Join us today for Spiritual Foundations as we discuss 15 actions you can take to use your influence for good....

In this episode, we discuss how you ARE influencing people and being influenced and some actionable tips to becoming a positive influence.

It's not enough to WANT to be a positive influence on others you have to really work at it.  Join in to hear some of the tips to becoming a positive influence, hear me share a little bit about my journey through a period of contemplating suicide and how positive influences helped me out of it.

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In today's episode, I ​talk about:

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    Developing your influence....
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    Who do you influence.....
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    Who influences you...​​​​
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    15 tips to being a positive influence...
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    and more.....

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“Everyone in life has a purpose, even if it's to serve as a bad example” Carroll Bryant 

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