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Learn to manage your time, talent, and treasures to get unstuck and live out your calling!

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“I provide Christian men who feel stuck and out of control simple actionable steps to gain control of their time, their talents, and their treasures so that they can live into their calling.”

Scott Maderer

Scott Maderer/ Stewardship Coach 


I finally know what to do to grow my business...

The first time I worked with Scott, he honed in on exactly what I was trying to ask - even though I couldn't verbalize it particularly well! He was very encouraging and confident in his approach which made me feel right at home. Scott guided me towards prioritizing what was important to me first, then choosing a platform, and finally targeting an avatar so specific he has a name and even a face! Going through these simple but critical steps really helped me to solidify my direction. I can't thank him enough for his counsel. Life is pretty exciting these days!

- Michael H. @ Financially Alert

Michael H. - Coach

Sneaking into my brain and fixing my mentality around money

Scott quietly snuck into my brain and fixed not just my finances, but my mentality around my finances. I've now got the skills and strategies to keep my money in check. Highly recommended.


Scott helped me to not only learn new tools and processes but took the time to make sure I understand them and how using them can help me achieve my goals.

Before coaching I was frustrated and often felt a lack of hope or control.

Scott helped me to build multiple processes and checks and balances to stay organized. Now I spend most of my time looking ahead and planning instead of looking back and wondering what happened.

I highly recommended coaching from Scott! The money I pay for coaching is a small investment compared to what I’ve received in return. Scott has been coaching me for over a year and still adds value to every interaction we have. Coaching with Scott is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.


Finding relief and direction towards my next steps...

Before working with Scott I lacked focus and was unsure.

After coaching I had clarity of thought and had direction. I knew what my next decision would be.

Working with Scott made me feel relieved and confident.

To have clarity and focus in my life on a regular basis. It also feels good to have someone who seems to care about you and listen.

If you are lacking direction around your calling I'd recommend working with Scott.

Chad Earhart

Project Manager

With what limited experience I have, I would say that my coaching has been very much ad-hoc and on an as-needed basis to friends and family. I've spent more time figuring out how to do it than I have actually doing it.

I met with Scott and had a slew of questions for him. He was great at answering multiple questions with a single answer, and helping me get an idea on marketing, professional development, and networking.

I feel that I have a better grasp on what my next steps need to be, and better equipped to handle them. I know more about what needs to be done and where to go to get it done.

I feel that Scott is genuinely interested in seeing me succeed. I am new, and my ambitions may lead others to view me as a competitor, but Scott was completely open with his strategies, best practices, and suggested next steps. I felt impressed that he viewed my success as his success also.

For financial coaching, people need to asses their own behavior and relationship with money: They must silently and honestly ask themselves "who is the master here?" - Does thinking about meeting your monthly expenses cause you stress? If so, get a financial coach. - Do you have a solid and firm grasp of your monthly budget and do you follow it exactly? If not, then you need a financial coach. - Do you justify exceptions to your budget to afford things that are not included in your budget? If so, then you need a financial coach. Reach out to a coach. They want to see you succeed.

Jacob Tolman - Financial Coach

Helping me fix the achilles heel of my finances...

Scott has been working with me on managing my finances, long an Achilles Heel of mine. I think one of my favorite aspects of working with Scott so far has been his flexibility - I know what approach works for me and he has tailored his coaching around that. At the same time, I feel like if I didn't know what would work for me he has all the knowledge and tools - and cool spreadsheets ! - to help. For anyone looking for an accountability coach or someone who can help manage your finances, Scott is it! I have never felt more confident in terms of moving forward successfully financially!


I'm finally clear on my money goals...

Scott is an effective coach: in just a month of coaching I acquired clarity about my finances and about where the money was going, and I now have a solid plan for the coming months. Somehow, Scott makes it easy, and he turns the unpleasant to pleasant. Because he's an experienced coach and a finance expert, I'm thrilled to see what the future holds.

Rajiv Patel - Project Manager

Helping me clarify and proritize my financial goals

Scott was a great help in getting me set up on and sticking to a budget. He also helped me clarify and prioritize my financial goals. He has a nice, positive style. I found his technique to be supportive and thoughtful, which made dealing with finances, which I hate, much easier!


Helped me find work life balance

Scott helped me get a handle on personal and professional schedules. This enabled a new level of efficiency in my work-life balance.


Giving me clear action to focus on

I wasn't sure where to start on my own coaching practice.

I focused on a niche market and refined my area of expertise.

Scott, was so action oriented. I left with concrete steps to help my own practice. I really appreciated Scott's candor as well.

Absolutely. I felt that Scott respected my time, gave me clear action to focus on, and was very encouraging.

Anyone who needs a new perspective.

Leo Bialis-White

Advice that a good brother would give

I am going through your old advice and notes, I must compliment you that you are the best, what you coached is something a brother would have done. I have restructured and am fighting it out , also it seems now I probably understand more of your advice than I did before.

Vikram Doogar

Really helped me find my priorities and live them

Scott is a great coach. He helped me in a very difficult time. He was there as a sounding board for my strategies of tackling my priorities and extremely consistent and supportive whenever my motivation waned. I highly recommend working with him if you are struggling to find more clarity on your priorities and being kind to yourself at the same time.


Helping me build a solid financial plan for the future

Scott is an effective coach: in just a month of coaching I acquired clarity about my finances and about where the money was going, and I now have a solid plan for the coming months. Somehow, Scott makes it easy, and he turns unpleasant to pleasant. Because he's an experienced coach and a finance expert, I'm thrilled to see what the future holds.


Helped me conquer my anxiety with money...

I am being coached by Scott in budgeting and financial management. Scott has been super responsive and helpful. He gets back to me very quickly, his ideas have been really helpful and grounded in the real world, and his go get 'em attitude has helped me conquer some of the anxiety I feel about my finances. I really appreciate the level of personal support I'm getting. This has been the best support I've ever gotten for budgeting and financial management. Thank you Scott for making this service so accessible!


I really got clarity on my life goals...

Before I connected with Scott I was struggling to motivate myself to pursue my business goals. I was confused on what I really wanted out of life and my priorities were all screwed up... I spent most of my days just spinning my own wheels.

Scott helped me define a clear picture of the life that I could live, if I could become more productive. Along with effective productivity hacks like time budgeting and financial advice, Scott gave me the gift of motivation. More accurately, he supplied me with the tools to motivate myself.

After several months with Scott's coaching, I feel like I've got a better grip on the things that I previously thought were out of my control. For the first time in years, I feel like I have my business momentum back, and I'm headed in a good direction overall.

I definitely recommend coaching. I think that the ability to ask for help is the key difference between successful and unsuccessful individuals in this society.

Scott can help you with just about anything success related. If you're struggling with finances, lack of motivation, or even need someone to bounce creative ideas off of, give Scott a call.

Luke Voigt

Helping us communicate with EYE-OPENING Insight

Scott was the guest speaker at our annual business meeting. I asked for a session focusing on how we can communicate better within our team. Scott utilized DISC profiles and spent some time with each member's report to understand them individually. The presentation included both broad views of each personality trait and details on each team members DISC. He even graphed all our DISC traits onto one chart. EYE-OPENING!
Scott nailed this presentation for our team. I will definitely invite him back again. This is one of those areas where you can't seem to get enough information. Across the team we all have a better understanding of each members profile. Thus, creating a huge impact on how we view and understand each other more easily every day. Each team member left our meeting with a clearer understanding of themselves and those they work with every day. Scott was able to teach each of us the most effective ways to communicate, problem solve, and function together as a team.

Thank you Scott!!

Donna Terrell - Legacy Mutual Mortgage

Helping me find what REALLY matters to me...

I hired Scott after checking if he was really up for working with me. He asked, and I told him with me to let go of "business as usual", to expect surprises, and if he was up for being open to listen to what REALLY matters with me and support that, while neutrally representing a point of view that's not mine (so I can take it in and consider it) then I'd benefit a LOT. And I did! With Scott's support I had a helpful guide at my side as I took financial stock of things I had no energy to do beforehand. With Scott's support, I found a way to create the structures that support the unusual ways I am with money. Very valuable.


Recovering from blaming myself about money and getting control

Before coaching I had a lot of avoidance and/or self-blame around money because I never knew where all my money went at the end of each month, no matter how hard I worked or how many different strategies I tried to implement.

After a few weeks of being coached I felt hopeful for the first time in a long time that I could change my experience around money to much more positive one. It was a great relief to be able to talk about debt / money issues without being judged. I was given clear supportive goals and and new actions form day one.

I am grateful Scott has been so patient with me as I dabbled with my commitment to his coaching advice. Because of Scott's commitment to me I have now made that commitment and am now reaping the rewards. Scott has continually brought my focus and actions around money management back on track. In the last six month my income has increased by $729/£600 per month and my expenditure continues to go down. I have a new sense of control and confidence around money and I am more optimistic about my financial future than ever before.

I'd recommend Scott for the practical wisdom, If you want to climb a mountain, then get a guide who know's the way, and Scott certainly knows the way! Scott continues to ask me strategic questions to ensure I remain focused on my financial goals . Coaching is always a two conversation where I'm continually empowered to make positive and long-last changes around money management.

Anyone who want to improve their how they feel around money should sign up for coaching. Before coaching I often felt despair around never having enough money or worst not knowing where it all went. Now I can confidently state my money works for me and I feel much more in control and relaxed around my finances. I think there are a lot people who would benefit from that experience. I often used to tell myself "it's not so bad" as a way to avoid asking for help or seeing the situation as really was. Reaching out was my first act in being humble enough to admit, whatever I'm doing just wasn't working. If I had to give advice to someone considering coaching, I'd say, be open enough for change and curious enough for better... you deserve it!

Martin Schofield

Wow, I was amazed at how fast I made progress with my money....

Scott is a great coach. I was having trouble getting my budget to work, and also having trouble attaching my debt effectively. Scott showed though the use of some great Excel spreadsheets, and encouragement how to get my budget set up and live effectively within it. In the first 7 weeks of working with him, I was able to build up $1,000 emergency fund and pay down $900 in debt. I am on track to be completely debt free except my house within 12 months!! If you are struggling under a mountain of debt and you want to take back control of your finances Scott will help you achieve your goals. It is your money, Scott will help you control it, and keep more of it!


Feeling excited about budgeting for the first time....

I didn't have a budget, tried to use YNAB on my own but was so confused and overwhelmed with how to get started.

After receiving coaching with Scott I was able to fully build a budget, see how my money was being spent and work with YNAB easily & effortlessly. It took some time to work through the kinks and figure out challenges depending on the situation but he helped me through every step. He was also very patient and re-explained things that were difficult to understand several times.

I feel really excited about budgeting, using YNAB and my money's future. I don't know what I did without it!

Absolutely, if I ever need further assistance I wouldn't hesitate for a second to hop back on a call or get coaching via chat with Scott. Professional, patient and thorough. He went above and beyond to support me.

Anyone who wants to get smart with their money and learn YNAB on their terms and on a personal level from an expert who can look at your individual situation.

Jen Trax

Helping me get unstuck so I can live my calling

Scott helped me with an original goal of setting up a daily routine. However, the conversation quickly morphed into a discussion about the larger issues holding me back. I appreciate that Scott didn't mind switching direction from my original goal. In addition, I found him to be very adept at discussing the underlying issues keeping me stuck and willing to help me problem solve. He definitely keeps the conversation action-oriented and pushes towards action steps but also is willing to help flush out the underlying issues instead of simply glossing over them or ignoring them. He checks in daily and sometimes more frequently. He has experience in science, and has a wealth of outside links and books to recommend. He shares his personal experience when relevant. I really appreciate having a qualified third party to get objective feedback from.


Helping me get clarity on what to do as a coach

Before speaking with Scott, as a financial coach, I wanted to help everyone and everybody. I understood the value of a niche market, but found it "too difficult" to define and narrow down. Working with Scott, by simply answering a few natural questions, I talked my way into defining who I wanted to help. Without Scott I would likely still be unclear about my target audience and thus not able to effectively market.

Before coaching I was unsure, frustrated, overwhelmed, confused

Afterwards, I felt CLEAR!!!! Ready to get work!

Yes! I would highly recommend coaching, while it is not designed to tell you what to do, it is amazing how working with a great coach can help you unearth what it is you already know, yet are afraid to say!


Sneaking into my brain and fixing my mentality around money


Scott quietly snuck into my brain and fixed not just my finances, but my mentality around my finances. I've now got the skills and strategies to keep my money in check. Highly recommended.


How can we help YOU get Unstuck?

How can we work together?

I offer services as a coach, speaker, and trainer in the areas of your time, your talent, and your treasures. This means that I can coach you individually, provide speaking services, or workshops and group coaching.  The topics include productivity and goal setting, leadership development and career development, and financial coaching. 

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This is the Inspired Stewardship Podcast.  If YOU truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, talent, and treasures for your true calling.  In the Inspired Stewardship Podcast you will learn to Invest in yourself, Invest in others, to increase your positive influence, and IMPACT the world.  On this podcast I interview well known and some not so well known experts in the field in these areas.  I also dive deep covering tips, tricks, and mindset around these key topics to help you get unstuck and moving forward to live out your calling.  

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This is the Inspired Stewardship blog.  Find written posts and occasional videos covering tips, tricks, and mindset around the areas of your stewardship of time, talent, and treasures.  If you've struggled with really living into your calling and want to jump start your success, but don't like to listen to podcasts this is the place.

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