Join us today for an episode about the need to have the right heart when giving...

Today's episode is focused on the mindset of service versus serve-us and how it's all too easy to have the wrong one, even if you are giving.

In this episode, I talk with you about how you need to invest in others with a mindset of service rather than serve-us.  How the characteristics of service are different than serve-us even if you are doing the same things or giving the same amount. I also talk with you about how to recognize the right mindset with a series of five questions.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    Service versus serve-us when investing in others...
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    The characteristics of service rather than helping...
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    A checklist of the traits that indicate you have a service mindset...
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    and more.....

Be more concerned with what you can do for others than what others can do for you. You'll be surprised at the results -John Wooden

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