Join us today as I discuss with you how the relationship we have with work can reflect on how we invest in others....

In this episode, we discuss how you can be spiritual and successful.  The assumption that we make that success comes only from dishonesty is holding us back from achieving success for ourselves and keeps us from really building up others.

Truth is real but it's also what everyone agrees it is. How having money doesn't make you good or bad.  But that as we address our mindset with money we can begin to have a relationship with money that allows us to give generously and not fear that if others succeed it means that we fail.

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In today's episode, I talk with you about:

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    How the fact that we often view the world as if all success comes from dishonesty and greed keeps us from helping others...
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    What question would be answered to best give insight into the type of life you lead...
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    How work is prayer and how we can use the money audit to evaluate that prayer...
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    and more.....

Some of the Resources recommended in this episode: 

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The Questions to use to review the Money Audit we started in Episode 5 this week. 

What Percentage of your spending from this week (or month) ...

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    was used for Giving?‚Äč
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    was spent on Needs?
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    was spent on Wants?
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    was used to pay Debt?

How does answering the question "Did you conduct your business affairs honestly?" tell us if we are living the life with our money that we should.

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