online and try to just say.

[00:21:15] Nick Drivas: the perfect lifestyle or the perfect dream physique and all these things, but nobody that's where I am just different and I'm gonna give you the exact story along the timeline of what's going on. Literally like even throughout the process from July 27, 2022, again, there was slip ups, there was stuff that came up, there was something with my car, it cost like four grand because my windshield went up on me when I was driving.

[00:21:47] Oh, that's not

[00:21:47] Scott Maderer: supposed to happen. Literally, I remember, oh my god, that is like clear as day. And that hurt like I was like, Oh my God, like I don't have this type of money couldn't [00:22:00] go through with insurance and I'm like this is happening so it's like I got to deal with it it wasn't just, Oh, I just start to work on myself and then made a whole bunch of money like there was still like things that came up.

[00:22:15] Nick Drivas: along the path, but I see everything as just a test from the universe. It's just like, how bad do you want it? So what happened with my car, I could have complained like crazy, could have went and sold drugs to try to figure it out. No, I just continue to run my own business and continue to get money on the side from other side hustles and jobs on top of that to support myself.

[00:22:41] And. I figured it out and I just paid it and I just kept it moving and then I passed the test and then there was so many more tests that came along and that's how I just view life with anything now and I'm like it's all a test because then that 10k last [00:23:00] month I'm like that's the reward but it's like now okay Nick what are you going to do this month what are you going to do next month what are you going to do today you know you

[00:23:12] Scott Maderer: One of the things too, that I, you just alluded to is that idea of change chasing the perfect the, whatever perfect is for you, which never we never really seem to arrive at there.

[00:23:28] One of the expressions that I use and that, that. Again, listeners of the shows will have heard is it's progress, not perfect, which the irony of that expression is that the grammatically that should be progress, not perfection, but I deliberately say it progress, not perfect, because now even the expressions not perfect it's grammatically wrong and it is, again, I think it's that same idea.

[00:23:52] What do you see when folks are trying to achieve perfection versus trying to achieve. whatever their [00:24:00] best is right now in this moment whatever that best self looks like now.

[00:24:05] Nick Drivas: Yeah. They're looking at the end goal only. They only care about the result while you should actually focus on the process.

[00:24:12] You should focus moment by moment instead of focusing on a destination. Russ says it best, honestly, there ain't no destination. The journey is everything. So literally every single day, look at what you're doing. Is that in alignment with eventually being that 10. 0 self, like you killing it, having everything that you want all the foreign cars, whatever, the house, the family, whatever you want in this life but doing it moment by moment and saying, okay, the actions and habits that I'm doing now, does it align with that perfect character eventually?

[00:24:50] And if not, then don't do those actions and don't focus on perfection. Just do the requirements. Just do the non negotiables that [00:25:00] will get you there. Like for instance, I've been sick. I went on two, I had two big mastermind trips, like in a week, like I went to Mexico, then like a couple of days came back and went down to Florida for another one.

[00:25:11] And I came back and ever since these past week, two weeks, even I've been sick, but I'm like. Okay, I'm not able to operate at my best. I am human at the end of the day. But also I can still do what's non negotiable. My non negotiable daily process can still wake up early, stack my wins, journal, read personal development, listen to personal development, still keep my mind during this time, keep my diet in check, not throw that out the window.

[00:25:41] Certain things like that, yeah, may not be perfect circumstances, But I'm still able to do what is required. And that's what I'm getting at. Literally just do what is required. The non negotiables that you have to do, regardless of the circumstances that's going on, it's not because when you think like perfection, you're actually [00:26:00] procrastinating on what you actually got to do, just get to work.

[00:26:03] That's the

[00:26:03] Scott Maderer: bottom line. Have those, again, it's both components. It's believe that you can achieve, but also actually do the work. Cause if all you do is believe it's not going to happen, and if all you do is go through the motions you're not going to stick to it long enough for it to happen is usually what happens.

[00:26:22] You deviate new shiny object comes along and it's like, Oh, let me go chase that shiny object instead of. Actually, like you said, focus on the things that you've identified and just put your nose down and do the work. So I've got a few questions that I like to ask all of my guests, but before I go there, is there anything else about the work you do that you'd like to share with the listener?

[00:26:45] Nick Drivas: I would say is stick to the program, whatever program that you do, you gotta stick through it through thick and thin, like I've been able to do my program on repeat because it's simple, and then also is that I just don't make [00:27:00] any excuses, I still, again, like how I was just saying, it's the non negotiables, like in those moments, it's I know that those four to five things that I do every single day, it's going to lead me to the effect or the compound effect as we were talking before, as how I was able to get to that 10k per month, how I was able to do this in my business, how I was able to afford these trips that I just went on for masterminds.

[00:27:24] Because before that, I wasn't doing anything. I wasn't traveling. I wasn't going out clubbing. all these little things and really enjoying myself. It's always the purpose over the pleasure and I was able to do the purpose out there, but it was also able to connect, network while I was at these masterminds and have a good time as well to just enjoy everything that I was able to accomplish.

[00:27:48] So everything just came in perfect timing. of celebrating the moment, but also keeping it pushing. Literally, the next day I was just like, okay, I'm back at zero. Let's go. [00:28:00] I'm still broke . That's it. I'm still broke. It doesn't change. Even after so many amounts of success never satisfied with everything that I do.

[00:28:14] Scott Maderer: My brand is Inspired Stewardship, and I run things through that lens of stewardship. And yet, that's one of those words Leadership and there's a bunch of words that I've discovered over the years. I gotta be real careful using 'em because they mean completely different things to completely different to everybody.

[00:28:33] And stewardship is one of those words. So when you hear the word stewardship, what does that word mean to you?

[00:28:39] Nick Drivas: For me, off rip, I just hear leadership. I just hear leading by example. I say showing up as your best. again, regardless of the circumstances, just being the best possible version of you. And when also leading by example is that you're leading from the front.

[00:28:59] So [00:29:00] if you lead and you're not showing up, let's say, or you're not showing up as your best, then the people that are looking up to you, they're going to fail in the process. That's how I look for all my things that I do for my clients and everything, even on my Instagram. I just post every single day my story, waking up early, all these things, because I know if I miss that wake up time.

[00:29:23] People are going to be like, Oh man, he slept in. That means I can sleep in now. So it's if you're not leading from the front and if you're not operating at your best, then the people that are looking up to you, they're going to follow. in pursuit of what you're doing at that point. So that's what I think stewardship means for me in person.

[00:29:42] Scott Maderer: Awesome. So this is my favorite question that I like to ask everybody. Imagine for a minute, Nick, that I invented this magic machine. And with this machine, I was able to pluck you from where you are today and transport you into the future, maybe 150, maybe 250 years. [00:30:00] But through the power of this machine, you were able to look back and see your entire life.

[00:30:04] and see all of the connections, all of the ripples, all of the impacts you've left behind. What impact do you hope you've left in the world?

[00:30:13] Nick Drivas: Just being the best man across the board and then I was that offering to the world. In terms of literally down to all the podcasts I've done, the YouTube videos the staying consistent seeing the whole journey, because people love to see your journey from all the setbacks, the drawbacks, or just when you started, seeing everything in the mix of it.

[00:30:38] Because even along my journey, like how I was saying before, I posted when my windshield like went up on me, like I told people about that. I went on my story and be like, guys, this is happening. And people like were like, Oh my God, what? That's great. So people are going to remember little things like that along the whole journey.

[00:30:57] But then I also do post my wins. I post my [00:31:00] results. And I post the receipts of what's going on. And I always stay back. Hey, it's this program. It's everything that I'm doing. So I know that the program that I have, it keeps me again in alignment and it keeps me operating at my best because that's, what's going to be shown for years.

[00:31:19] And if somebody comes across if YouTube's still around 150, 200 years from now, and they see, Oh my God, this guy never missed. Oh my god, he went from porn addict to looking like a porn star now that's crazy all these things and what he's been able to accomplish, so that's gonna be the main thing that I could leave that tremendous impact on so many lives.

[00:31:47] So here as we kick off

[00:31:48] Scott Maderer: 2024, what's coming next for you as you continue on

[00:31:50] Nick Drivas: this journey? Man, honestly, keep scaling the business. And then also it's going to be more in person experiences. Like I had [00:32:00] those two masterminds. I already got two other trips lining up at this very moment. I'll just clarify in the details.

[00:32:07] So a lot more just events and honestly leading those events. Because the one that I did in Florida, I actually led it and it was with the program specifically that I was doing. So we did a whole burpee sesh. It was in front of like 20 other entrepreneurs, multi millionaires, and they just followed my commands along with somebody else that I had on my team.

[00:32:29] So I'm like, more stuff like that and speaking events eventually as well for myself, explaining the story like how I explained today.

[00:32:42] You can find out

[00:32:42] Scott Maderer: more about Nick Drevis over at Instagram. com NickDrevisFit, that's spelled N I C K D R I V A S F I T. And of course I'll have a link to that over in the show notes as well. Nick, anything else about your program or the [00:33:00] work you do that you'd like to share with the listeners or where they can find out more about working with you?

[00:33:04] Nick Drivas: Yeah, definitely. So again, on Instagram, you can find me, just shoot me a DM for the two programs that I offer. And I'll explain briefly the two programs. The first one is going to be just a mid level program that I offer. So that's more group focus with like minded individuals on the same journey as you custom workout and diet plan included with weekly check ins and then non negotiable daily process that I talked about today.

[00:33:29] And it really just. runs through your habits, just the basic foundations for you to get your life together, to get everything just set in motion when it comes to your health, because your health is your wealth. So if you're going and spending on McDonald's and all these things, no, like it's got to be your health and working on yourself.

[00:33:49] That's the best investment that you can make. Now, the second one is my elite. mindset, unbreakable lifestyle program, I call it. And this is more one on one focus with me. [00:34:00] This is where we conquer any addiction, any vice that you're going through. Again, the same thing when it comes to your custom workout diet plan, and we really break down your daily process.

[00:34:11] So if you're a top individual, a high performer, entrepreneur, business owner, these are where these guys really need that one on one support. So for that, it's the same thing, just a lot more included for you. And I just go more in depth of the foundations plus deeper principles on mindset and the secrets of the universe to upgrade your life and level up across the board.

[00:34:35] So that's the two programs that I offer. And once again, you can shoot me a DM on Instagram, nickdrivisfit, and we'll take it from there. Awesome.

[00:34:59] Scott Maderer: [00:35:00] Thanks so much for listening to the Inspired Stewardship Podcast. As a subscriber and listener, we challenge you to not just sit back and passively listen, but act on what you've heard and find a way to live your calling. If you enjoyed this episode please do us a favor, go over to inspired stewardship.

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[00:35:58] ​[00:36:00]

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My faith wasn’t that high the way it is now.  Also the wisdom and everything I’ve gained.  I remember being down in my basement this night after this family party and I found this cross. – Nick Drivas

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