Join us today for an episode about the need to sometimes have the tough conversation when you invest in others...

Today's episode is focused on both why and how to have the challenging conversations when you are truly interested in investing in others.

In this episode, I talk with you about how it is inevitable that sooner or later you'll have to have an uncomfortable, difficult, and tough conversation with others when you are truly investing in others.  I talk with you about developing this vital skill and give you some specific tips on how to most effectively have the conversation that is necessary even though you may not want to have it.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    The inevitability of having the have the tough conversation with others...
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    Why this is a skill that's needed if you are investing in others...
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    Some specific tips so that you can have the tough conversation most effectively...
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    and more.....

Difficult conversations are almost never about getting the facts right. They are about conflicting perceptions, interpretations, and values. - Douglas Stone

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