Inspired Living: Assemble the Puzzle of Your Calling by Mastering Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Treasures

Piece together the puzzle of your time, talent, and treasure
to live life in alignment with your purpose!

Debunking the myths surrounding time and money, Inspired Living brings to light the crucial role of self-management in determining your own effectiveness. Leave bad habits behind, create good habits, and change the behaviors holding you back by focusing, not in massive shifts or dramatic changes, but in small, incremental steps to empower enduring change.

Inspired Living lays out a three-part process that can take anyone—no matter your background, finances, or education—down the slow and steady path that leads to lasting transformation and meaningful impact. With exercises and real-world steps, Inspired Living allows you to examine your own life, reflect on the good and the bad, and intentionally invest in yourself, and others, so you can influence the world in a positive way. Step into the empowering world of Inspired Living, and truly live your calling by manifesting the best version of yourself.

Introduction: True Change Is Painful Yet Possible

Why did you pick up this book?

For many, it’s because you’re ready to make a significant change in your life. This typically comes after waking up and realizing that something has to give.

So many of us go day to day with an existential crisis building up inside of us like a dormant volcano. A maelstrom of

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Reviews and Endorsements

what people say

Inspired Living is a beautiful reminder that true wealth lies not only in material possessions but also in the richness of our relationships and the impact we make in the lives of others. If you achieve financial success and it’s lonely, you got there the wrong way.

Dan Miller, New York Times best-selling author of 48 Days to
the Work (and Life) You Love and host of the 48 Days Podcastgazine

In Inspired Living, discover the magnetic pull of purpose, a compass guiding you to a life of unparalleled fulfillment. As each page unfolds, you’ll find yourself immersed in a profound journey that beckons the soul to its truest calling. This isn’t just a book—it’s an awakening. Embrace it, and watch everything fall magically into place. A transformative must-read for those hungry for a life rich with meaning and intent!

Aaron T Walker, founder of View from the Top

I’ve had the privilege of seeing Scott coach others in real-time
within the mastermind groups we’ve been a part of together. Scott is a master at getting to the heart of an issue and guiding others on their path to self-discovery. That he has decided to share his wisdom and experiences in Inspired Living means everyone can benefit from his years of hard-won knowledge. 

—Jeff Brown, author of Read to Lead and host of the Read to Lead Podcast

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Inspired Living - Assemble the Puzzle of Your Calling by Mastering Your Time, Your Talent, and Your Treasures

The purpose of this book is to encourage readers to master their own time, talent, and treasures. This book contains a  simple (but not easy) process that can take anyone, no matter their background, finances, or education, through the slow and steady process that leads to significant transformation by helping put together the puzzle that is calling. 

This is not a one size fits all approach but rather contains exercises and steps that allow them to examine their own life, the good and the bad, and intentionally invest in themselves and others so they can develop influence and make a real impact on the world. There are three parts to the book that uses the analogy of putting together a puzzle to help understand where the reader is today so they can make intentional changes.  The focus is not on making massive shifts or dramatic changes but rather focusing on small, incremental steps that allow change to not only happen but last.

Readers will find that they can change bad habits, create good habits, and change the behaviors holding them back from doing what they know they should be doing.  The reader will discover that although they often feel that time or money is the problem, the truth is that how time and money is handled is more about self management than it is about time or money.

  • Foreword by Dan Miller
  • Introduction: True Change Is Painful yet Possible
  • Part 1: The Picture: How to Live Out Your Calling
  • Chapter 1: Invest in Yourself
  • Chapter 2: Invest in Others
  • Chapter 3: Develop Your Influence
  • Chapter 4: Impact the World
  • Part 2: The Pieces: The “Loops and Sockets” Needed to Live Out Your Calling
  • Chapter 5: Mastering Your Time
  • Chapter 6: Honing Your Talents
  • Chapter 7: Aligning Your Treasures
  • Part 3: The Process: How to Complete the Puzzle and Achieve Your Calling
  • Chapter 8: Work the Edges
  • Chapter 9: Fill in the Middle 
  • Chapter 10: The Last Piece to Live Out Your Calling
  • Conclusion and Invitation
  • Acknowledgments
  • About the Author 

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