Join us today for Part 4 of the Interview with Shannon Miles, Author of "The Third Option"...

This is Part 4 of the interview I had with author and CEO Shannon Miles of Belay.  

Shannon Miles is the author of the new book "The Third Option" about not being forced to choose between family and career but pursuing a third way so that you can have both. In today's interview I chat with Shannon about how stretching herself is something that she's found as key to making an impact.  How self care and serving others are the two most important principles she follows for making a dent in the universe.  Plus we talk about the legacy she wants to leave and more.

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In today's episode, I ask Shannon about:

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    How stretching yourself can help you make an impact...
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    What are the top principles she recommends to help you make a dent in the universe
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    What legacy she hopes to leave...
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    and more.....

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We've seen people who don't take care of themselves and they leave this shrapnel that's affected others when if they actually took care of themselves they would have been a more effective leader, owner, husband, wife... - Shannon Miles

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