Introduction: True Change Is Painful Yet Possible

Why did you pick up this book?

For many, it’s because you’re ready to make a significant change in your life. This typically comes after waking up and realizing that something has to give.

So many of us go day to day with an existential crisis building up inside of us like a dormant volcano. A maelstrom of emotions hides under the surface—hot lava, volcanic ash, and gasses fume in a metaphorical magma chamber where our hopes and dreams go to die.

Inevitably, the volcano erupts and leaves us in a tizzy. We have the heart-breaking epiphany that our life has been pretty plain and boring—or maybe exciting, but in all the wrong ways. We realize we’ve been operating on autopilot and without direction, leaving us painfully aware of how we never developed an influence, impacted the world, or excelled toward some pursuit in our life we’re passionate about.

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