Inspired Stewardship: 

Learn to manage your time, talent, and treasures to get unstuck and live out your calling!

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“I provide Christian men who feel stuck and out of control simple actionable steps to gain control of their time, their talents, and their treasures so that they can live into their calling.”

Scott Maderer

Scott Maderer/ Stewardship Coach 

How can we help YOU get Unstuck?

How can we work together?

I offer services as a coach, speaker, and trainer in the areas of your time, your talent, and your treasures. This means that I can coach you individually, provide speaking services, or workshops and group coaching.  The topics include productivity and goal setting, leadership development and career development, and financial coaching. 

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Inspired Stewardship Podcast

This is the Inspired Stewardship Podcast.  If YOU truly desire to become the person who God wants you to be, then you must learn to use your time, talent, and treasures for your true calling.  In the Inspired Stewardship Podcast you will learn to Invest in yourself, Invest in others, to increase your positive influence, and IMPACT the world.  On this podcast I interview well known and some not so well known experts in the field in these areas.  I also dive deep covering tips, tricks, and mindset around these key topics to help you get unstuck and moving forward to live out your calling.  

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Inspired Stewardship Blog

This is the Inspired Stewardship blog.  Find written posts and occasional videos covering tips, tricks, and mindset around the areas of your stewardship of time, talent, and treasures.  If you've struggled with really living into your calling and want to jump start your success, but don't like to listen to podcasts this is the place.

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Sign up to join us for your 5 Lesson email course on Stewarding your time, talent, or treasures (or take all three for 15 total lessons)!


Our mission is to help you find freedom by learning how to be better Stewards of your time talent and treasures. We want to walk beside you on a journey to find what you want from your finances, your career, and your life. We will act as coaches, not counselors. Actively working with you to find a way to have true success and live out your calling.


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